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Below are more stories of families unjustly separated by the “system” without representation of counsel and/or a Jury of their peers (our goals for reform).  The starting page, with an index, is here. These people have volunteered their stories so that everyone can understand the true damage being done, and also, so those who may be experiencing your own personal “nightmare” may realize — you are not alone!  We want you to hear them in their own words. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these tales and we hope you’ll understand the bitterness and frustration you’ll read.  The anger is directed at people involved, but the real source of all these issues is a system that has failed to recognize and protect fundamental Family Rights.  Many times it encourages & rewards needless conflict between parents.

Name: James Williams     Location:  Travis County, TX

Email Addr: datmofo2004@btinternet.com

Children/Birth Date:  Nathan Ghar Williams 1990

Date Separated: Feb 1992

My case is in the Illinois Appellate Courts

On or about the first week of November 1989, in Travis County, Texas, James
Williams (here thereafter Williams) and Barbara Serapin (here thereafter
Serapin) engaged in a casual relationship.
On or about the second week of May 1991, in Bell County, Texas, Williams
received notice of a paternity action from the Attorney General� Office of

June 25, 1991, in Travis County, Texas, Williams believing Serapin� assertion
that Nathan Ghar Williams (here thereafter the child) was Williams�biological
child signed an order establishing parent-child relationship (without a
paternity test). This order included visitation and a support payment of
$200.00 monthly. Pursuant to page 5 of 10 of the 1991 Texas order:

IT IS ORDERED that all payments for child support shall be paid through the
Domestic Relations Office, P.O. Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78767, Travis County and
thereafter remitted to the Attorney General of Texas, P.O. Box 13499, Austin,
Texas 78711-3499, for distribution according to law, subject to further order of
this court. The 1991 Texas order was not modified until June 19, 2002�

September 1991, Serapin told Williams the child was not his.
November 1991, Serapin requested the Attorney General� Office of Texas to
close the case.
February 1992, Williams asked Serapin to submit the child to a paternity test.
Serapin was opposed to submitting the child to a paternity test.
March 1992, Serapin fled the State of Texas with the child. Serapin
discontinued contact with the Texas Courts and Travis County Domestic Relations Office.
Travis County Domestic Relations Office closed the case due to no contact from
the custodial parent and the garnishments of Williams�wages were stopped.
Serapin moved to Illinois and received assistance from the State of Illinois
while willfully withholding information about the 1991 Texas order. Serapin
failed to comply with the 1991 Texas order, by not notifying the Texas courts of
her and the child� location.

May 1995, Serapin moved to California and received assistance from the
State of California. Serapin willfully withheld information about the 1991
Texas order and annotated the father of the child was unknown. Serapin again
failed to comply with the 1991 Texas order, by not notifying the Texas courts of
her and the child� location. Pursuant to page 9 of 10 of the 1991 Texas order:

November 1998, the State of California discontinued Serapin�
assistance due to Serapin� assertion that the father of the child was unknown.

November 1999, Serapin relocated to Illinois; soon there after provided Illinois
Department of Public Aid, Division of Child Support Enforcement (here thereafter
IDPA, DCSE) with an alleged Texas order, this document did not possess a court
seal, certification stamp or a judge� signature.

September 2001, in King County, Washington, Williams received correspondence
from IDPA, DCSE. The notice alleged as of August 2001 Williams was in arrears
for the sum of $24,400.00 and if the amount was not paid in full Williams�2001
federal tax refund would be offset. Williams responded to the notice by
returning page 3 of the offset notice objecting to their findings and provided a
daytime phone number and hours he could be reached. Williams also provided
IDPA, DCSE with a letter explaining the extenuating circumstances in Texas,
requesting a hearing on this matter and a paternity test of the child.

October 1, 2001, IDPA, DCSE submitted correspondence to the Federal Office of
Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). The subject of the letter was a Request for
Collection of Delinquent Child and/or Spousal Support by Financial Management
Service (FMS) through the Federal Tax Refund Offset and/or Federal
Administrative Offset Process and Request for Denial of Passport Applications.

Page one of the letter states:
I certify that every request for collection meets the following requirements:
1. a) For federal Tax Refund Offset assistance cases, the amount of the
delinquency under a court or administrative order for child and/or spousal
support is not less than $150, has been delinquent for three (3) months or
longer, and has been assigned to the State.
b) For Federal Tax Refund Offset non-assistance cases, the amount of the
delinquency under a court or administrative order for child support is not less
than $500.00, the child is a �ualified Child� under section 464 of the Social
Security Act (the ACT) and the State is enforcing the order under section
454(4)(A)(ii) of the ACT.
c) For Administrative Offset cases, the amount of the delinquency under a court
or administrative order for support (for a child and the parent with whom the
child is living) is not less that $25 and there has been an assignment of the
support rights to the state or the State is enforcing the order under section
454(4)(A)(ii) of the ACT.
2. This agency has verified the accuracy of the arrears, has a copy of the order
and any modifications, has a copy of the payment record or an affidavit signed
by the custodial parent attesting to the amount of support owed and has, in non-
assistance cases, the custodial parent� current address.
3. The Pre-Offset Notice that we will issue the obligor meets the requirements
set forth in the regulations, or the address information provided for the non-
custodial parent for the notice that OCSE will issue has been verified. This
letter was endorsed by Nancy D. Woodward (here thereafter Woodward),
Administrator, Division of Child Support Enforcement.

December 2002, two months elapsed without a response from IDPA, DCSE.
Williams spoke with Jan Rosnowski (here thereafter Rosnowski) of IDPA, DCSE
Marion Regional Office in reference to the status of case# C01101048. Williams
asked Rosnowski had IDPA, DCSE contacted the Texas courts for case history. Ms.
Rosnowski replied, �o, we have a valid Texas order and we are presently
enforcing it and will intercept your federal income tax refund and garnish your
wages.� Williams insisted the Texas case was closed and asked Rosnowski where
was this Texas order initiated. Rosnowski replied, �nderson County, Tyler,
Texas.� Williams informed Rosnowski her information was wrong, he� never been
to or had knowledge of a child support order initiated in Anderson County,
Tyler, Texas. Rosnowski replied, �he burden is on you to prove our information
is wrong.�December 26, 2001 Williams attempted to contact the Anderson County, Tyler,
Texas courts, however, Anderson County, Tyler, Texas did not exist.
December 27, 2001, Williams spoke with Lynda Connatser (here thereafter
Connatser) of the Smith County District Clerk� Office and requested information
about a child support order initiated in Tyler, Texas. Ms. Connatser informed
Williams there were no child support or divorce cases found in Smith County
Tyler, Texas in reference to Williams, Serapin or the child.
December 28, 2001, Williams spoke with Joyce Machado (here thereafter Machado)
of the Travis County District Clerk� Office (here thereafter TCDCO) and
requested the status of cause# 91-4610. Machado informed Williams the Texas
order 91-4610 was off docket, not pending and there was no order of enforcement.
Machado also informed Williams there was no record of cause # 91-4610 being
transferred to another state.

Williams received correspondence via facsimile dated January 3, 2002 from
Margaret Boren (here thereafter Boren) of IDPA, DCSE Marion Regional Office.
Boren provided Williams with a copy of the document used to certify the offset
of Williams�2001 federal tax refund. The signature page of the document did
not possess a court seal, certification stamp or a judge� signature.

January 2002, Williams spoke with Machado of the TCDCO. Williams described the
document signature page to Machado. Machado indicated to Williams, if the
document signature page does not have a judge� signature and certification
stamp, it does not represent a valid Texas order.

January 2002, Williams spoke with Boren of IDPA, DCSE – Marion Regional Office.
Williams informed Boren the document IDPA, DCSE used to certify the offset of
his 2001 federal tax refund was not valid. Williams requested an appeal
regarding the validity of IDPA, DCSE 2001 tax offset, paternity of the child and
the amount of arrears assessed. Boren refused to afford Williams due process in
this matter. Boren stated the document their office possesses represents a valid
Texas order and IDPA, DCSE will continue the offset of Williams�2001 federal
tax refund.

On or about the first week of February, 2002, Williams contacted the IRS toll
free automated service to verify if the offset of his 2001 federal income tax
refund was imminent. The automated service instructed Williams to enter his
Social Security Number and proceeded to confirm the offset of Williams�2001
federal tax refund.

IDPA, DCSE received correspondence dated February 25, 2002, from Mary Wheeler of
the Travis County Domestic Relations Office. The date of the correspondence
confirms IDPA, DCSE did not possess Williams�payment record prior to the
September 2001 Notice of Intent to Pursue Collections Remedies. The payment
record also confirms Williams paid $1,600.00 from September 1991 �March 1992 to
Serapin for child support. Contrary to IDPA, DCSE assertion, as of August 2001
Williams was in arrears for the sum of $24,400.00 ( $200.00 monthly for 122
months June 1991 �August 2001).

February 25, 2002, Williams spoke with Illinois State Services Representative,
Franklin Johnson of the Illinois Governor� Office in reference to an appeal
regarding the validity of IDPA, DCSE 2001 tax offset, paternity of the child and
the amount of arrears assessed.

Williams received correspondence dated February 27, 2002, from Illinois State
Services Representative, Franklin Johnson responding on the Illinois Governor�
behalf. The letter stated: the Governor� Office does not have jurisdiction in
this matter. In order for Williams�concerns to be addressed, he may wish to
consult a lawyer to explore legal remedies that may be available.

Williams received a letter dated March 19, 2002, from the Travis County Domestic
Relations Office, the letter stated the following:
�his letter is to inform you that your account with Domestic Relations is
closed. The last activity on the account was in 1992. It was closed because of
no contact from custodial parent. Our office received notification from the
Attorney General� Office that they released their case in 1991� Williams sent
a copy of this letter to IDPA, DCSE.
March 29, 2002, Serapin submitted an affidavit to IDPA, DCSE attesting she
received $0 in direct child support payments from Williams from July 1991 �March 28, 2002. Contrary to correspondence received by IDPA, DCSE dated
February 25, 2002 from Mary Wheeler of the Travis County Domestic Relations

Pursuant to CFR, TITLE 45, CHAPTER III, Section 303.72.
(4) The IV-D agency (IDPA, DCSE) has in its records:
(i)A copy of the order and any modifications upon which the amount referred is
based which specify the date of issuance and amount of support;
(ii) A copy of the order and any modifications or, if there is no payment
record, an
affidavit signed by the custodial parent attesting to the amount support owed;
(iii) In non-IV-A cases, the custodial parent’s current address.
Pursuant to Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Administration for
Children and Families (ACF), Office of Child Support Enforcement� (OCSE) Annual
Certification Memos of 2000 and 2002:
Annually, each state is required to send a signed certification letter to the
federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) pertaining to the Federal
Offset program. This letter certifies to OCSE that the information submitted by
the state meets the legal requirements for Offsets.
Pursuant to DHHS, ACF, OCSE Annual Certification Letters of 2000 and 2004:
I certify that every request for collection meets the following requirements:
2. This agency has verified the accuracy of the arrears, has a copy of the order
and any modifications, has a copy of the payment record or an affidavit signed
by the custodial parent attesting to the amount of support owed and has, in non-
assistance cases, the custodial parent� current address.
3. The Pre-Offset Notice that we will issue the obligor meets the requirements
set forth in the regulation, or the address information provided for the non-
custodial parent for the notice that OCSE will issue has been verified.
Williams received correspondence dated April 4 and 16, 2002, from State of
Washington Senator Steve Johnson� office in regards to Williams�appeal of the
2001 tax offset, paternity of the child and the amount of arrears assessed.
IDPA, DCSE indicated to the Senator� office that Williams can request a
conference hearing by phone, and he may provide any information he wanted
reviewed prior to the conference call. The Senator� office indicated they had
spoken with Mark Eovaldi and Ms. Rosnowski, as well as Mary Sylvester at 217-

April 4, 2002, IDPA, DCSE transferred Williams�case to the State of
Washington without affording Williams due process (an appeal) regarding the
validity of IDPA, DCSE 2001 federal tax offset, paternity of the child and the
amount of arrears assessed.
Williams received correspondence dated April 17, 2002, from the TCDCO indicating
their office did not show any evidence of an address change provided by Barbara
E. Serapin since 1991. Williams sent a copy of this letter to IDPA, DCSE.

