About Us

AKidsRight, Inc. is a Not-for-Profit incorporated under Section 102 of the NY State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.  We are also a 501(c)(4) within IRS regulations and currently filing for recognition as such.

The current members of the Board of Directors and Advisors are:

Mr.  Jack Frost (Director)jfrost@AKidsRight.Org

Jack has been involved in reform for many years.  He lives in the Albany, NY, area and works in Computer Science.

He went through a very difficult divorce and being separated from his son and daughter.  The situation was made even worse because of his young sons need for extensive medical treatment — and Jack was left with very little knowledge or the ability to visit.

He has given a lot of time in helping others and is currently the President of FAFNY.  A parent’s group very active in New York State.

Mr. Alex Haas (Director)  – ahaas@AKidsRight.Org

Alexander was raised by his mother, father, brother, sister, and grandmother in Canton, Ohio.  Alexander’s father, Raymond, grew up on a local farm by Louisville, Ohio, went to college to become an engineer, graduated, and moved to New York City. Raymond came back from his adventure in New York to tend to his mother, and later started a small electronics business.

After graduating from the University of Rochester in 2002 with a BA in psychology and BS in molecular genetics, Alexander returned to Canton to bring to his hometown some of the vitality, community, and coffee he had enjoyed during his travels throughout Europe. In 2003, Alexander started Muggswigz Coffee & Tea co., which has gone on to win several industry awards, and has since watched downtown Canton blossom around it. Alexander’s son Rowyn was born in 2005 and daughter Alsey was born in 2008.  Their mother abducted with them in 2010.

After about a month he got to be with them again. Alexander spent his savings on trying to get equal time with the children while being alienated from them and being accused of child abuse. The allegations were all found unsubstantiated however the mother received primary custody and majority of the time. Judge Pierce also based Alexander’s support order on a year’s old pre-recession application for a mortgage he made instead of actual current data, imputed the mother’s income to $0 (even though she was working full-time) and set it retroactive 1 year (during a time he had equal time) , leaving him about $20,000 in arrears when the Judge’s gavel struck.

Alexander has since been incarcerated through Family Court actions but has continued to advocate for both his own children’s and society’s children’s rights to have free access to their parents. His has since married his wife Morgan who has enthusiastically joined the family rights movement and together they have a daughter Bristin.

Mr. John Murtari (Director) jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

John was raised in Lyons, NY.   Both of his parents, Domenico & Caterina, were Italian immigrants.  His Dad worked on the NY Central Railroad laying track. He married late in life and was fortunate to have his first child at 64!

John was fortunate to win an appointment to the USAF Academy and graduated with a degree in Astronautical Engineering, he then went on to be a T-37 Jet instructor pilot.  After leaving the Air Force he earned a M.S. in Computer Science from Syracuse University and went to work at GE on air defense radars and was married.  He later started his own business, Software Workshop Inc, to have more time with family.   Check here for his resume.

I never would have believed I was considered so “expendable” in my son’s life. Before the divorce, we were both working part time, both equal parents — but on the very first motion, my time with Dom was reduced! Even though I was in the house, a nice neighborhood, and my spouse moved to an apartment

My spouse could afford a lawyer — I was starting the business and could not. That made a BIG difference.  The way divorces are usually done in New York  is the two lawyers and Judge negotiate it (without the parties present), and if there is an “issue” about the children, well a Law Guardian and maybe a Psychologist make additional inputs.  I was really struggling to get more than just the ‘every other weekend’ with my son — and that was just “unheard of” and a “bad attitude”.  I was holding up a speedy settlement!

I have always enjoyed history & philosophy and was struck by the lives of Martin Luther King and Gandhi.  The kids-right.org website (started in 1997) and now the AKidsRight.Org group is an attempt to use the concept of NonViolent Action as a force for positive change.   There is one more Civil Right our nation has to recognize and protect — the right of parents and children to be together!

Ms. Teri Stoddard (Advisor)teri.sharedparentingworks@gmail.com

Teri was invited to be a Director, but declined due to other responsibilities.  She lives in California and has a son and three daughters.  She has been involved in reform since the 90’s and has a great reputation among Family Rights advocates.  Her personal web site is at: http://teristoddard.org/

She has a website for her own group http://sharedparentingworks.org/ and is one of the few activists who is good with public relations and also knows how to manage a complex web site.

In her words:

Former day care provider and foster mom, co-founded the Respite Center for Women and Children, later called the Respite Center for Parent and Child. Single moms and dads enjoyed low cost child care, peer support, and family focused activities. Through county social service, we kept families together by providing respite care to parents at risk of losing children to foster care. We provided on-the- job training to at risk high school students. 

When I was a day care provider I had equal parenting families for clients. We found a nice way for children to transition between households, and it was very convenient for the adults. A parent assumes custody when they pick the child up from the day care provider on the first evening of their parenting time, then a few days later the other parent assumes custody when they pick the child up on the first evening of their parenting time. The 5 days/5 days/2 days/2 days schedule was preferred because both parents had custody the same number of weekends. I watched these children flourish, with their divorced parents equally involved in their lives, and getting along.

spw imageI organized the lobbying group California Women for Shared Parenting and gave testimony for California Shared Parenting bill AB1307. I switched my moniker from Feminist4Fathers to the Queen of Equality after N.O.W. lobbyists killed several shared parenting bills. I’m now a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting. My website Shared Parenting Works offers free parenting plans.