Legislative Action – Massachusetts

Help? More Info?  Contact: Richard Eichinger (volunteer)

Senator John Kerry

  • 6/14/2002 – Two weeks earlier we had faxed the office  a letter asking for a meeting (see example here).  On that day we met with Bridgette Walker, a legislative aid.She was very easy to talk to, asked a lot of questions, and seemed to understand the Civil Rights aspect of our argument.
  • 11/8/01 – Received A REAL letter from Senator Kerry.  This is the FIRST letter from a Member of Congress that actually gave a thoughtful response to our questions (view image).

Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns about family rights. I strongly believe in the primacy of the parent-child bond and deeply regret hearing of cases in which that bond has been jeopardized….

For complex historical, and Constitutional reasons, each state makes its own laws concerning child custody matters. While it might be more consistent to have Federal legislation similar to that which you advocate through the Family Rights Act, there are many Constitutional considerations which could stymie the enactment and enforcement of such legislation by the Federal government.

Nevertheless, I recognize and appreciate the concern that you have expressed for your children, and I assure you that I will continue to fight on behalf of America’s young people while on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for sharing your views and concerns with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I may be of service to you.

John F. Kerry
United States Senator

  • 11/1/01 – I spoke with a Joan Wasser from Senator Kerry’s office. She said they did read our letter of invite and petitions and a letter from the Senator will be going out to the group and I tomorrow. Also, she asked if all of us are available to come to Boston in the future to meet with the staffers. I told her absolutely! It sounds very positive. She said once we receive the letter, to contact her for a time when we can come to Boston.
  • 10/29/01Next we walked about a block to the “One Bowdoin Square” Building where Senator John Kerry’s offices are located on the 10th floor. We met Roy Martin, an Office Manager. He assured us that our letter/petition would reach Joan Wasser. She can be reached at 617-565-8519. One of us will contact her this week.

Senator Ted Kennedy

  • 11/1/01 – Senator Kennedy’s office asked  that we fax a copy of our petitions (which I will do tomorrow) they may have  lost them.
  • 10/29/01 – We traveled to Boston to the John F. Kennedy Federal Building. Senator Ted Kennedy’s offices are located on the 24th floor of that building. John Eichinger, my brother, accompanied us in Boston. We were met by 2 staffers. We introduced them to AKidsRight.Org and left the letter/petitions for them. They assured us that Scott Fay would get our petition. He is their Civil Rights staff person. His number is 617-565-3170.

Representative Bill Delahunt

  • 10/29/01 –  We travelled to Quincy, Massachusetts where we went to the offices of Representative Bill Delahunt. His offices are located above the Pearl Oyster Bar and Grill in the Heritage Building. He has championed Civil Rights legislation in Mass. We spoke to one staffer and were directed to contact Corinne Young. Her number is 617-770-3700. One of us will call her this week