April 2002, Williams spoke with Mary Sylvester (here thereafter Sylvester) of
IDPA, DCSE. Sylvester immediately asked Williams was the conversation being
recorded. Williams respond with, �o ma�m� Williams requested a conference
hearing by telephone in regards to the validity of IDPA, DCSE� 2001 Federal tax
offset, paternity of the child and the amount of back support $24,000.00.
Sylvester informed Williams�his child support case had been forwarded to the
State of Washington, the state of Illinois was no longer handling his case.
Sylvester instructed Williams to address all of his concerns to the State of
Washington� Division of Child Support in reference to a hearing. From that
point on, every time Williams called Sylvester she would ask if their
conversation was being recorded, then proceed with telling Williams the State of
Illinois has nothing to do with his child support case. Sylvester would often
engage in a speaker phone conversation with Williams without his consent.
May 2002, Williams spoke with Derrick Moscardelli (here thereafter Moscardelli)
of IDPA, Office of Inspector General (here thereafter OIG). Moscardelli
immediately asked if the conversation was being recorded, Williams responded
with, �o sir� Williams expressed his concerns of misconduct of IDPA, DCSE
employees, his constitutional rights for due process were violated, IDPA, DCSE
illegally offset of his 2001 federal income tax refund and refused to administer
a paternity test of the child. Moscardelli made it clear to Williams IDPA, OIG
was not interested in investigating of IDPA, DCSE. Moscardelli had adamantly
defended the actions of IDPA, DCSE.
Williams and Penny Kos-Williams (here thereafter Kos-Williams) received
correspondence dated May 31, 2002 from the U.S. Department of Treasury,
Financial Management Service stating:
As authorized by Federal law, we applied all or part or your Federal payment to
a debt you owe. The government agency (or agencies) collecting your debt is
listed below.
APPEALS/OFFSETS TOP Trace Num: A13794436
P.O. Box 19405 Acct Num: 436136761
SPRINGFIELD IL 62794-9405 Amount this Creditor: $1246.50
Creditor: 02 Site: IL
PURPOSE: Child Support�June 2002, Williams filed a complaint against the IDPA, DCSE with the IDPA, OIG
in reference to violation of due process rights, illegal federal tax offset and
misconduct of IDPA, DCSE employees.
Williams received correspondence dated June 12, 2002 from Robb Miller of the
IDPA, OIG stating:
�ear Mr. Williams:
Thank you for your inquiry to the Illinois Department of Public Aid, Office of
Inspector General. Our office has forwarded your information to the
Administrator of the Division of Child support Enforcement. Someone from that
office may be contacting you. Thank you.�June 19, 2002, Williams appeared for Motions to Modify and Contempt
Hearings in Texas. Serapin failed to appear in person or by counsel, as a
result of the hearing, child support was abated from the 1991 Texas order.
Williams sent a copy of the 2002 Texas order to IDPA, DCSE.
Williams received correspondence dated July 23, 2002 from Delayda Torres (here
thereafter Torres) of the TCDCO stating:
�DPA requested 3 certified copies of orders for child support on 3-22-02.
Cause # 91-4610�I received correspondence dated July 31, 2002 from Member of Congress, Jennifer
Dunn. Stating: Her office forwarded Williams�correspondence to Governor
George Ryan of the State of Illinois to review Williams�concerns. Williams did
not receive a response from the Illinois Governor.
Williams received correspondence dated August 15, 2002 written by Sylvester and
endorsed by Woodward of IDPA, DCSE stating in the closing paragraph:
�ecause Washington is now the state with jurisdiction, any questions pertaining
to your child support issues will need to be directed to their attention�
Williams received correspondence dated September 25, 2002 from Moscardelli of
IDPA, OIG. Stating:

�ear Mr. Williams:
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your complaint received by this office on
August 29, 2002.
After reviewing your complaint, we have determined this matter is not for
Internal Affairs investigation. We have referred this matter to the DCSE for
appropriate handling. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention�
Williams received correspondence dated September 26, 2002, from Torres of the
TCDCO. Torres verified the validity of the documents IDPA, DCSE sent to
Williams via facsimile on January 3, 2002, the letter states:
�he enclosed documents are only copies of the original document. It is not a
valid order because it has not been signed by a judge�
�he state of Illinois CSE requested documents certified from Travis County
District Clerk only on March 22, 2002�
Williams sent a copy of this letter to IDPA, DCSE.
September 2002 Williams spoke with Sylvester of IDPA, DCSE. Sylvester notified
Williams, she is the only IDPA staff member he� allowed to speak with.
Williams was instructed not to place calls, send facsimiles, send correspondence
or communicate with other IDPA staff members. Williams requested to speak with
Sylvester� immediate supervisor as a result of that request Sylvester hung up
the phone. From that point on Williams was not allowed to speak with no one
within IDPA other that Sylvester.
Williams received patronizing correspondence dated October 4 2002 from
Moscardelli of the IDPA, OIG stating:

�ear Mr. Williams:
As requested, I have enclosed a Referral of Alleged Employee Misconduct form for
your completion.
Additionally, I have enclosed a metered envelop so you may return the completed
form to our office. Thank you.�

Williams received correspondence dated October 17, 2002, from the Office of the
Attorney General – State of Texas stating:
�ear Mr. Williams:
Your recent correspondence to the Administration for Children and Families was
referred to this office for response.
Our Austin North Child Support Unit closed your case, at the request of the
custodial parent, on November 26, 1991 and sent the case to their terminated
files. Should you have any additional questions or need further information
about your case, you may wish to contact Travis County Domestic Relations Child
Support Enforcement at P.O. Box 1748, Austin, Texas 78767; phone 512-854-9696;
fax 512-854-9294.

We hope this information is helpful� Williams sent a copy of this letter to
Williams received correspondence dated October 30, 2002 from the TCDCO.
Docket detail verifying Serapin did not provide a change of address to the Texas
courts until June 11, 2002.
November 8, 2002, Williams wrote a letter to Woodward of IDPA, DCSE requesting
disclosure of his case file in its entirety. With courtesy copies sent to Ms.
Patterson, Administration for Children and Families Region V and Ms. Harrison,
Administration for Children and Families Region X.
Williams received a letter dated November 19, 2002 written by Sylvester and
endorsed by Woodward of IDPA, DCSE stating:

�ear Mr. Williams:
Per your request, enclosed you will find copies of the documents we can provide
you under the Department� confidentiality policy in accordance with state and
federal requirements. We cannot provide you with any information regarding the
application for service or other items confidential to the custodial parent, Ms.
Barbara Serapin.
Additionally, your request for appeal regarding the interception of you 2001 tax
return has been forwarded to the Appeals and Offsets Unit. They will notify
you, in writing, of their decision.
And, as has been explained, you reside in the State of Washington. Therefore,
the State of Washington is the appropriate jurisdiction for court or
administrative tribunal proceedings in your case� IDPA refuse to provide
Williams with a valid 1991 Texas support order or afford Williams due process.
Williams received a letter dated November 22, 2002 from Wyona Johnson of IDPA,
OIG stating:

�ear Mr. Williams,
This letter is in response to our telephone conversation on November 18, 2002.
Per your request, we have reviewed your situation. The Office of Inspector
General will be taking no further action in your child support case�
November 23, 2002, Williams wrote a letter to the Director of Illinois Child
Support Enforcement in response to the facsimile Williams received on November
19, 2002. In the letter Williams stated, IDPA, DCSE did not possess the 1991
Texas order prior to April 2002 therefore the offset of Williams�2001 federal
tax refund was fraudulent. In the letter Williams also stated, it is his
constitutional right as a U.S. citizen to be afforded his due process rights, in
which, IDPA, DCSE have denied him

Williams received correspondence dated December 10, 2002 from State of
Washington Support Enforcement Office, Jamie Parsons. Stating: �n response to
you request for written clarification, the state that certifies the amount of
the non-custodial parent� debt for tax offset is the state that received the
non-assistance (IV-D) application for services from the custodial parent. (SEE
45 CFR 303.72). Provided there is no change in federal law and unless the
custodial parent in your case asks us for our services directly or applies for
public assistance in our state, we will not certify your debt for tax offset.
December 12, 2002, Williams spoke with Sylvester informing her Washington
Support Enforcement does not have jurisdiction on the offset of Williams 2001
federal tax refund and IDPA, DCSE requested the 1991 Texas order on March 22,
2002, per correspondence dated July 23, 2002 and September 26, 2002 from Torres
of the TCDCO. Sylvester insisted IDPA, DCSE possessed a valid 1991 Texas order.
Sylvester told Williams she will fax a copy of the1991 Texas order to his
attention. Sylvester faxed 13 pages of the 1991 Texas order. There were two
page 10 (signature page) of the 1991 Texas order provided in Sylvester� fax.

Those two pages reflect the following information:
1. DEC-12-2002 08:22 217 557 5255 P. 03
With certification stamp dated March 25, 2000.
2. DEC-12-2002 08:23 217 557 5255 P. 04
With certification stamp dated March 28, 2002.
Williams filed Sylvester� December 12, 2002 facsimile without reading.
December 20, 2002, Williams spoke with Sylvester; she enthusiastically informed
Williams his 2001 federal tax refund was released to Serapin. Williams
inquired,�why did IDPA, DCSE release the federal tax refund to Serapin despite
an appeal in reference to the validity of the 2001 federal offset was pending?�Sylvester stated, � told you before Mr. Williams, you filed an untimely
appeal.�January 6, 2003, Williams filed a complaint with IDPA, OIG in reference to the
misconduct, corruption and conspiracy to cover up. The complaint implicates
Sylvester, Woodward and Moscardelli.
Williams received correspondence dated January 16, 2003 from Sylvester stating:
�ear Mr. Williams:
Per your request, enclosed you will find a copy of the Illinois Compiled
Statutes/Uniformed Interstate Family Support Act and a copy of the Federal
Regulations �Title 45 � Public Welfare Chapter III- Office of Child Support
Enforcement regulations.�January 21, 2003, Williams wrote a letter to the Director of IDPA requesting his
personal assistance in resolving the complaints Williams has with IDPA, DCSE and
Williams received correspondence dated January 24, 2003, from Sylvester of IDPA,
DCSE stating:

�ear Mr. Williams:
Per your telephone request of January 24, 2003, enclosed you will find a copy of
the 1991 Travis County, TX court order with the stamped certification dated
March 25, 2000�
A copy of the 1991 Texas order with forged stamped certification date March 25,
2000 was enclosed and sent to Williams�attention with intent to defraud.
Williams immediately retrieved Sylvester� December 12, 2002 facsimile to
compare the documents. Williams discovered IDPA, DCSE mistakenly faxed two page
10 (signature page) of the 1991 Texas order. The first page 10 (signature page)
displayed stamped certification date March 25, 2000. The second page 10
(signature page) displayed stamped certification date March 28, 2002.
January 28, 2003 Williams spoke to Torres of TCDCO. Williams informed Torres of
the 1991 Texas order with certification stamp dated March 25, 2000 endorsed with
Torres�signature. Torres told Williams she was not employed by the TCDCO March
25, 2000.

