Goals & Approach

Our Goal: A child has a right to be with their parents, a parent has a right to be with their child. As one of our most important Human rights — it should not depend on what State you live in or a local law:

We want to see the introduction of the Family Rights Act into Congress and Congressional Hearings into Family Law Reform.

Our Approach: The key to our success is a non-violent approach based on Non Violent Action.  Please follow the link and read about a very positive approach! We are not loud, rude, or vindictive.  We treat everyone with kindness and respect — especially people with whom we disagree (which includes the other parent, lawyers, and other officials in the “system”).

Why:  Rob a 6 pack from a convenience store and you get: a lawyer, speedy trial, presumption of innocence, strict rules of evidence, and a Jury which must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Don’t  parents & children deserve the same standard before they’re separated for months/years?

Each state has its own procedures, but still required to remain within Constitutional standards. There has been an explosion in well intentioned Family Law, but without the firm guidance of our Constitution. The words “best interest of the child” are used to justify any action.

WE ARE NOT calling for MORE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE, but less. The recognition of established constitutional protections to protect families. We only ask the same principles used to protect liberty, also protect the bond between parents and children (probably an even more valued freedom):