Submit Your Story to Members of Congress & the Public

We have a serious plan to make real Family Law reform happen.  Many parents can’t travel to be at events or visit the local office of a Member of Congress, but you can still participate and make a difference.

Just email a brief summary (skip all the legal details) of your story to webmaster@AKidsRight.Org and attach a photo of you and your kids — we’ll take it from there!   We’ll use your text and photo and create a one page document.  It will be included  with others as we make visits (and also post them to our website).  Click here for an example package of letters.

Easy story submission!

Just a few simple steps.  We’ll post each response to our web site as a growing public record.

1) Write just a ONE page letter and let them feel the pain caused to you and your family by the injustice of ‘Family Court.’   Our Nation’s failure to recognize and protect a fundamental Human Right.

2) Include a photo of you/your kids. Has a LOT of impact on people reading your letter.

3) We all have a lot of anger over what happened, but we’d advise you to be courteous and just focus on the love you have for your kids and the injustice of the ‘system’.

4) Email to: webmaster@AKidsRight.Org

5) If you live close to a planned event and would like to join in delivering our petitions, let us know!