January 29, 2003 Williams spoke with Sylvester of IDPA, DCSE. Williams reminded
Sylvester of her facsimile sent to his attention December 12, 2002. Williams
informed Sylvester of the two page 10 (signature page) of the 1991 Texas order.
The first page 10 (signature page) displayed stamped certification date March
25, 2000. The second page 10 (signature page) displayed stamped certification
date March 28, 2002. Sylvester stated she was unaware of the 1991 Texas order
with certification stamp dated March 28, 2002. Sylvester went as far as
initiating a conference call to include Torres of the TCDCO. During the
conference call, Sylvester dictated to Torres, the 1991 Texas order sent to
IDPA, DCSE represented a valid order, Torres agreed. Sylvester deliberately
mislead Torres to believe the 1991 Texas order was certified March 25th.
Williams attempted to address the year the 1991 Texas order was certified,
however, Sylvester terminated the conference call immediately disconnecting

January 30, 2003, in Pierce County, Washington, Williams appeared for a Finding
of Financial Responsibility Hearing. Williams requested the case be dismissed
due to the lack of integrity. IDPA, DCSE through the State of Washington
committed perjury by submitting the forged 1991 Texas order certification stamp
dated March 25, 2000 in the Washington proceeding.
Penny Kos-Williams received correspondence dated January 31, 2003 from her First
Sergeant, this letter was generated and endorsed by Investigator, Joe E.
Sylvester of IDPA, OIG (Joe E. Sylvester is the husband of Sylvester of IDPA
DCSE) the letter stated the following:
Enclosed are copies of 12 FAX cover sheets, one FAX transmission report, three
documents and a personal notes sheet annotating an August 13, 2002 telephone
call from Mr. Williams lasting one hour with a caller ID number of 206-901-9003.
This number is listed to the recruiting office in Seattle, Washington. All of
the FAX sheets show the 206-901-9011 number on the header, which is also from
the recruiting office on Tukwila Parkway in Seattle.
This documentation represents only an infinitesimal portion of the actual
telephone calls and telefaxes sent or received by James and Penny Williams over
the course of eighteen months. Government offices in Illinois, Texas and at the
federal level were the focus of Mr. Williams relentless quest for information.
A review of available Air Force telecommunications records will substantiate the
magnitude of this personal use.
Thank you for taking the time to look into this matter. If we may be of any
further assistance, please contact me at your convenience� Joe E. Sylvester�
retaliation, in defense of Sylvester of IDPA, DCSE caused excessive and
irreversible damage to Kos-Williams�military career.
Williams received correspondence dated February 4, 2003 written by Sylvester of
IDPA, DCSE, endorsed Lonnie Nasatir and initialed by Sylvester of the IDPA,
DCSE. The closing paragraph of Sylvester� letter states:
�ocumentation shows more than 300 telephone calls to agency staff between
October 2001 and the present time. Effective immediately Department staff will
no longer communicate with you by telephone. All contact must be in writing and
faxed to Mary Sylvester at 217/24-4517. You may also mail correspondence to
Mary Sylvester, Division of Child Support Enforcement. P.O. Box 19405,
Springfield, IL 62794, unless notices or other written communications from the
Department specify that a written response must be sent to a different address.�February 8, 2003, Williams wrote a letter to Acting Administrator, Division of
Child Support Enforcement, Lonnie Nasatir. Williams addressed the lack of due
process from IDPA, DCSE, his FOIA request for disclosure of his case file in its
entirety, was denied numerous times. Williams concluded his letter by stating
Sylvester is part of the problem, not the solution.
Williams received correspondence dated February 13, 2002, from Board Certified
Forensic Document Examiner, Eugene P. Hussey. Eugene P. Hussey submitted his
opinion Re: Signatures and dates on Documents from Travis County.
�t is my opinion based on the examination of Q-1, Q-2 and K-1 through K-5, that
is very probable that an attempt was made to duplicate the signature of Delayda
Torres on Q-1 and Q-2.
This is a limited opinion as all the examined documents are photocopies and
there is only a few known document.
It is my further opinion that the date on Q-1, is March 25, 2000, not March 25,
A more conclusive opinion may be possible if (1) the original of all of the
documents could be examined, and (2) more known signatures in the name of
Delayda Torres could be examined.�Williams received correspondence dated February 26, 2003 from IDPA, Freedom of
Information Officer (FIO), John Larsen. The letter was written, endorsed John
Larsen and initialed by Sue Gansky. The letter states as follows:
�ear Mr. Williams:
You requested disclosure for the Illinois Department of Public Aid, Division of
Chils Support Enforcement records of case #C1101048 in its entirety, to include
investigation and all supporting documents.
The Child Support case information that can be released has previously been
provided to you (see attached copy of November 19, 2002 letter to you). All
other case information is confidential and is exempt from disclosure pursuant to
sections 140/7 (1)(a) and 140/7(1)(b)(i) of the Illinois Freedom of Information
Act (FOIA) (5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.).�IDPA continued to decline Williams�request for disclosure of case information.

March 5, 2003, Williams wrote a letter to IDPA, FIO John Larsen, again
requesting disclosure of the IDPA, DCSE records of case #C1101048 in its
entirety, to include investigation and all supporting documents prior to March
22, 2002, in which the intercept of his 2001 federal income tax refund was based
Williams received correspondence dated March 28, 2003 from IDPA, FIO John
Larsen. The letter was written, endorsed John Larsen and initialed by Sue
Gansky. The letter states as follows:
�ear Mr. Williams:
Your revised request sought disclosure of the Illinois Department of Public Aid,
Division of Child Support Enforcement records of case #C1101048 in its entirety,
to include investigation and all supporting documents prior to March 22, 2002,
in which the intercept of your 2001 federal income tax refund was based on.
Enclosed are the documents you requested.
As you were informed by the February 4, 2003 letter from Lonnie Nasatir Acting
Administrator, Division of Child Support Enforcement, Department staff will no
longer communicate with you by telephone. All contact with the department must
be in writing and faxed to Mary Sylvester, DCSE, P.O. Box 19405, Springfield,
Illinois 62794, unless notices or other written communications from the
Department specify that a written response must be sent to a different address.�March 31, 2003, Williams wrote to Acting Director, Wyona Johnson of IDPA, OIG
requesting her assistance with his issues with IDPA, DCSE and IDPA, OIG.
Williams listed 4 concerns in reference to IDPA, DCSE and 2 concerns in
reference to IDPA, OIG. Wyona Johnson did not respond to Williams�correspondence.
Williams received correspondence dated April 1, 2003 from the State of
Washington, Office of Administrative Hearings providing a copy of exhibit #5, a
copy of the 1991 Texas order with forged certification stamp date March 25,
2000. The forged document was submitted in a Washington proceeding by the State
of Washington Division of Child Support Enforcement on behalf of IDPA, DCSE.

April 5, 2003, Williams wrote a letter to Torres of the TCDCO requesting
correspondence be sent to his attention in reference to TCDCO certification
procedures and her dates of employment with TCDCO.

April 6, 2003, Williams wrote mailed certified letters to Illinois Governor
Blagojevich, IDPA Director Barry Maram, Administrator of IDPA, DCSE Lonnie
Nasatir and IDPA, OIG Bureau Chief Derrick Moscardelli. WILLIAMS informed the
aforementioned individuals of his concerns of fraud, forgery, corruption,
misconduct and retaliation of IDPA, DCSE and IDPA, OIG.
Williams received a letter from Administration of Children and Families (ACF),
Region V, Program Manager stating, this letter responds to the issues you raised
in your letter dated April 3, 2003 regarding you child support case with the
mother of your child, Ms. Barbara Serapin. In your letter you mentioned four
areas in which you feel the IDPA made errors. The following are responses to
each question.
Williams received correspondence dated April 14, 2003, from Torres of the TCDCO.
The letter confirmed Torres�dates of employment with TCDCO which are starting
date October 2001 to present. Torres was not employed by the TCDCO to certify a
Texas order March 25, 2000.
Williams received a letter dated April 16, 2003 from the IDPA, OIG with closing
paragraph stating:
�s a reminder, all issues that you have should be addressed in writing per the
instructions in the February 4, 2003 letter from Mr. Nasatir. Thank you�
Williams received a letter dated April 18, 2003 from the IDPA Director with
closing paragraph stating:
�ny further issues that you have should be addressed in writing per the
instructions in the February 4, 2003 letter from Mr. Nasatir�

May 2003, WILLIAMS received Notice and Petition for Enrollment of a Foreign
Judgment, filed by the custodial parent in Jackson County, Illinois. This
petition proves the 1991 Texas order was never registered in the State of

May 7, 2003, Williams appeared for the Bill of Review and Contempt
Hearings in the State of Texas. Again Serapin failed to appear in person or by
counsel, as a result of the hearing May 8, 2003, the 1991 Texas order was set
aside and
vacated. The State of Washington, Division of Support Enforcement dismissed
their case as well. Williams sent a copy of the 2003 Texas order to IDPA, DCSE.
WILLIAMS wrote to Zaldwaynaka Scott, State of Illinois/OIG, in reference to the
two state agencies lack of integrity, corruption and cover up. WILLIAMS
provided her with factual documentation of his allegations. Ms. Scott informed
him she received his complaint relating to IDPA. Upon review of the complaint
and supporting documentation we have concluded that the acting administrator,
Lonnie Nasatir, adequately addressed each of you concerns you raised.
Accordingly, we are declining to further review this matter.
WILLIAMS wrote to Ms. Sylvester in an attempt to resolve issues that began in
September 2001 with IDPA, DCSE prior to a civil proceeding. WILLIAMS requested
factual documentation supporting IDPA, DCSE allegations.
June 2003, WILLIAMS received a letter from IDPA, FIO John Larsen written and
signed by Sue Gansky stating, your correspondence requested information on IDPA
rules and policies in regards to nepotism; conflict of Interest concerning
married department employees; guidelines of penalties for violating rules and
policies of nepotism and Conflict of Interest and DCSE� case file C1101048 in
its entirety to include all court orders and documents submitted prior to March
22, 2002. Please be advised that the department is extending the response time
an additional seven (7) days pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/3(d)(i) of the Freedom of
information Act.
WILLIAMS received a letter from State of Illinois, Office of the Inspector
General, Z. Scott stating we received your complaints related to the IDPA. Upon
review of the complaint and supporting documentation, we have concluded that the
Acting Administrator, Lonnie Nasatir, adequately addressed each of the concerns
you raised. Accordingly we are declining to further review this matter.
July 2003, WILLIAMS wrote a letter to Z. Scott, Inspector General requesting a
fair and unbiased investigation.

WILLIAMS received a letter from Z. Scott, Inspector General stating, I am
writing to you regarding your recent letter of complaint directed to the Office
of Inspector General sent after we declined further review of allegations
related to a claim for child support made against you. I have personally
reviewed the file and supporting documentation and again advise you that we will
not review this matter. For well over a year, many agencies of this state have
taken substantial steps to provide you with complete and accurate information
regarding the status of the child support claim. Therefore, we concluded that
there is no evidence of misconduct by any agency or employee of this state.
Moreover, the matter has now been transferred by Illinois to your current state
of residence �Washington. Consequently, Illinois has no jurisdiction over your
complaint. Because we have concluded our review, we are asking that you cease
attempts to seek further review of this claim by the Office of Inspector
General. We are also requesting that you cease faxing letters and attempting to
contact us by telephone.

