Legislative Action – West Virginia

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Senator John D. Rockefeller IV

  • 6/14/2002 – Two weeks earlier we had faxed the office  a letter asking for a meeting (see example notes here).  On that day we met with Erik Cooke, a legislative aid.Cindy Thomas, a mother from West Virginia, was suppose to be with us (she had come to Washington during our Mother’s day visits, but we did not have time to schedule an appointment with one of her Senators).    Mr. Cooke had reviewed the material we sent and asked a lot of questions about the response from other Members of Congress and the group itself.  He was very easy to talk to.

    We let him know that Cindy was absent and he was happy to allow us to use an office phone to contact her.   She had lost her ride.  He then spoke to her on the phone at some length.

    He gave us a report the Senator had helped produce on Children in America and told us the Senator had a serious interest in these issues.  Again, we were the first people to contact him regarding the concept of Civil Rights protection for the parent/child bond.