Murtari Letter to Judge Klim on support, 20 July, 2000

20 July 2000

Honorable David G. Klim
Family Court
401 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Dear Judge Klim,

As of today Domenic has missed one week of vacation with family he loves. Tomorrow my mother will turn 84 in an empty home. Please understand why I must continue to plea for a delay in my sentence.

I am a loving parent, acting in good faith, trying to do what is best for my son. I am also trying to make the system better. With the sincere hope that in route to that goal, Domenic will gain an equal relationship with two parents.

I hope you understand the child support has never been my central issue. I regret this entire situation and was not trying to prove anything in your courtroom. While I can try to understand your situation and the desire to punish me for failure to obey court orders which must be treated as valid-I am at a loss to understand why the timing of my punishment must also severely impact Domenic and my mother.

Please Judge Klim, is it a sign of weakness for you to reconsider in the light of all that has transpired since sentencing? Would you be setting a bad example? Would Dom and I be getting away with something by spending vacation time together? Certainly this case has some very unique elements. The jail time would still be served. I believe you did give me the maximum sentence. Does the loss of family time for my child also need to be part of that sentence?

Judge, all I can say is please. I respect you and will not resort to name calling or insults. But please understand why I must continue to ask for a bit of relief.

I await your reply.

Respectfully yours,


John Murtari

Cc: Ms. Maureen Walsh, Esq.