WILLIAMS received a letter from IDPA, FIO John Larsen written and signed by Sue
Gansky stating, the Department has no information regarding your first three dot
points contained in your request. Regarding the last dot point, the child
support case information that can be released has previously been provided to
you. All other case information can not be released (see February 26, 2003
letter to you attached).

WILLIAMS received a letter from Illinois Department of Public Aid, Fair Hearing
(IDPA, FH) informing him that a hearing officer will hear his petition Thursday,
September 11, 2003 at 1:50 p.m. at Marion DCSC video conference 104 Airway
Drive, Marion, Illinois 62959-9599.
September 2003, a telephone conference hearing was conducted.
WILLIAMS received a letter from the office of Z. Scott, Inspector General
stating, the purpose of this letter is to acknowledge receipt of your complaint.
We are currently in the process of reviewing the allegations set forth. Thank
you for providing information to our office.

October 2003, IDPA informed me my petition was reviewed, considered and adopted
the Findings of the Hearing Officer. The final Administrative Decision is as
follows: b) the petitioner under subsection (a) above shall be filed within 30
days after the date of mailing of such order or determination. The day
immediately subsequent to the mailing of the order or determination shall be
considered the first day; and the day such petition is received by the
Department shall be considered as the last day in computing the 30 day appeal
period. The petitioner expressed concerns regarding the validity of the June
26, 1991 Order and that the judge� signature might have been forged. This is
an issue that he must take up with the Circuit Court that allegedly issued the
Order. Findings of fact of the hearing officer letter G states; The DCSE
representative stated that although the determination of past-due child support
was based on an Order that did not include a judge� signature.
November 2003, WILLIAMS received a letter from Paul Green, Supervisor, Fair
Hearings Section, denying my request for the audio portion of my hearing.
May 2004, Williams filed a civil rights complaint in the State of Illinois

Comments:: To add insult to injury,
July 2003, Williams was served notice of a paternity action from the State of
Washington. Williams resided in Washington via U.S. Military, Serapin
and child resided in Illinois.

December 2, 2003, Williams complied with Washington court ordered DNA testing
and was told results will be available in two months.

February 2, 2004, Williams contacted the KCPAO via telephone in reference to DNA
results and his anticipated move to Louisiana. KCPAO informed
Williams that Serapin did not comply with Washington court ordered DNA testing
scheduled for December 17, 2003 in Illinois. At this time KCPAO did not
a current address for Serapin. Williams provided KCPAO with a current home
address and phone number for Serapin. Williams informed KCPAO he wanted DNA
test results prior to his departure to Louisiana.

February 27, Williams contacted KCPAO in reference to moving to Louisiana and
DNA test results, DNA test results were sent via fax to Williams. Williams
instructed the KCPAO to forward all case information to Support Enforcement
Officials in Louisiana (Ex. L).

March 10, 2004, Williams contacted the KCPAO via telephone with his current
address, phone number and reiterated to forward his case file to Support
Enforcement Officials in Louisiana.

May 11, 2004, State of Washington courts rendered a monthly child support
payment of $392.00 and arrears for the sum of $26,586.00 judgment / order in
favor of the State of Washington. Williams was not notified of the hearing.

July 15, 2004, Williams appeared for a Visitation Hearing in the State of
Illinois. Serapin� attorney provided the court with the May 11, 2004
Washington support order. At this point in time, Williams had no knowledge of
this alleged order or a Washington support hearing.

October 14, 2004, Williams filed a Motion to Vacate the May 11, 2004 Washington
Judge. KCPAO alleged they did not receive notice of the hearing and requested a
continuance. Williams was allowed to appear at the continuance hearing via
telephone. Williams was not
contacted via telephone the day of the hearing.

November 2004, Williams did not receive a phone call from the Washington court
in reference to the child support case.

March 2005, Williams received a notice to withhold income for child support from
the State of Washington. The notice informed Williams of monthly support for
the sum of $5,392.00. Williams was raising two children and his 2001 federal tax
refund for the sum of $1,246.50 was offset but was not accounted for by the
State of Washington. This is proof Washington does not possess accurate income
information, current family status or case history to assess child support and
arrears in this matter.

Why is the “SYSTEM” intentionally causing an unwarranted hardship?

Name: Kathy Clayton     Location:  San Antonio, TX

Email Addr: kathy.clayton@brooks.af.mil

Children/Birth Date:  Angela Michelle (1993)
Alexander Haigh (1996)

Date Separated: April 1998

I live in another state because of work. My ex will not let them come visit and because I can’t afford to go visit them, he will not let me talk to them on the phone.

He split the children up when we divorced. Because I could not afford a lawyer he has not done his part in the visitation agreement by paying his half of the travel expenses. He has gotten child support for three kids and never sent any of it back. He will not let me speak to the children. He won’t let me send them Christmas presents. He won’t let their brother (who lives with me) talk to them. He has no right to do this, and because I can’t afford a lawyer, he won’t even talk to me unless it is to send me hateful emails to my work email address

Name: Laura Lane     Location:  Manteca, CA

Email Addr: laura.lanebrain@gmail.com

Children/Birth Date:  Amanda (1990), Robert (1992), Jacob (1999), Thomas (2001)

Date Separated: March 2003

Unable to see or have any connact with children until they, themselves want to allow contact.

When my ex abused our daughter he was arrested and I had to prove my self fit to regain custody of the oldest two children that were placed in foster care. I did all their classes and counseling and in five short months they were home with me. I then had to deal with filing for divorce, selling our home, moving all four children into a two bedroom, and finding some way to support them on my own.

I did very well for about a year. I used the money from the house and then started to max out credit cards to feed and clothe them all. I had no help from government agencies and/ or their fathers family. Things finally started to get to me and I went into depression.

Still, not receiving the help I should have, CPS came into my home and exaggerated on our living conditions. Deeming me unfit to care for them at all. I agreed that it would be best to stay with family until I was better and on my feet. There I was left to myself to fight just for visitation with my children. After about 6 to 8 months, the court told me that I would no longer be given the opportunity to have any contact or rights to my children. I was lost in the system.

I still am lost and I feel my only hope is that my children seek out and demand to see me. And all this due to an other persons act of abuse and neglect.

Name: Angela Moss     Location:  Meherrin, VA

Email Addr: save_marie@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Marie Hartman, July 27,1999

Date Separated: October 2003

My story is that of a great aunt who is watching her great niece be tortured and pulled apart by a system that just doesn’t care. It is a story of a child who has a mother who is 30 years old and disabled, a father who is in his mid 50’s with multiple personalities, gender identity crisis and previously desiring to obtain the sex change operation. It is the story of a little girl and innocence lost.

She has told the DSS on several occasions of being sexually molested, she has told MCV hospital on 2 different occasions that she is being sexually molested. Does sexual abuse occur in this country???? YES it does…Do both fathers and mothers commit sexual abuse? Yes, they do. Are fathers and mothers wrongfully accused of sexual abuse? YES, it happens. I am not here to say that every time a child claims he/she were sexually abused that they truthfully were. However, I am saying that in Baby Maries case there is not a doubt in my mind that the molestation is occurring and that it is her father molesting her.

I am not however saying that I believe it is HIS personality doing the abusing because her last words to me were that he keeps on changing his name over and over and I don’t know what I am going to call him when it is all over with. Then when asked what does this person look like, she says daddy. Her story is a long one and it is reported briefly in her website. I have read so many stories at so many sites and while I do not believe everything I read until I email the people and get more information I do believe a lot of what I read and it breaks my heart.

Please view her website at http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/acm563/marie.html

This whole thing with Senator Clinton is ridiculous. What would it hurt her to just hear you out??? It doesn’t mean she has to believe you ro do anything but as a taxpayer she is your public servant and as such she should hear your concerns and address them. Personally I think she is a very cold hearted individual and unless she felt like she had something to gain from a meeting with you she will continue to ignore your requests. I pray for the safe return of all children who are wrongfully separated from loving homes and I pay for swift and extreme punishment for any adult who abuses a child in any way, shape or form.

Name: Heather Anderson     Location:  Buffalo, KY

Email Addr: dandh40811@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:  Hope R. Hiller–Daughter 2/2000

Date Separated: Aug 18, 2000

Currently scheduled for hearing on January 31, 2005 (if I don’t lose my attorney for lack of retainer fee) While married and living in Washington D.C., I met Stephen Dustin “Dusty” Hiller. Although, I was married “Dusty” and I hit it off with great ease and eventually shared one very fateful night together. This of course led to my divorce, and the beginning of a teetering relationship with Dusty. We in one evening had become pregnant.

He was discharged from the Army for our actions generally under honorable conditions I think that is how they put it. So, after being thrown out of base housing with two children from my high school sweetheart who is really a sweetheart at all, I moved back to Kentucky with my oldest children Chance and Faith, to live with my mother, awaiting Dusty’s 30 day hold in Washington D.C..

I re-enrolled into college and began before they even let him go. As things continued Dusty became very jealous of the fact that I was pursing the eldest children’s father so that he may have some contact or something that remotely resembled a relationship with our children. We were good together other than that. After Hope was born, about 6 months after she was born Dusty and I called our relationship to an end, and instead of taking away from him the one thing that my oldest two children never had with their father I agreed to let Hope live with him in Alabama.

Oh, if you could see the way he loved her, his eyes sparkled and his smile could have lit the whole world ablaze when he looked at her. I myself never having that kind of love from my father didn’t want to take that away from my little Hope either. We had agreed to joint custody at that time but neither of us with any ability to afford a lawyer hand wrote out a document and had it notarized to the effect that we both had joint custody of the child with agreed visitation. Well, as generous as I was Dusty never returned the gratitude, I believe with both of his parents feeding him stories he stopped trusting me.

They say they never received my letters or cards, and then when I would call it started out great he would let me talk to her, soon they stopped answering the phone, next they stopped returning my calls. All this time he has had our baby and never let me have the summertime or Christmas visitation that we originally agreed to.

In October or so of 2001, he calls me and tells me that they have reactivated him to active duty in the U.S. Army, and to receive certain benefits that he has to have sole custody of her, so without any legal advice and without the financial means for any legal advice, I believe him and sign the papers. Well, thanks to our War on Terror, I can honestly say that War is hell on the home front too. As I mentioned just a few moments ago, he was reactivated into active duty status sometime after being so, he received his orders to go Iraq; and on April 4, of 2004 the father of my youngest child was killed in action.

Now, his father and step-mother and his mother too, are keeping me from bring my child home, and the only thing I have left to do is pray that I don’t get home fried (that ! is the exact terminology that was used by counsel), by a conservative southern baptist judge who sides with the family of the hero, because he is an elected official and they are in his voting zone.

They have both parties filed for custody of my child and now instead of my natural rights as her biological mother (even though they were never signed away or taken away) are being violated legally. I don’t have the money for the lawyers retainer fee by January 21, 2005; he has already informed me that he will have to withdrawal from my case leaving me to stand in front Judge Richard Lane of Lee County Alabama all by myself. All I ask for is maybe this could be printed and those that read it could say a multitude of prayers and that everyone who reads it, shares it with someone else.

Name: Terri Phillips     Location:   Richton Park, IL

Email Addr: folearning@iwon.com

Children/Birth Date:  Courteney 1996 and Imani 2000

Date Separated: December 2002

I need an attorney and can’t afford it.   I left my abusive husband in Florida in 2002. I went to Chicago with my children. He filed for a divorce and an emergency hearing and Judge Garrison ordered the girls back to Florida. Due to insistence on having inappropriate conversations, “If you love your daughters you would come back, etc.”, it is necessary to refrain from conversations with Mr. Randle.

I have an order of protection in place and I have not had ANY communication with my daughters since January 2004, after the final divorce hearing in which I represented myself (pro se).

