Help Family Rights

There are many things you can do and all of them are valuable in bringing us closer to our Nation recognizing and protecting Family Rights.   But PLEASE, if you still haven’t done so, just take 5-10 minutes to review our Goals and Methods — we let demonstrations of the love for our kids do our talking.

We understand everyone has their limits on how they can help.  Each of our situations is unique and things are changing all the time.  Hopefully you can find something below.  There is no time limit, do as many as you choose.  When you do, please claim credit and let us know, we’ll add your action to our  public log so it COUNTS!

  • Make a brief phone call to the offices of your Member of Congress.    Don’t know who that person is, their local office, or other contact info, just check the links below.:
    U.S. House of Representatives (multiple Representatives/state)
    U.S. Senate (two Senators/state)Let them know Family Rights are important (a fundamental Civil/Human right we still need to recognize).   If there is some type of public action going on, let them know you support it. 
    Check our Events Page for activity (it will often have phone numbers).
  • Send us your story and we’ll personally deliver it and share it with the public.  Click here for details.
  • Make a personal visit to their local office This makes a big impact on them and we’ve also found out parents feel a lot better when they get out and do something for reform.  Bring another Mom or Dad with you.We’ve found many staff members just want to tell you it’s not a Federal Issue, contact someone in your State Legislature … they usually don’t understand our goals.  Please review our Legislative Action page for background info and our Contact Kit to help with answers.
  • Make a Donation.  We’re just volunteers.  Nobody is on  payroll.  All donations go to covering promotion/web/office costs.  We use paid services from Google and Facebook to increase our visibility –– ten or twenty bucks is greatly appreciated!   Click here.
  • Attend a public demonstration as a spectator.   Again actually doing something makes people feel better – and it should!  We’re always trying to get media attention and having a large group makes a big impact.Some people are worried to even be a spectator.  Many of you have never participated in any type of public demonstration.  Your knowledge is based on what you see in the news:  rabid crowds, a lot of anger, and the cops arresting everyone in site….  We always tell folks to  be silent, don’t bother anyone, be well dressed and polite (that reduces anxiety in others).
  • Join our Staff.   Again, we’re just volunteers.  Nobody is on  payroll.    Before contacting us, please review our entire website, make sure we have common goals and methods.  There are many things you can do from home.
  • Attend a public demonstration as a participant.    Not a lot of folks can do this, but the impact of a few is very large.  Our method is NonViolent Action and it works!