Schumer & Gillibrand Contact Log

We encourage people to call, write, or visit the local offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.  Not just in Syracuse, but at their other locations in NY (click on their names to get office locations).  Be polite and let them know you care about Family Rights and want them to take action.  If they don’t answer the phone, leave a message.   THEN — let us know and we’ll report it here.   For the main activity log, click here.

Most recent activity at the top:

  • Aug 3rd:  Letter from Marty Casa delivered to Sen. Schumer’s Syracuse office.
  • July 29:  Alex Haas and Jack Frost came to Syracuse and spoke with the local aids for Schumer and Gillibrand about the need for reform.
  • July 27: Jeff Golden called and left messages at both local offices in Syracuse.
  • June:  Joanne Scheafnocker called both local offices in Syracuse and expressed the need for Family Law Reform.
  • May 18th:  Letters from Brent Vrooman, David Filiberto, Liz Predmore, Roger Smith, and Keith Hankins delivered to Syracuse offices of Schumer and Gillibrand.
  • May 11th:  Letters from Melody, Alex Haas, Raina Fisher, Don Mathis & John Murtari delivered to Syracuse offices of Schumer and Gillibrand.