Legislative Action – Indiana

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They each have offices on the same floor of the E. Ross Adair Federal Building.

We visited those offices and talked to staffers yesterday. We introduced AKidsRight.Org to them and asked them what we could do to plan a future meeting with our legislators.

Representative Mark Souder

  • 10/18/01 – Mark Souder’s District Director is Mark Wickersham. He can be reached at 219-424-3041, fax: 219-424-4042.

Senator Evan Bayh

  • 10/18/01 – Evan Bayh’s staff in Fort Wayne consists of only Amy Whitehouse. She can be reached at 219-426-3151, fax: 219-420-0060. Amy said there was a District Director, who’s office is in South Bend, that also works with constituents in Fort Wayne. She also said that Washington DC staffers were the best people to talk to about legislative work.

Amy will see that Senator Bayh gets our letter. She said that Evan is a strong proponent of family rights. We expressed our desire to meet with Senator Bayh in particular because we believe he could be an advocate for our Family Rights Act. Senator Bayh authored the Responsible Fatherhood Act; Richard Lugar is a co-sponsor. Details describing this act can be found on Senator Bayh’s website (http://www.senate.gov/~bayh/)

Evan Bayh’s Act misses a VERY IMPORTANT perspective with regard to the constitutional protections of rights for parents and children. We need to communicate our concerns as clearly as possible.

Senator Richard G. Lugar

  • 10/18/01 – Senator Lugar’s staffer, Amy, told us about the procedure to arrange a meeting between our group and the Senator. She said that the letter (with our petitions) would suffice as a “Letter for Invite”. She also said that we would receive a reply.

The letter that we gave them is attached to this e-mail. There were a few minor changes but the letter is the same one you prepared. We sent you a color copy of the same package we handed to them in the mail.

General Comments:

Yvonne had a great idea for the Federal Buildings. When we were in Syracuse and in Fort Wayne, we noticed a display case with posters. The posters are titled “MISSING CHILDREN”. If we can get a copy of one of those, Yvonne wants to make similar posters titled “MISSED CHILDREN”. The number of missed children that we hear about could easily exceed the number of AKidsRight.Org members.