Letter to Sen. Schumer’s office regarding access.

2 January, 2003

Ms. Jill Harvey
Office of Senator Charles Schumer
Hanley Federal Building, Suite 841
100 S. Clinton Street Syracuse, NY 13261-7318

Dear Jill,

Mary Jo told me that she spoke with you a few days ago regarding a very broad order that was issued by a Federal Magistrate. I have included a copy of the order here. I hope you will be able to ask him not to prohibit visits to your office as he does in the last paragraph.

The Asst. US Attorney who drafted the order and who is in charge of the litigation is Mr. Richard Southwick, 448-0672 (offices in the building).

Thank you for taking the time to speak with Mary Jo with no prior notice. She was happy to have the chance to talk to you. I had told her the people in the local office had been very helpful and she got to see that for herself.

Hope you had a nice Holiday season!

Best regards,

John Murtari
315-635-1968, x-211