Letter to Hanley Federal Building Mgr re. Free Speech, Aug 2002

c/o Software Workshop Inc.
55 East Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY 13027
August 21, 2002

Ms. Joan Grennan
Hanley Federal Building Manager
100 S. Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY 13261

Dear Ms. Grennan

I wanted to write you specifically to ask that building security no longer be directed to have me arrested in my efforts to petition Senator Clinton. I assume they are being directed by you. I have reviewed the posted building rules and I am certainly in compliance.

There has been no interference with building operation, access or traffic flow. There have been no loud or unusual noises. This is not loitering. Last year, after all Federal and State charges of trespass, etc. were dismissed, it was understood such peaceful action in an attempt to petition government was protected. In the past I have been allowed to proceed with no interference.

PLEASE understand that I am just one parent of many who feel they have been unjustly separated from an equal relationship with their children. The immediate reason for my conduct is the simple failure of Senator Clinton to make any type of response to our requests for reform. Probably one of the most basic concepts in our government and “How a Bill becomes a Law” is that you can talk to your Member of Congress, explain your feelings, and then get their response and guidance to your proposed legislation – that simply has not happened here. The effort to get a response is difficult and I regret that personal action by me and others is necessary. It is enough of a hardship without requiring time in jail.

In the last few arrests I have not even been charged with violating building rules. The Syracuse Police are just called and told to arrest me for trespass (a charge which has been repeatedly dismissed as unfounded). Spending the night in jail is an unnecessary hardship and something I would like to avoid. Like you I have family and work obligations I would much rather attend to. I certainly feel I am exercising a right to petition my member of Congress and this appears to be just harassment or a misuse of power.

I plan on returning to the building Thursday afternoon at 2pm. If you have any personal concerns I would be more than happy to talk to you. I would appreciate your prompt action in this matter and also your understanding as these events continue to unfold.

Respectfully yours,

John Murtari http://www.AKidsRight.Org/ 315-635-1968, x-211