Murtari request for restored good time, 2000

5 October 2000

Dear Judge Klim,

I would like to ask you to please remove the “condition” on my sentence so that I will be eligible for “good time” credit. The staff here told me that at present I must serve the entire six month sentence, from June 28 – December 28. There are simply no financial resources available to me to make the conditional payment of $20,000.  I have encountered other parents here on similar support sentences and they are all getting credit for good time.

This change would move my release date up to October 28th. It would allow me to get home to my mother.  This is the longest time she has ever been separated from me in over 20 years (since I left the Air Force to better care for her). She is not doing well and I think you received a letter from her physician.  It will allow me to make plans to see Domenic in Colorado for a weekend in November and also make reservations to bring him here for Christmas vacation — which would be very welcome for all of us! The plane tickets that I could not use with him this summer will expire at the end of December.   continue to have no phone or written contact with him.   It leaves a great emptiness in my heart.

I will also be able to get back to my business. The last few months have been very disruptive and have seen a decrease in income and severe stress for the other two company members who have had to work longer hours and sacrifice vacation time. We would all benefit from more income there. Last Saturday I learned that my appeal of Domenic’s relocation to Colorado had been rejected. We are preparing an appeal to the Court of Appeals.  Early release would allow me to better contribute to that effort.

My primary concern has always been equal custody.  The experience of losing six weeks of family time for my son over “support” has certainly focused my attention on this issue and a need for resolution.  I will be working hard to get a support modification which takes into account travel distance to Colorado and that reflects the realities of my family and work situation.

Best Regards,


John Murtari

CC: Ms. Maureen Walsh, Esq.