Our kids have rights too

  and their most important right is
to be with their Mom and Dad
“A Kid’s Right to BOTH Parents”
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View & Sign our petition in support of Family Rights. You can also leave comments. Protection of Family Rights
trying to get support from New York’s Senators: Schumer & Gillibrand
What’s it all about?  – Check out this brief soup-to-nuts video on why the recognition and protection of Family Rights is so important — and how we make it happen. NEW Documentary  – Struggled to see your kids and family/friends don’t understand? This makes it a lot clearer; also contains interviews with Group Coordinator, John Murtari.  Those interviews are located at: 12:25, 36:30, & 55:05 minutes into the movie.
NEW – April Interview on “The Legal Power Hour” Show – describing what can (and does) go wrong in our current Family Court system.The hosts, Attorney Sara Needy & Mr. Tom Scott,  authored a self-help book called “Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor
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One of the purposes of NonViolent Action is to raise awareness and sensitivity in the general public.   The positive stories we have received confirm the method works — just need more people involved!

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May 3rd, Syracuse

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