Name: Christopher Feerer     Location:   Albuquerque, NM

Email Addr: simplicity808@msn.com

Children/Birth Date:  Zachary (1999)

Date Separated: October 1999

An adoption case, which I am contesting, as well as a guardianship suit filed by the grandparents of my son, who are trying to adopt him. And also I have filed for custody.

The Meaning of Life —  I don’t know how to start. It’s almost impossible to explain the way I feel. My name is Christopher Aaron Feerer, and I am 25 years old. I work hard and believe that fate will never let you down. You will always get back what you put in, or if the case may be, you get what you deserve. I’ve always thought that if you try your best, then the result could never be bad, but if you don’t try at all, you have the dissatisfaction of knowing it’s nobody’s fault but your own. I almost gave up on my belief, ‘if you give a little, you get a lot’.

I almost forgot that if you truly try your best then it won’t go unnoticed. I’ve been struggling with this pain for what seems like an eternity, but has actually been 4 � years. Pain that is indescribable. For what reason, I don’t really know. I have always been a fair and honest person. I am caring and understanding, and I’ve always tried to do what I believe is right. This is why I can’t understand why someone would want to hurt me so badly! . I can’t understand why anyone would cause such pain for another person. It is hard for me to cope with on an everyday basis.

When I was 18, I was in a relationship unlike any other. Everyday for us was perfect, even when she got pregnant; our life together was still perfect. I worked full time, (and still do), and did everything I thought was right to support the two of the baby and us. We went by the book (literally) through the entire pregnancy and were always there for one another. On January 8, 1999, my son was born. My life couldn’t have gotten any better. I made sure we had everything we needed and we tried our best to do everything we could for ourselves. No matter what obstacles we faced everything would eventually work out. We were soon able to get our own apartment. We were responsible, and held our own, despite being so young. Eight months after my son was born, in Sept. 1999, that all changed.

When the three of us moved out, her mother instantly began hating me saying I was trying to take her daughter away from her and trying to convince my girlfriend that I was no good for her. Before this, we had never fought, believe it or not. We never really even argued before. But almost suddenly, our relationship was over. We still got along with each other, and she would bring my son over during the day when she was at school and I took him back over to her in the evening when I went to work. Despite her and I not getting back together, everything was still going well between us.

Until one day I went to pick him up and she wouldn’t let me see my son. (I still, to this day, cannot understand how this could happen.) She said she didn’t want me to take him and not let her see him, so she did it to me instead. She told me we had to go to court for custody hearings first. Soon they moved and changed their telephone number. I was able to get their new number once and they changed it almost immediately. I don’t understand how someone could put another person through so much pain for his or her own selfish reasons, without any feelings of remorse.

After trying desperately to get some help with the situation, I slowly stopped believing that everything would workout. I couldn’t afford a lawyer; I couldn’t get anywhere, no matter what direction I went in. My best didn’t cut it anymore. Completely losing contact with them, I gave up. Frustrated and completely destroyed inside I didn’t know what to do anymore. Fate had let me down. About a year passed and I had since regained my desire to keep on pushing in life and not give up, still with out knowing where my son was. All this time I’ve lived with a void, a hole, which my son once filled. I think about him constantly.

In February 2004, my boss told me to look in the Weekly Alibi, a free local newspaper, in Albuquerque, NM. Saying there was something about my son in back of the paper. I got the paper and on page 60, in a small corner add, there was a summons to me, stating “In the matter of adoption of a minor child in which you are named biological father, you are hereby required to appear in Lincoln County, Oregon to defend your parental rights from petition to adopt. If you do not respond with in 30 days from first publication of this notice, January 28,2004, petitioners will file for default judgment and be granted the relief stated herein. You should obtain a lawyer immediately.” What it didn’t say was ‘you are lucky to have even seen this tiny ad, let alone have enough time left to get a lawyer in Oregon.’

With someone, or something on my side I was able to get a lawyer with one-day left to respond. All this was done over the phone, since I am in New Mexico and they are in Oregon. But I did it. This could only be fate. I had no Idea that my son was even in a different state, or who was trying to adopt him, where his mother was or who he was with. I had a million questions, and nobody to answer them. Once I got a lawyer I found out that my ex’s mother was trying to adopt my son. I also found out what had happened in the time I had lost contact with them, come to find out, was that my ex’s mom had kicked her out, telling her that she couldn’t raise a child on the streets, also saying it was in our sons’ best interest to stay with her mother.

It was at this time that I found out that my ex had moved to Arkansas for a while leaving our son here with her mom. She moved back to sign over her rights. After that, they moved around with my son numerous times, eventually leaving the state of New Mexico. I also found out that my son refers to his mom, as his sister, and refers to his grandmother and grandfather as his mom and dad. They were intending to completely abolish my parental rights, change my son’s name, and never tell him that I exist! Thanks to fate not letting me down, this will not happen. I will not give up. I’ve given almost all I have so far and everything is going in the right direction. But I now need to travel to Oregon for a hearing with in the next two weeks. The people trying to keep my son from me have also filed a separate motion for guardianship. My resources have run out and my parents’ and family have helped me about as much as they can. Despite all efforts I am coming up $5000.00 dollars short to pay my lawyer, and I don’t know what to do at this point. Plus with my regular bills and rent it’s all becoming overwhelming. But I cannot and will not lose my son again. Fate brought me this far for a reason and I’ll always trust in it. Please help a father to be with his son, and a son to know his father. I am running out of time, and am trying everything I can possibly do…

Sincerely,   Christopher Feerer

P.S. I have given my lawyer $2,000 to represent me in the adoption proceedings regarding my son, however I wish not only to contest the adoption, but also file for custody. My lawyer has informed me that this will be a separate suit, and he will represent me, for $5,000. This is money that I have been desperately trying to come up with. My lawyer also informed me, I am needed in Oregon for hearings with in the next 3 weeks. I work full time and my paycheck is enough to cover my bills here at home, but nowhere close to being able to cover travel expenses, legal expenses and the other costs of fighting a custody case several states away. And there is a possibility that I may have to be in Oregon for quite awhile, and I don’t want to lose my home in Albuquerque. My job will be here for me when I return, but I am worried about the mean time. If you can help me, in any way, please do not hesitate. I don’t know what to do, and am asking for some kind of help with expenses. I am asking for a donation, or loan, or some type of assistance that can help with me to be with my son. Anything you can do that will put me one step closer to getting to see my son is appreciated more than you will ever know. Christopher A. Feerer

Name: Gordon Bray     Location:   Crested Butte, CO

Email Addr: gbray@crestedbutte.net

Children/Birth Date:  Olivia Bray 5/8/94 & Christian Bray 10/8/98

Date Separated: January, 2001

This is my story. Starting in 2001… A woman that would not marry me divorced me. She did have my children but she would not marry me. She was able to, and did, divorce me. This was done under “common law” yet the court has refused any other common law proceedings.

She is the petitioner and I am the respondent. That is, I never wanted her to leave in the beginning as I was deeply in love with her. She never stated any reason other than irreconcilable differences. She did have an affair. She accused me of physical abuse when she was poking me in the chest with her fingernail and I held her wrist to get her to stop. This was verified by a councilor in my early attempts to keep the relationship.

When she insisted on leaving me I agreed to refinance the house and give her what I could. I gave her $130,000 of equity in a lump sum and paid more money during the year. My children are not with me a lot of the time but I have no choice or say in this matter either. I did pay child support while I actually could (I even borrowed from credit cards to do so) and all the while I averaged a lot more time with the two children than she did. I averaged having the children (overnights only counted here) 64% of the time in 2002. For the year 2003 I still had the children more often. She is counted as the custodial parent and I am not, according to the head of Social Services.

I had some good years as a builder and I had been honest and upfront with all of my financial data. The last few years, particularly after September 11th have been hard financially. My income dropped by more than 65% and in 2002 I operated in the negative numbers to more than $20,000 in losses for the first 5 months alone. Only by refinancing the family house, twice more, since paying the first lump sum was I able to survive. The house has been for sale for two years under its appraised value.

I had received a court order to pay an amount exponentially more than I was actually earning. All under the guise of ‘for the children’ or ‘child support’. Fact is, she had more than $13,000 in savings and I had and have nothing. I have been ordered to pay her.

I have been paying my children’s health insurance, my ex’s health insurance for the first year and 3 months and day care costs as always. My ex and the court have all had free range to my financial data plainly showing that I do not have the resources to pay and when the laws are properly applied she should be paying me but I am still sentenced.

My attorney had dropped me as I could not pay the close to $20,000 that I owe him and my ex now has social services helping her collect ‘child support’ despite the illogical and reckless harm this will do to my children. I had actually approached social services before her and they were going to help me but the tables were turned and social services now uses that as a permission slip for jurisdiction – not help but total desecration of a family.

I cannot avoid bankruptcy, destitution and contempt of court, as I cannot do what the judge has ordered me to do. Nobody in my situation could do what the court has ordered. Trying to find a remedy for this has already cost me many thousands of dollars that I do not have. I do not know enough about law to do an appeal to the appellate court myself and there is absolutely no help from any government source for a person in my position and I have asked every state senator and house representative along with every group that I could find.

I simply do not have the money that my ex, her attorney and the court say I do, despite the irrefutable proof I have given. I simply do not have it and did not have it. I am now counted as a criminal and have been served papers with my children at my side. I have been labeled a deadbeat dad.

My children do not want to be with their mother but there has never been a custody management, guardian ad litem, psychological evaluations or parenting classes. I have no attorney and none will take this case as first, there is no money in it for them and secondly, because the ruling seems to be so obscure to many. The court refuses to help with an attorney and the prosecutors refuse to return phone calls or talk to me about any of this. At this point I don’t know – and I can’t get an answer – whether this case is civil, domestic or criminal. I know that I face jail soon but the court and human services refuse to acknowledge anything about the children. I dearly love and care for my children and they are going to be left with a mother that has stated that she doesn’t want them. Monday, March 22nd at about 4:00pm I was pulled over after picking up my daughter from school. The police told me after I asked why, that he knew I didn’t have a driver’s license and that there was no traffic violation.

I was fined for driving on a foreign license issued by the United Nations. I was also fined for not having insurance. I was told that I could not drive the truck anywhere at all until I had a driver’s license and insurance. If I could afford insurance then it wouldn’t do any good, as I can’t drive.

My Colorado driver’s license was suspended after I could not pay child support. Child support was calculated on an income averaging method which simply put was an income that was derived from past years that happen to be very good years but were not achievable by me any longer. The income that was imputed onto me is over twice that of reality. The court would not consider the fact that I earned nowhere near that amount afterwards or now. The fact that I have tried to sell the house and had to carry a massive mortgage would not be considered by the court. The fact that I had and have the children the majority of the time would not be considered by the court.

My situation now is this. I have no income – non-whatsoever and I am stopped from earning a basic living. I had begun to do all the work involved for bankruptcy but I can’t get to a post office to even mail it – let alone get to court. I cannot take my son to day care but my daughter can catch the bus to and from school. I have been working on bids but that is a moot point, as I cannot get to work when I do get some. I cannot get my mail nor get to the post office to mail anything. Public transport does not exist here. I am essentially a prisoner in a house that I can stay in until the electricity gets cut off. Then from there the house will be foreclosed on and I can’t stay in my truck because I can’t drive it anywhere. Ironically – I have my children!

The court date for the drivers license is not until late May. I have filed a set date with the court to rehear the child support issue but there is no date set as yet.

