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Below are more stories of families unjustly separated by the “system” without representation of counsel and/or a Jury of their peers (our goals for reform). The starting page, with an index, is here. These people have volunteered their stories so that everyone can understand the true damage being done, and also, so those who may be experiencing your own personal “nightmare” may realize — you are not alone!  We want you to hear them in their own words. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these tales and we hope you’ll understand the bitterness and frustration you’ll read.  The anger is directed at people involved, but the real source of all these issues is a system that has failed to recognize and protect fundamental Family Rights.  Many times it encourages & rewards needless conflict between parents.

Name: Celeste Kaminska      Location:   Roberta, GA

Email Addr:   c_kaminska@outlook.com

Children/Birth Date:  Kristina / 2004

Date Separated: 2014 (right before 10th birthday)

DV victim near drowning, hit, later strangled while strapped in car seat. ID theft, mortgage fraud, left homeless by biological father who no longer has custody rights.

Organized gang stalking child abuse victim since approx 2008.  I was harassed out of work to welfare and moved numerous times to escape but they always got to new location.  I was harassed in each new place even DV shelters, public school, welfare offices…

I could not hide or protect my child anywhere,  finally pulled her out of school and did homeschooling.
Trauma from continued stalking made us paranoid.  It was mentally unhealthy and I had multiple medical problems no doctor would help with.

Feb 2014 the Saginaw Police illegally stole my child age 9.  This was due to false reporting from a social worker at the DV shelter.  Unknowingly, my child was placed with some bad people who were involved in criminal activity.

I’ve been searching for my biological Grandfather and Uncle, likely living in the Detroit area. They may not even know of our existence as no father was listed on my original birth certificate. Catholic social services of Wayne County, MI have this information but refuse to release it.

My daughter Kristina Lissette Kaminska needs a respectful, safe, caring home to be settled so she can have a good high school academic experience.  This is urgent. These relatives are the only chance she has.  She has been abused by every other acquaintance, relative, etc. There is no one else to help her.

I ‘m disabled and can’t obtain medical or legal help to even protect myself from continued stalkers.  The utter disgust with humanity at the abuse of my child is more than I can bear. Please locate and see if these relatives will care for her and keep her safe. She has endured far too much trauma already.

Please help her.  Thank you!

Name: Michael Perso      Location:   Port Jefferson Station, NY

Email Addr:  mikeysdad4life@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Mikey Jr. / 2014

Date Separated: November 2016

Current Status: Trial Septemeber 11th custody


You often hear the horrific stories from a single mother who is raising their child by themselves because the father of the child simply walked away. It may be one of the saddest things in this world to hear. Imagine you were a child of a rough childhood, living in and out of foster care. Picture you were strong enough to overcome all the obstacles in your life, and you vouch to yourself that no matter what, you would never leave your child when you have one. But at what point is it actually better for the child, if you do just walk away? What if your child’s mother alienates you in every which way possible, that it is actually starting to affect your child? What if you’re 3 old son starts to question if you are even his father anymore? Or weeks go by, and not a single interaction with your son, even against court orders, has occurred. What if your ex had literally expired every single dollar you have by abusing you through frivolous lies in the courts, just to use as a weapon to keep your child from you? What if you notice your son being severely affected by these actions…in which it stresses him out so much, that you can’t help but to cry yourself to sleep every night. Imagine you went from seeing your son half of the week to literally seeing him 6 days in the last 11 months. The real question is, when you are dealing with a true narcissistic ex, and you are the victim of parental alienation and literally can’t afford to fight any longer…do you throw up the white and walk away?

Unfortunately a lot of men would answer this question with a yes. But I’m not like most men. Someone will have to kill me before I ever stop fighting for my son.

My name is Mike Perso. Here is a timeline and summary of the events that have occurred in the last year. Every single thing stated, can and has been proven to be 100% fact, by either a court documented website, minute reports obtained by the court or by an authenticated dvr. I will also be attaching exhibits to prove every statement that has to be proven.

We met about 12 years ago. Long story short, we fell in love, got married, and had a baby. My gift of the world was born on October 21st 2014. His name is Mikey Jr. and Mary and I were together over 9 years. Not once, was there ever any domestic issues or ever violence involved in our relationship. I am actually highly against domestic abuse against women. Normal couples have their arguments. Now I will jump to November of 2016. I came home from work one day and my house was empty. My wife and baby were gone without a trace. I then was approached by sergeants and handed an order of protection. The reason being was because I yelled at my wife. To jump ahead again, hired a lawyer and what not, went through the whole process of child custody in Suffolk county, and eventually in June 9th 2017, actually almost to this exact date last year, I was awarded joint custody. I had my son 3 overnights every week and then the regular holiday and summer rotation. This was something I fought hard for, as I did not want to be just another every other weekend dad. I wanted to be in my son’s life as much as possible. All visits are going great. My son and I have built a great bond. So strong, that Mary and I were having difficulty exchanging him. Every time it was my time to pick my son up, he would run over to me and say bye to his mom. However every time it was time to drop him off to his mom, it was a nightmare, and he would not stop crying for me. This really upset me a lot. At this time, Mary and I were managing to get along and even hanging out. Her being my wife still, I would have emotional conversations with her regarding the situation. I started to notice she would get jealous that my son would do this. Then little by little I started to notice small things, like my son not taking naps on my days, or he would be sick or etc. I never thought too much into it. Now this jumps us to the current situation.

