Where was my Jury?

Submitted by Marsha Mattson, NMYQ85A@prodigy.com

I in fact requested a trial by jury at the time of my “alleged” hearing, both before and during. First I was told that I could have a Trial by Jury After I participated in the so called “phone trial”, then I was told “We do not have jury trials in this sort of case”.

That was some three years ago. I have not had any contact since. I hate to sound like a party pooper but I started off on this road alone and just found your site tonight. Perhaps … if I had net access years ago and knew where to look, …. or just had enough money to pay the extortion to see my child. Have you seen the movie Ransom? I agree with him. I will not pay extortion at any price to see my child. Perhaps if more of those poor souls who have been screwed by the system just said NO! it might be a little different. Extortion only works when people buckle. Perhaps extortion is to nice. How about involuntary slavery.

I have how ever done a great deal of research on the facts of the case and have also been led to research many other aspects of our “so called Justice System” as well. The question I have is this -Are these trials being held in the jurisdiction and venue of the Common Law of the Land? Or are the merely legislative tribunals being held in a legislative court that is not in fact constitutional. And if so does your or mine participation in them constitute a granting of venue and jurisdiction. After all – legislation of the district of Columbia has complete authority to pass laws of any nature to rule within the district of Columbia or any land owned by it, not to be governed by the Constitution of the United States of America. So in other words – are you really fighting a court system that has both jurisdiction and venue? And if it doesn’t then by what authority does it just assume to take it? What kind of court is involved in the divorce or the custody or the child support payment trials? Ever wonder?

The Constitution states that “in suites at ‘common law’ ,where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, ….”. What then is ‘common law’? Is a legislative court based upon public policy and statutory law ‘common law’? I would venture to say NO. Not to sound like an extremist – but have you read the 14th amendment lately? If you are a citizen of the United States then the district of Columbia has complete jurisdiction over you. Especially if you are within the venue of the United States. Semantics will screw you every time!

Like I said earlier – this just started me down the road to understanding to just what degree we are all getting screwed. not just parents who have children being held for ransom. Land owners, property owners, homeless, poor, anyone who uses frns, taxpayers, you name it – unless your rich. It is just like the Wizard of OZ. You’ll have to figure that one out on your own!.. Well enough rambling. If you reply with some helpful insight perhaps I would be interested in exchanging points of reference. I don’t believe in legislation. Let the district of Columbia legislate itself to death is my motto. The law that concerns me is the law of corpus delecti. If you all don’t have a Black’s Law Dictionary yet, perhaps you should get one. When you do look up license, then look up marriage license. I have to say that I shed a tear reading your web page. Then I woke up and realized again where I was. The only hope is to reclaim our justice system – not compromise with the current de facto one. May peace be with you. your work is with honor. 

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