The situation that I face currently – jail for 5 days. Loss of my house. No Drivers license for a year after release from jail. No home. No Vehicle. Homelessness. No access to my children. A bum on the streets for no committed crime. Two wonderful children that lose the loving support of their father. Through all this I have sought council from Pastors, councilors, legal experts, politicians, the media and anyone that might have a solution – and yes, I have prayed. I have sought legal aid, which has been denied each time. I have sought help pro bono, which has been denied each time. I have been doing all that I can pro se.

This situation is reality and not embellished or exaggerated. I have been put in an impossible position without any regard to the well being of my children.

Thank you for reading!


Name: Madeline Davidson     Location:   Lambertville, NJ

Email Addr: semperfidelis528@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date: IMO Sean Miller 7/4/82-2/5/2002; Jacob Miller 2/18/1991

Date Separated: September 6, 1996

In November of 1995 I received a sizable personal injury settlement resulting from injuries I sustained in a rear end collision with a box truck which left me permanently disabled. In August of 1996 I found my ex at the bank converting the funds into accounts with just his name. His response to my discovery was to change the locks on the house, and to ask an attorney friend (now disbarred) to bring an emergent Order to Show Cause before the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division/Family Part, ex parte, to freeze my remaining bank accounts and to obtain custody of my children (born out of wed lock) by claiming that he was my “husband” (married on a specific date no less) and that I was dissipating family assets, and that I was “mentally ill and drug addicted”.  Although the court entered the OTSC to freeze my accounts and deliver my children to the ex, it never saw fit to require him to file or serve a complaint against me (there is a judicial finding to this effect)

Hoping to break me, the court appointed my seized funds into an attorney’s trust fund and an attorney spent 30K to help me not get due process.

My children were thrust into an alien situation where the father they knew as any children know and love their fathers embarked upon an 8 year campaign to separate me from my sons, to whom I was very close.

Not having the best parenting skills, the ex left the older boy (a gifted child with an IQ of 148) completely unsupervised and allowed him to entertain anyone he met at the former marital home. My son was 14 years old at the time and when I left was an engaged honor roll student in advanced classes.

My baby, only 5 at the time, was left in the care of various day care institutions while the ex continually sought to have me put into supervised visitation and sought child support claiming that the “funds” that I was allegedly dissipating and needed for my medical care were now fair game for a $400/week child support order. Sadly, the children suffered immensely while the years passed by and the ex continued to deny court ordered parenting time.

Two years ago I discovered that the older boy had been addicted to heroin since he was 15 years old. His notes from rehab list the main reason that he felt drawn to drugs was that he missed his mother.

He died of a heroin overdose in the ex’s house on 2/5/2002 and at that time I found out that the younger son had been smoking pot with the older boy’s friends, in the ex’s house. He was in full rigor mortis by the time the ex noticed that he wasn’t coming out of his room on February 6.(which was pad locked from the inside)

In March of 2002 I brought an OTSC seeking to gain temporary custody of the surviving child which resulted in DYFS showing up at the hearing and demanding that I (who they “knew” was mentally ill because the ex said so) demanded that I see their shrink which I did; she found no chronic mental illness but found that I was suffering from anxiety and PTSD. Although DYFS held up the disposition of that hearing, once the report came back without what they had expected, they summarily closed the case.

The following XMas (the first since my older son had died) was met with a note from the ex informing me that I could not see my only son on the scheduled holiday visit because he was taking the child out of state. I filed and OTSC to stop him, and the court granted my request. If the ex left the state, he was to leave the child with me. On Christmas Eve his father put my son on a plane to the Bahamas and I spent that XMas alone, in despair. I was now aware that my younger son had kept these facts hidden from me and that his father had enlisted him to lie to me and assist this cruelty.

When my baby returned from the Bahamas I asked him why (that was a mistake) which led to the child being so upset and defensive that I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown.

At that time my Jake was and is still recovering from the shock of finding his 19 year old brother dead in the bedroom next to his own. On the day my older son died the ex refused to let him stay with me because he said I would “imprint grief” upon my younger son (like he needed me to imprint the grief of losing his brother upon him!) At the funeral the ex and his new wife refused to give up control of the funeral or allow any to attend that they did not approve of. It was a very sick situation that shall hurt my younger son for many years.

Seeing that this strife was about to carry the youngest into the same despair that drove the older boy to kill himself, I surrendered all parental rights in order to ensure that Jake had no more strife in his sad young life. Like the story in Solomon I figured, I would give my son up to preserve his life. I regret ever having fought so hard and damaging my children with my misguided idea that if I fought for them they would understand my love and devotion for them. The strife killed the oldest and the youngest emails me everyday, but we don’t see each other anymore. It is not an ideal situation for Jake, but he is off the hotseat and out of the middle.

Name: Jerry and Joanne Nichols     Location:   Chicago, IL

Email Addr: jnicholas_339@hotmail.com

Children/Birth Date: Christopher, 9/18/85 – Princess,12/9/86 – Jerry,12/86 – Prentice,4/12/88 – Carolyn, 4/12/88- Wendy,12/21/91

Date Separated: July 27, 1993

No legal help yet still fighting. Our six children were taken without a court order by dcfs in Illinois nor did we have legal counsel appointed to stop such action. We did not have a right to a jury to decide custody and also we have not a right to see our children for the last 10 years.

Name: Renee Jacques     Location:   Winter Garden, FL

Email Addr: reneemichele7@msn.com

Children/Birth Date: Brandon (1989), Alex (1997)

Date Separated: March 27, 2003

Currently in the appeal process, see web site at: www.geocities.com/reneemichele7/abovethe_law.html  and BLOG at:http://reneemichele7.blogspot.com/

A Mother’s Fight for Justice

Try to imagine the emotional state I was in when the ruling was made. I lost custody of my six year old little boy. I am the proud mother of two boys, Brandon, 15 and Alex, 6. A new Doctor I sought out, who was referred to me on my new Insurance Plan, misdiagnosed me with BiPolar2 disorder. Approximately one year later, changing Doctors in the mean time; my actual diagnosis is Depression triggered by Post Traumatic Stress. The initial Doctor put me on five different medications. He kept piling meds on top of meds knowing I was a social drinker and failing to advise me not to consume alcoholic beverages, until I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit after having drinks with my coworkers.

During my hospitalization, Alex’s father filed an Exparte Motion for custody of our son accusing me of attempting suicide and stating that I was an unfit mother, to my dismay. With no proof of his accusations against me, Judge Raymond T. McNeal, Ocala, Florida granted the Motion in a matter of  hours, without my knowledge. I fought in court over a period of nine months. It was proven in court that it was not an attempted suicide. My toxicology reports show it was a medication error and my meds were taken as prescribed by my attending physician. Two Psychiatrists, one testified in court, the other via medical records and an assessment of me, that I am not suicidal and am more than able to parent my children. The Doctor even admitted on the stand that he failed to advise me not to consume alcohol when he handed me a sample pack of medication and sent me on my way.

During these grueling hearings, the Doctor who prescribed the medication fell under investigation for eleven deaths of his patients for over medicating them. “Hmm, imagine that.” Just a tad bit of a coincidence? That fact was also presented in court along with the news articles published in a variety of Florida Newspapers regarding this Doctor, being hand delivered to Judge McNeal during one of our many hearings. It was also proven that the father of my son is abusive both physically and mentally in the presence of our son. His current wife testified against him regarding his violent behavior and his jealous rages in the presence of our child, as well as her own. An all too familiar story to me. I lived it just as she described it on the stand, during my four years spent with him.

My Fianc�e and I also taped his violent behavior, with his knowledge, when he came to our home to pick up our son after my weekend visitation. That tape was submitted to the court as well. During court proceedings the Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) of Florida investigated the alleged suicide attempt and my inability to mother my children as the father of my child accused. After a lengthy investigation, D.C.F. found that it was not a suicide attempt and I was more than able to parent my children. A report from DCF stating those found facts was also submitted to the court, and hand delivered, once again, to Judge Raymond T. McNeal. The Judge ignored those issues.

But as we all know custody battles can get ugly. My own father and sister, whom I have been estranged from for years, testified against me, with a hidden agenda. The children. When I made “my great escape” from my dysfunctional family, it was my children they targeted to get to me. They jumped on the bandwagon with Alex’s father, whom they despised, up until my poor judgment day that landed me in the Intensive Care Unit. We had never been a family. Our family did not function in a healthy manner. We had a volatile relationship for many years. Here was their window of opportunity to muck rake the dysfunctional past in a court of law and use it against me. I found myself asking, “Why are we all made to swear on a bible to tell the “whole truth” and nothing but the “truth” when everyone, including the judge suppresses the “whole” truth? You are not permitted to tell the whole truth in a court of law. “Just answer the questions you are asked, Mam.” Nah, you can’t go into detai! l with your answers to the questions asked. A simple yes or no! . No ex planation allowed. Such as, what made you use profanity against your mother? Answer: after your thirteen year old son comes running home crying and begging you to stop “Grammy” from picking him up from the bus stop because she tells him what a whore his mother is. A drug abuser. An alcoholic and that you, his own mother doesn’t love him and he’d be better off without you. (She must have stayed up late at night, racking her brain to come up with that.) Nah, you can’t say that in a court of law. They don’t let you state the “whole” truth. They cut you off so it can be twisted to something that wasn’t and is made to look like their version on the stand. The lies that swarmed that courtroom were beyond belief. And worse yet, allowed to be told.

Judicial Corruption

In the end, Judge Raymond T. McNeal ruled against me. With all of the facts in place, the Judge took my child away from me and gave him to a known abuser. This is the same judge who ordered an injunction for protection for me against the father of my son three years prior to these hearings. I immediately filed an Appeal to his ruling. What this judge did to me is a miscarriage of Justice. He need not be on the bench calling himself ?Honorable.? There is nothing honorable about him. Judges are not “above the law.” The lives of my children have been invaded. And as my honored job as a mother, it is up to me to fight for what is right. For what others are attempting to take away from me for their own selfish reasons and satisfaction. Doesn’t anyone realize it is the children who are hurt? I have too much fight in me to be plowed down with hate and vengeance. I am a competent, caring, good providing, loving parent. All who are negatively involved in this case, including the lawyer who represented Alex’s father, Rollin “Rick” Tomberlin, behave as if I had absolutely nothing to do with bringing this precious child into this world. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Alex’s mother. I am “Mommy.” That is something that Judge Raymond T. McNeal can not take away from me. As long as there is breath in my body, I will continue to fight for justice and the return of my child. I will make a difference.

God Bless.

We love and miss you Alex.

Mommy, Paul, Brother, Max, Abbey, Storm and Chunkers.

Name: Nicole Majewski     Location:   Joliet, IL

Email Addr: nnmeshu@aol.com

Children/Birth Date: Ethan Washburn – 1/12/01

Date Separated: March 6, 2004

Just as recently as of march 6th 2004, I became the non custodial parent. My name is Nicole and I am 24 yrs old, the mother of two beautiful little boys, ages 2 and 3. I have been fighting for custody of my two children for 20 months. The first battle is lost but certainly not over, I am appealing it to the appellate court.

Like I said this started over 20 months ago back in the end of 2002, things between my ex and myself were not going well. We lived together in Florida with our two children and after much erratic behavior on his end, I decided to take a visit back to Chicago where I am from. This sounds crazy but after two incidents where the police were called, days later after calming down and talking w/ him he persuaded me along w/ the help of his mother to let him keep the younger boy. At this time I was going thru some postpartum issues. My boys are 13 months apart, I became pregnant w/ my second son only 4 months after my first son was born. I was tired and stressed and my youngest was colic. I needed a short break to breath.

This to me sounded reasonable, I trusted him as the father of my children and the man I loved. This trip was to be for a short period of time 3 or 4 weeks. In that time he was going to be visiting some friends in St. Louis, MO and bring our son up to me. My family had not seen the baby yet. All sounded good and we both agreed.  So May 26th of 2002 I left Florida w/ my oldest son and left my 4 month old son w/ him and the assurance that his mother would be there to help him.

