Action for Family Rights – Newspaper Library

Below is a collection of links to Newspaper stories that have covered NonViolent actions by member’s of our group. This brief summary just contains the date of the incident and the Newspaper name/region.  To get complete details go to our Events page and find activity corresponding to that time frame.   To see TV reporting and interviews, visit our Audio/Video Page.

February 2010 – Newspaper report on action for Family Rights – parents have a right to know they have a child.

Sep 2008 –  Standing up for your beliefs.

July-Dec, 2006 – Loving parent sent to jail for being in contempt by ‘willful violation’ of a support order.

Nov, 17, 2004 – John Murtari sent to jail on a Federal Sentence to the Auburn County Jail. The conditions are terrible.  He gets the prisoners to complain and a reporter interviews him in the jail.

Oct 2002 – Coverage of arrests at Federal Building trying to convince Sen. Clinton to meet with parents:

Jan 21, 2000 – Effort begins at US Federal Building

Feb 20, 1999 – Voluntary Arrest