Join the Walk at the Syracuse Federal Building

Our goal is to eventually get some media attention which will then encourage official action. We are  outside the offices of a US Congressman James Walsh – 13th floor) and  the US Senator (Charles Schumer – 8th floor).  It would help all of us to get Congressional Hearings where we can testify about how our children have been abused by the “system” — it would be the first step in getting the Family Rights Act passed.

I am going to try to arrange meetings with their staff members, your participation would be welcome. If you just want to stop by and talk with me for a while about your story and how we should reform the system, you are welcome — it would give me a welcome break! I WOULD LOVE to have another mother & father “walk” with me — it would send a VERY powerful message (feel free to contact me directly  if you are interested).  If you can’t come, just pick up the phone and call the Congressman’s Office and ask him to support Congressional Hearings into reform (315) 423-5657. As of March 20, had not heard much from his office, sent him another letter.  NEW – Meetings may be coming…

You are free to come into the Federal Building to visit me with no threat of arrest. You are also free to “walk” in the Plaza outside the building with no threat of arrest.  I carry a small sign and follow the following guidelines. Here is a schedule for the next few weeks of April,
it includes the date: start-stop time, floor number — check below for directions/details:

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri


2: 2pm-4pm, 8 3:2pm-4pm, 8
6:  2pm-4pm,8 7: n/a 8: 10am-12am,13 9: 2pm-4pm,13 10: 10am-12am,8
13: 10am-12am,13 14: 2pm-4pm,8 15: n/a 16: 9:30am-11am,8 17: 2pm-4pm,13
20: 10am-11am, 8 21: n/a 22: 2pm-4pm,13 23: 9am-11am,8 24: 2pm-4pm,13
27:  9am-11am,13 28: 2pm-4pm,8 29: n/a 30: 9am-11am, 13 31: 2pm-4pm, 8


3: 2pm-4pm,13 4: n/a 5: 9am-11am,8 6: 9am-11am,13 on hold, for details
  • WHERE –  If you can get their early, you can usually find me in the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception about a half an hour before the start time (I spend some quiet time there).  It is right across Columbus Circle from the County Court House. This is within a block of the Civic Center/War Memorial which are big landmarks. The Federal Bulding is only a couple of blocks way.

  • HOW –  You are free to come upstairs to visit with no threat of arrest. You are also free to “walk” in the Plaza outside the building with no threat of arrest.  If you want to “walk” with me inside the building — bring a small sign, again just a small photo and a message of love.  Keep at least a half corridor distance apart. Be POLITE with everyone. We have ONE message, “we want to be with our children”.

I am silent during my walk and only speak to people who approach me first (not interfering with building operation or harassing anyone there).   If someone asks me something I stop and answers their question.  Usually the question is “What are you doing?” — my answer, “I lost custody of my Son, all I wanted was equal custody and I ended up with nothing … I’m trying to get someone to investigate what happened.”

  • At times I have been the “butt” of jokes by staff or other people.  I just smile and keep walking (always treat people with courtesy, follow guidelines of NonViolent Action).

  • If there is a crowd I just wait my turn to get through.  If someone is coming the other way, I give way.

  • My sign is small and simple. No political statement. Just a picture of hme and Dom and the message: I LOVE DOM.  There is also a small URL to the Kids Right web site.