For the first few days things were ok I called home and talked to him and things were ok until he left on his trip to st. Louis. The calls from him were 1 every few days for the first few days and then they stopped. He called one final time in the first few days of June 2002. I was out and my brother in law took the call. My ex said that he had tried to come to Chicago but his friends car broke down and could not make it so my brother in law offered to come and meet him or my father would. He said he would see about getting another ride and Call me back later that day. Sadly to say that was the last phone call.

I desperately after a day or so called Chicago police and made a missing persons report on my son. I was scared at this time because my ex has bi-polar / major depression and prior to me leaving Florida he was off his medication and all hell broke loose.

I was in fear that he was going to do something erratic and endanger my sons life.

Come to find out thru a friend in Florida and the landlord of our house, he moved “his friend”a female, into our home the day after I left and was on a road trip to Montana w/ her, his new girlfriend. I GOT DUPED.

Anyways after calling his mom and police and filing a restrain order against him and no help from his mom I came to Florida to find him because my friend said she went past the house and he was back. This was June 16th or 17th 2002. I in the mean time contacted police in Florida and an attorney. W/ no help from police and not being able to find him I retained the lawyer and went home. He in the mean time had done the same, ( his mother works for a family law attorney). I received custody papers stating that he wanted full custody and that I was a threat to our younger son and him and I threatened to kill them both. Here the lies began and haven’t stopped.

He has preceded to drag this case out and I was not allowed to see my son until November of 2002 for the first time 6 months later, he was now 10 months old. While still having temporary custody of my older child and him having temporary custody of my youngest until recently this has gone on for 20 months w/ the boys being apart.

He has primary residential care and I have secondary. I live in Chicago and am remarried now and am mad as hell. This cannot be happening to me. I kept all evidence of my effort to keep in contact, emails, phone logs and sent tons of pictures , what did I receive in return from him nothing. It was like he only has one son, our youngest. The family judge ruled after not considering any evidence and going on his ( my ex ) mothers testimony that he is the better parent and he got both. He didn’t even ask for our older son thru this whole process and the judge gave him both boys. I am absolutely devastated and am now 5 months pregnant w/ my and my husbands first child. This has been the hardest time for me and it as only just begun. I will not stop fighting for the truth to be heard. MY children’s rights are being ignored and the court system has failed them.

I need some advise on how to proceed w/ this. I am doing all i can by writing the papers and asking other judges that I know and lawyers there opinion on how to make this right. I am young and determined to get my children back home to me where they belong.

The court system feels that if a father is fighting for custody he must be a good person, but what the court fails to see is all their pettiness that goes on outside the court room. This to them is a control game, there is no real concern to the children’s well being.

Name: Carol Vargo     Location:   Phillipsburg, NJ

Email Addr: patcarol3@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date: Jonathan Vargo –1989

Date Separated: Nov 5, 1999

I have every other weekend visitation. Even though the judge we were in front of  in Nov. of 2003 talked to my son, Jonathan, and Jon said he wanted to come home, even though my daughter  testified to the beatings she received from my ex husband and the judge believed her, the judge said that  my youngest son should stay with his father until June, and possibly in June after school is out, we could revisit court.

We were married in 1988. I have two children from my previous marriage. They never saw their real dad, he took off. I wanted a father for my kids. Mickey and I were married, and it started. The screaming, name calling, slapping, degrading. I became pregnant and in Nov. of 1989 Jon was born. While I  was pregnant, my husband kept telling me I was fat, ugly, worthless, etc. I wanted to die. I was a useless woman. After several months, I came home from cleaning houses to find him dressed in my underwear.

I wanted this marriage to work. I tried to look past the clothing. It got too bad, and he became obsessed with wearing my undergarments, to have sex. I asked him not to do this, but he would not stop. He became very angry with me, all of the time, because I would not do what he wanted me to do sexually, he would scream, rage, push, kick, hit, choke. After Jonathan was born, my husband refused to sleep with me. He was cold and controlling. I cleaned houses and took Jonathan with me all of the time. His father did not ever change one diaper. Finally, in 1995, he choked me with intent to harm. After holding me down, laughing at me, calling me sick, while I screamed for help, he grabbed our son, Jon, then 4 years old, and ran out of the house, to my girlfriends home. I called the police. I had no idea where he went with our son. My other two children were in school and I called me girlfriend to pick them up for me, as I was at the police station, and that is when I found out my husband was there with our son. I later found out he had been calling my girlfriend.

He immediately hired a lawyer, and we went to court. I did not want him to come back to the house. The judge ordered him to pay the mortgage in lieu of child support. He did not pay the mortgage, or child support. The courts then ordered us to sell the house. I had no where to live. I lost the house to foreclosure. I searched all over for a place to live. I found a house, 50 miles away which I could afford. The courts order me to give up our old Chevy station wagon to him. My husband had our phone shut off, canceled my credit cards, called DYFS on me, accused me of child molestation because I nursed my children. He called  the police when I had a yard sale, he came around the house in the middle of the night, (I saw him). I tried to get a restraining order, It was denied.

We went to court again and we were ordered to pay for and attend a court appointed child custody evaluator expert on domestic violence. The evaluator believed me,and gave me a favorable report saying that my husband was out to win, and not even thinking about the welfare of the family. My husband filed for custody of our one son. He said he only wanted his biological son, which hurt my other son, Josh. My husband wanted his own evaluator and the court said okay. I was ordered to go to His evaluator, who had no domestic violence training, was paid for by my husband. I was threatened with “If you do not go, the courts will take away your son.” His evaluator had a completely opposite report. We went back to court.

My husband kept saying that he did not get telephone contact, which was a lie. He complained and complained that he was being denied visitation which he was not. The judge we had believed him, without any proof. My husband made several false police reports, one saying that I had him beat up. The officer who wrote the report, stated that he smelled alcohol on my husband, that my husband had not bruises or broken glasses, and it took him 4 hours to write the report. I got a copy of the report from the police department and tried to enter it in court, the judge would not see it.

In November of 1999 she ordered my son to be removed from my custody. I was screaming, and pleading. I was told to shut-up, or else. I was handcuffed and carried out by six armed guards to a holding cell. My son was grabbed by a guard and carried out as I could hear him screaming “No dad, ! please don’t take me, no Dad, no!!!”. It was so very terrible! , and I relive it many times. I was denied the right to see my son for two weeks, and than only for 5 hours on Sunday with supervision. We had to go back to court again, and again, and the judge kept saying she did not want to make a decision on this case, (after she had already done such a terrible thing to my family) and she said to my lawyer that she wants it settled and we should settle it.

Her advice was that I agree that my son should stay with his father, or she would make it worse for me. I agreed in court, because  I felt pressured and unsure, but I could never sign the agreement. The next judge, made it an order, and my son had to stay with his abusive dad. This judge also allowed my ex-husbands lawyer to call me “crazy, insane, I should be locked up in a looney bin or in jail or something, and I cry out to be assaulted.” My lawyer tried to stop the onslaught of words, but the judge wanted to hear it. (this is all on the record). I was advised by my attorney to make an Attorney Ethics complaint, which I did. A hearing was held, and the answer came back that the lawyer did not do anything unethical. I appealed the decision, and waited many months.

I did not expect anything to happen with this appeal. I finally got a letter in the mail that another hearing was scheduled, this February 2004, and I would be informed of the decision by mail. I have heard nothing to date. I was also denied my right to a fair hearing and a guardian ad litem for my son. I had to appeal the decision, which I did, and won. I was given a guardian ad litem for my son, chosen by the judge, as a favor to the court, which we had to pay for. In 2003, a hearing was scheduled and my son talked to the judge. My son told the judge (a new judge) that his father punches walls, throws things, screams at the child for nothing, and Jon said that he wanted to come home with me, (my son is now 13 at this time).

 My daughter testified (she is now 21), about how my ex-husband used to beat her and her brother with a stick on her back, and he broke the stick on her. This judge finally believed her, but nothing happened to change anything. The judge did not want to take Jon out of school. Even though my ex-husband committed perjury in court, nothing happened. My visitation is now every other weekend. My son has been there for  four years now, and has made friends. He spends more time at his friends house, than with his father, and says that his friends father talks more to him in one day than his father does in a week. I have also been ordered to pay child support since 2002, The last time we were in court, my ex-husband wanted my pay garnished, which the judge allowed, even though I was paying weekly. When I read the Guardian ad litems report, he did not tell the truth in the report. We were ordered to pay $750 each for his report. I wrote the judge a letter saying that I was not satisfied with the report as I know it is not true. The lawyer made a motion to have me pay him $1500,  as I don’t think he was very happy that I called him a liar. The judge ordered that I pay $600 more dollars by the end of December 2003, and if I do not, the lawyer can motion for a bench warrant for my arrest. I started to pay, as I did not want to get arrested, but I did not have all of the money. I sent $100. I recently received another threatening letter from the lawyer saying that if I do not send him $500 within 10 days, he will get a warrant for my arrest. I don’t think he needs the money. I could only send him another $100.

I was ordered to maintain a telephone in the one bedroom apartment that my son lives in for telephone  contact with my son. My ex-husband was ordered to have a two bedroom apartment. My son runs the streets, is doing poorly in school, misses many days of school. In 2002 he was out of school for 40 days. The courts did nothing. He does not eat properly, and is on his own more than he is with his father. So, here we are. I have been denied my rights to be an involve mother. I have been accused and convicted by One judge of something that I have not done. I and my children, have been punished and separated by a court system that is political and corrupt. I started with a legal aid attorney, then I borrowed money from a friend to pay for an attorney. I have had several lawyers, all who took the money, and now I am in debt for over $8000 to my previous lawyer, $400 to my present lawyer, who I can no longer afford. I now have no legal representation and no money to fight, thanks to a unjust court system in Middlesex County, NJ. Some days are better, some days are worse.

It has been so long and drawn out, that I really have not much power left in me to fight. I can only pray for my children.

Name: Carol Phillips     Location:   De Soto, KS

Email Addr: carol_mcmillian@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date: Jacob born 1990 and Jenna born 1992

Date Separated: June 1999

Supreme Court in Kansas upheld lower courts decision October 2001. Pending new case not yet given date to try to change residency as per judges agreement.

I wanted to write to remind people that discrimination and bad judgments CAN and DO happen on a regular basis throughout virtually every state in the country. When it happens, it doesn’t discriminate against race, sex, or creed….and its’ biggest victims are “THE CHILDREN”.

I am the biological mother of two children, a son who will be 14 in a few weeks and an 11 year old daughter. My ex-husband who is NOT the biological father of either child….and not the adoptive father of either child to quote him “because I don’t have to”….has primary residency over my children. In the state of Kansas there is a law that states a man shall have “presumptive parentage rights” to any children that has been living with them during a marriage. These “rights” have been extended to allow him to be the primary guardian of my children. “His rights” now far exceeds my rights as the biological mother, my “children’s rights”, and the rights of their biological father.

I am not a felon. I have never been convicted of any crimes. In fact, I don’t even have a speeding ticket on my record. I am not a “bad” parent….in fact I’ve been given awards from my children’s schools for being nominated not only by my children but their friends, teachers, and other administrative personnel as “parent of the month”! So why do I have limited time with my children? To recap….because there are judges that are “allowed” to make decisions which are NOT in the best interests of the child.
My ex-husband not only has primary residency and so my children are forced to go to school where he lives….but he continually tries to not only limit the time they have with me, but he also tries to “eliminate” the time my children get to spend with their biological father and other half siblings!

