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Our kids have rights too  -- and their most important right is:
o be with your
Mom & Dad
"A Kid's Right to BOTH Parents"

Declaration of Family Rights
VIEW our petition in support of "The Declaration of Family Rights" - read the comments

"Civil Rights & Conscience"

Newspaper Stories

New! - Read transcript from Federal Trial  defending NonViolent Action.

  • Public Action - How you can take our cause to the public. You have the power to make a difference, and we can help! Check out our media list, for help in sending out a News Release.  

  • Legislative Action -  We need to get Civil Rights legislation passed.  Check activity by State and take a simple, but powerful action -- visit the local office of your Member of Congress. Let us know how you feel about The Family Rights Act

  • Court Action - How to work through our court system. Check the status of pending actions.

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  • Events -  See what type of things our members have done in the past and what is being planned.  You may find something you like!

  • Essays - Articles contributed and reviewed, both advice and commentary, you may not agree with them all -- but worth reading.

  • On-line Forum - A place where you can speak your peace.

  • Member Support - Organized by State, organizations and people who can help you.

  • Search - Find material at our site.

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