Letter to Support Collection Unit regarding income, Feb 17, 99

34 Franklin Street
Lyons, NY  14489
February 17, 1999

Support Collection Unit
600 S. State Street, 5th Floor
Syracuse, NY  13202

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is in response to notices I have received for both an income execution and suspension of my driver�s license.� The account number associated with these is: BE41364P1, and Docket No: F54098

I have enclosed copies of my Federal and State returns for 1997, my W-2�s for 1998, and a payment stub from this year.� The present income execution of $120/week has taken a lot out of my pay and I wondering if the amount should be reduced because of the Self Support Reserve which you mention in the letters ($10,449 for 1996).� I have done some rough calculations and I hope you will be able to correct the figures based on the raw data I have supplied.� If you have any questions, please contact my attorney, Mr. James Stern. He is familiar with the facts. His office phone number is: 475-4010.

My pay rate has remained the same at work from 1998.� It is $7.50/hour, totaling $15,000/year.� There are deductions of $1800 for Federal Income Tax, $930 for Social Security, and $217 for Medicare – leaving $12, 048 from employment at Software Workshop.��

If I am able to teach a class at OCC, the income should be similar as recorded in the W2. Total gross income of $2,334 with deductions of $144.70 for Social Security and $33.80 for Medicare – leaving $2,155 from potential employment at OCC.� This would give a total amount of:� $14,203

If the support reserve for 1999 is $10,449, that would leave: $3,754

Prior to these executions I had been making payment of $60/week for 1998, which totaled to approximately:� $3,120 ($650 below the reserve)

To withhold at $120/week would be: $6,240 (well above the reserve).� Presently the pay deduction is capped by the 40% of pay figure mentioned in your letter.

I hope you will be able to adjust the notice sent the company.

Sincerely yours,

John Murtari