Letter to Sen. Clinton Staff Scheduling, Sep 2003

55 E. Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
26 Sep 2003

Office of Scheduling
Senator Hillary R. Clinton

Dear Ms. Volmoro:

I was contact by Alex from the scheduling office several weeks ago and told to resubmit our groups request for a meeting with Senator Clinton. I’ll be involved in peaceful activity outside your Syracuse office again on Wednesday, October 1st, other parents may join me.

We are having a hard time getting any “traction” on our concerns with the Senator. I certainly understand how busy all of you must be and the many constraints on her schedule. The Senator is certainly a powerful force on family issues and we’d like to arrange a meeting so that she can here first hand the experiences of loving parents who have lost meaningful contact with their children. Please reference the two attached prior letters for more detail.

Our goal for the meeting is not confrontation or to quiz the Senator on some of these issues. As a first step we just want to give her a chance to hear from people affected by our “systems” of family law. We hope that will start a dialog with her office and she will be encouraged to call for Congressional Hearings into the need for reform at the national level. Again, we are not asking her to immediately take a position on the need for reform (or what the reforms might be) – but to just start the investigative process. We hope this is a reasonable request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Best regards!

John Murtari Coordinator, AKidsRight.Org
315-635-1968,x-211 (office)
315-430-2702 (cell)


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