Legislative Action

Appealing to the common
sense and morality of the adversary is key.
“It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow human beings.”

Once we begin to realize that our relationship with our children is one of our most valued “human rights” — it is natural to assume this is something which goes beyond local or state laws (which is the present case). The rights of an accused criminal are almost standard in every state — shouldn’t parents and children be treated the same way?  Read our Letter to Congress. Let’s focus on Federal Civil Rights Legislation which recognizes our goals.

First steps: Finding members of Congress who will call for hearings into National Family Law Reform.  Introduction of a Family Right’s Act into Congress to protect the Civil Rights of Families (see some similar ideas below).  View our contact kit for talking with your Congressional representative.  Take a look at some Nationally recognized people who are ready to testify.

Below we have some links with summary information and who to contact if you want to participate.  We also show you links to work by others with similar goals:

  Some of the contacts to the left are dated.  The site has been dormant for a few years. If you’d like to organize a group, please let us know.

Hopefully, they can still give you useful examples and we look forward to having fresh information and more activity soon!