People need to wake up and realize that the “fights” that are being fought are NOT in vain. We may not win the battles for “our” own children because these battles take a long time. However we all need to realize we are not just fighting for our own families, we are fighting to change the laws for ALL the families that might someday be in similar positions and not know where to begin!

Name: Regina M Rider-Wade     Location:   Fort Pierce, FL

Email Addr: Ceratitis@aol.com

Children/Birth Date: Brandon May-Rider 1/21/1998 and Darcia Veta Ann Bronson

Date Separated: May 2001

Legal action still pending on Darcia her father parentally abducted our daughter out of state. Currently I am requesting court appoint Guardian Ad Litem for my son.

Jan 27, 2004 I go to court with Matthew Schlicher case number 02-DR-1469 in regard to my daughter Darcia Bronson. (DCF/CPS violated my right to contest to Mr. Schlicher leaving the State of Florida with our daughter. (I have to refile as a Petition as I filed as a motion in error. As Far as I am concerned he is guilty of Parentally Abducting our daughter out of State.

In the court file with the DCF/CPS case the court documents stated that the father was granted the right to travel out of state with the child for no more than 15 days in a General Master review of the case, but the Mother shall have the right to contest to any such travel. Case # 01-959-DP.  I never got this right because DCF/CPS failed to notify the mother that DCF/CPS was going to close the case or that the father was seeking to leave Florida. ( I have to refile as a Petition and not a Motion as I did attend court on Jan 27, 2004 before a General Master, Albert Moore.  I did have counsel representing me in this case when I first filed back in May 2002 up until the trail date of Sept 30, 2003 however, after the outcome of the trial I seriously considered filing a complaint with the Florida Bar against him.

I am handling the case Pro Se now. Again I feel that justice is only for those who can seriously afford proper representation. If I could hire a panel of Attorney’s Mr. Schlicher would not still have custody of our Daughter nor would she still be in Pennsylvania..
Mr. Schlicher did go to jail for Domestic Violence against me when I was pregnant with Darcia, kicked me in the stomach while pregnant with Darcia and his biological Father, Chet Bronson, here in Florida begged me to drop charges and give his son another chance…

I did forgive him and give him another chance but then when I want to leave the relationship because he wanted me to give up custody of Brandon and this was not acceptable to me. He threatens me if I leave the relationship I will loose custody of my children… Mr. Schlicher pleaded to a lesser charge and did 1 yr probation. He admitted in DCF/CPS court that he did physically discipline my son on the day in question the hand print showed up on my son’s arm and there was testimony from other witnesses that I never used physical discipline on my son or daughter

Frist of all, back when I went to court in September 2003 before Honorable Judge Ben Bryan he ordered that I have to go to my ex-husband’s home to have one day of visitation with Darcia and I objected because of the indefinite Domestic Violence injunction I have against my ex- husband.

( I had five witnesses present during this court trial that felt this was very wrong for the judge to order that I have to go to my ex husband’s home to see my daughter when I have a indefinite Domestic Violence injunction against him). They, Laura Brown, William Brown, Antonia Mueller, Tom Bursse and Jay Aviles. Katrina Hart was not present but was also aware that Mr. Schlicher was in contempt of a court order in the DCF/CPS case to deliver the child (Darcia Bronson to the May’s residence) so that the approved supervisor’s could pick up both children . Katrina Hart and Laura were approved by DCF to supervise visits with both children.

Maybe I should have filed a formal complaint against this judge (Honorable Judge Ben Bryan for ordering that I go to my ex husbands home when I have a indefinite injunction against Domestic Violence granted by the court by Honorable Judge C. Cox.
Mr. Michael May told the judge that he would not be present during my visitation with Darcia but he was present going against what he had told the judge and he did threaten me in front of Anotina Mueller, the approved supervisor and my current husband Dale Robert Wade. Anotina Mueller and Tylene May were approved by the judge to supervise the visit so there was no reason for Mr.May to be present except to threaten me with physical violence and verbal abuse..

the Case 02-DR-1469 in the Florida Courts ( Nineteenth Judical Circuit in St. Lucie county Florida) . I have a court order signed by both judges from both Judges one in Pa and one in Florida. Also a copy of Florida Statutes that I looked up as well as other documents.

As when in Court Mr. Schlicher and in his counter petition filed in Florida claimed that he removed the child from the state of Florida to protect the minor child but he did not file the proper report to receive exemption from paragraph (b) In order to gain exemption conferred by paragraph (a) , Mr. Schlicher must do the following below (b) in order to gain the exemption a person who takes a child pursuant to this subsection must: 787.03 F.S.

(a) The defendant reasonable believes that his/her action was necessary to preserve the child or (incompetent person) from danger to his or her welfare … both Mr. Schlicher and Mr. May were ganging up on me and refusing to follow court ordered visitation to see my children and they were not in any danger with an approved supervisor picking up the children and supervising me with both children.

1. Within 10 days after taking the child, make a report to the sheriff’s office or state attorney’s office for the county in which the child resided at the time he or she was taken,

( I am certain that Mr. Schlicher did not provide the Florida court or Pa court with documentation that he had infact either filed a report either in Florida or Pennsylvania) with the Sheriff or State attorney’s office within 10 days of removing her (our daughter) from Florida..

2. Within a reasonable time after taking the child commence a custody proceeding that is consistent with the Federal Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act, 28 U.S.C. s 1738A or the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act, ss. 61.1302-61.13848 ( Mr. Schlicher did not file for custody or jurisdicition in Pa until after my attorney that was representing me already had him served and Mr. Schlicher had already filed his answer to my counsel’s Petition in June 2002.

My counsel did try to establish in court that Mr. Schlicher did in fact omit facts he knew when he filed his petition in Pa but the Judge did not listen to this .. (Mr. Schlicher committed perjury when he lied on his Petition in Pa as he was aware of the case #02-DR-1469 pending here in Florida but he did not inform Honorable Judge Dalton in Pennsylvania about this case or that I was represented by counsel at that time.

I never hurt my children ever… they were false allegations Darcia’s father had the neighbors take sides and called in false allegations to the hotline because I wanted out of the relationship with him when he thought answer to the problem was me giving up custody of my son over to his father. Brandon came back from his fathers and tried to suffocate Darcia and then even after the children were sheltered from me Brandon vented out again and hurt his half sister Tessa May by shoving a toy up Tessa’s butt. Mr. May filed a false police report to interfere in my visitation with my son saying my approved supervisor’s son taught him this which is a lie..

Prior there was a voluntary case with DCF/cPS where all the children not just Brandon an Darcia but Tyler , Joey and Tessa were all in At Risk care and I was requesting services other than just child care be put in place… I did contact DCF/CPS after Brandon hurt Tessa and asked the same question that I had asked when my son returned from his father’s covered in multiple bite marks from his brother Joey

” Where was the proper supervision to prevent harm to that extent in the first place?”

I never tried to accuse or attack his father about no proper supervision in the home or trying to interfere in his visitation with our son as I always encouraged a relationship with Father and son … In fact Brandon lived with his father the entire Winter season in 2001 and I brought my son home because I dearly missed him and wanted to love him not hurt him. DCF/CPS never did a complete investigation and Sheltered me from my children.

Again I will continue to tell my story of injustice looking for Someone that truly cares about the common people in America …. to help people whose rights have been violated…not just the adults but the children have rights too… currently my son says he wants to live with me … but even if he changed his mind later and wanted to go back and live with his father I would never stand in his way.

Brandon’s father refused to believe I was innocent because this was a way for him to use Brandon as a means of revenge against me.. but in the end when Brandon is old enough to make that choice on his own later in life when he is old enough to make the choice on his own .. he may choose not to have a relationship with his father for trying to keep me from him. I also believe the same with my daughter as I refuse to quit fighting for my children I love them.

I am a victim of false allegations but it is truely my children that have suffered the most because this system does not protect the most innocent in this and many children end up dying in the very system that claims to want to protect our children. I do not understand why we have the Federal kidnapping prevention act or the uniform Jurisdiction custody act law in place and then the Judges do not enforce this law .. My parental rights were never taken away by the court so i do have the right to be notified and have a court hearing to contest to him removing the minor child from Florida.

Also during the DCF/CPS case I did not get the right to a trial by jury … I think this should be a must ! DCF/CPS should have to file criminal charges and prove this without a reasonable doubt before I am sheltered from my children. . not just on false allegations from the father and false reports that he had the neighbor’s call in …

Name: Cindy Trombetta     Location:   Manteno, IL

Email Addr: cindytrombetta@aol.com

Children/Birth Date: Daniel, 1988

Date Separated: Nov. 2000

Had final hearing Jan. 2004 lost custody.

Back in 2000 I went to see an attorney for divorce. My ex did the same. His petition was signed first so he got temporary custody. Years went by with all these ridiculous pre-trials and we went to court for an all day final hearing Jan. 2004. We had to meet with GAL, psychologist, etc which they did not put fact in reports — only lies told about me.

Well the day we were supposed to have our final hearing the courts scheduled other cases before ours. We didn’t walk in that courtroom till after 1:00. we had to rush through this hearing and the judge did not get to hear all my very important evidence. Which now I am wondering why attorney just didn’t tell the judge we had more. She didn’t. The judge heard some of my evidence as to Dan Sr. admitting having a child molester stay in his home but my ex lied and told the judge he never left my son alone with him, My ex denied me a lot of my visitation, and so forth. My ex had left me and my son on several occasions, one time he
left his son behind with my other kids (I was at Work) and my eldest son called me and said Dan took all his personal belongings and left.

My ex had all the utilities turned off in the house. It was raining and cold out and our basement flooded and it was a disaster. The courts never got to hear a lot of this. I never got to ever have a fair hearing or with a jury. My ex also admitted in court that he takes him to work when he can’t get a sitter. He has a so called landscape business he runs out of his rental home which he made it sound so successful plus he delivers pizza’s. He has left my child alone in the car and lets him fool around on lawn equipment. All my ex is doing is using my son to try and hurt me. He never ever paid a single dime when we were together to pay the needs of my son, he went to jail for non-support from a non-custodial daughter he has and I bailed him out. The courts don’t know of this. There is just so much to this.

Well my little boy tells me all the time how he misses me and his older sisters and wants to live with me. We all just cry and don’t know what to do. My heart aches so much for my little one. He is the world to me. How can this system be so cruel? The judge knew he was splitting up siblings. Where was ever my maternal rights to have my son and most of all where are my son’s rights to having mom to care from him? This all happened in Crown Point Indiana in this so called family court. Well I am not giving up on my son.

Can someone help me out and tell me what else I can do? Do I write to judge? Do I protest in front of court? Do I report this to the Judicial committee (which is useless)? please, any suggestions? Danny, Mommy loves you and I promise to keep fighting for you all the truth will come out sweety.

Name: Karen Natoli      Location:   Bloomfield, NY

Email Addr: jknatoli@frontiernet.net

Children/Birth Date: Haley, 1994

Date Separated: n/a

My stepdaughter has been ordered by a Family Court Judge to be co-parented by a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER!! This started when she was 4, now she is 9. We have been to court too many times to recall.

Our last court appearance landed the mother, who married the sex offender AFTER he was released from jail, SOLE custody. We brought this issue to court to try and protect the innocence of this little girl and the courts have taken away time from my husband and as I said, awarded the Mom Sole custody.

The Judge threatens my husband, through “our” attorney, while conferencing “in chambers” that if he doesn’t “back down” and “drop this issue” he (the Judge) will take more time away from him and “make life Hell.” Our “system” is power hungry and doesn’t care about our children or who their caretakers are. I’m appalled and “non-violent” action is hard to continue with when the stakes are this high.