Here is a timeline of events that has occurred:

-October 15th 2017.

It was my day of parenting time, and once again my son “was tired”. Mary brought him by 4 hours later than scheduled. My son was sleeping when she brought him. She left and I just hung out and let him sleep until he woke up. He eventually woke up. My son just started to talk. So the first thing he says to me when he wakes up is “no more daddy!” and repeatedly keeps saying it. This does not get me mad. It breaks my heart. How would a 2 year old boy know to say such a thing? Rather than me stand there and be upset in front of my son, I decided it was best for him not to see my upset and I asked Mary to pick him up. The last thing I wanted was for my boy to see me cry over something he had no control over or meant to say. Mary was not around, so she sent her father to pick up my son. Around 7:30pm, I walk my son out to his truck and go back inside. I get so emotionally over the situation that I rant and rave and curse out Mary in every which way possible. I also proceed to vent on my Facebook page. Although I know that I should not have done either, I was very upset and knew she was coaching my son against me. There was not one threat made to her ever, nor to her family. I then tell her that if she wants me out of my son’s life, then I’ll walk away, but do not poison his head. I tell her to come get her things or I will light them on fire. Again I only said because I was so upset about the situation. I stopped texting her and needed to calm down. I was crying non-stop.

I started to roast marsh mellows in my driveway. I always made s’mores with my son, so this was not an unusually thing. This was the only thing I did wrong. I cursed my wife out, and again, never threatened her, and however my life was about to change. About 9pm, a cop rolls up to my house. He was then followed by about 8 more cops. I had no clue why they were there. They came up to me and the first officer splashed out my fire with his water. Then he asked me to sit down. I was still so confused to why they were there. Another officer then goes behind me and try’s to trip me. I naturally go to protect myself and shove the officer away from me. But then almost instantly I throw my hands up and apologize, and explain to him I did not mean to, and that I will not resist. They throw cuffs on me and tell me to get in the car that I am not under arrest. We start driving to Stony Brook Hospital CPEP and they drop me off. They tell me that there was concern about myself and to simply get checked out. Still being confused, I had no choice but to follow. They left me at the hospital. I sat there for almost 13 hours before anyone even spoke to me. They were so packed there that were sending patients to other hospitals.

-October 16th 2017.

I finally am transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital. I had asked them numerous times why I was even there. I was ignored until I got to Eastern Long Island. It was there that I finally got some answers. I will first have to say how extremely nice and informative all the workers at Eastern Long Island were. I was brought in right away to see the doctor on call. It was then and there I was told what was going on. I was informed that Mary’s sister, Susan , had called the police on me. She had stated to the police how she was concerned for the well being of me. And that I was very suicidal. Susan states that the her and I were extremely​ close and that she was only calling because she cared. I could not believe what I had heard. Susan and I were anything but close at this point. But being as it may I respected all of the doctors and staff and let them do their job. I had numerous test done and was evaluated by some of New York’s best doctors. After only a 2 day stay, it was clear to the doctors and to everyone that I was not a threat to myself and in fact I was one of the healthiest people they had ever had to work on. They released me with NO mental illness and NO drug abuse issues and simply stated that it was a case of a situational depression. They had recommended I follow up with a primary care doctor if and when I feel myself getting down. So I do so. Reminder, the only thing that I ever had gotten upset about was my son.

-October 18th 2017.

Finally a free man again, I had one thing on my mind. That only thing was to go see my son in which I had missed a day with him due to this situation. Let me also inform you, that while at Eastern Long Island, I spoke to Mary every night to inform her of all updates. But little did I know that while I was away that Mary and Susan went and got an order of protection placed on me AGAIN. On this the order of protection Mary stated that I threatened Mary and her whole family. I was in complete shock because I NEVER threatened anybody. But once again at this point I had no choice but to follow the order. And this meant missing more days with my son. The date for the OP ( order of protection) was on October 23rd 2017. Unfortunately for me that meant I would be missing my sons 3rd birthday (October 21st) and lose out on the $700 I spent on his birthday party. It also made me break a promise I made to my son to bring him to the planetarium.

-October 23rd 2017.

At this point I was so upset and thought things couldn’t get any worse. I show up to the court date on October 23rd prepared with my discharge papers from the hospital and police report in hopes of getting the OP dropped. All I wanted to do was once again continue being a father to my son. The court assigned Anthony Parisi (the child’s attorney) as my son’s attorney. Mary and her sister spent the whole day at court with Mr. Parisi. When I tried to speak to Mr. Parisi he told me he was busy and walked away. I was told that the judge was too busy and the court date was adjourned to November 13th 2017. Mr. Parisi then walked back over to Mary and Susan and gave them hugs as they laughed leaving the court house. I was still so confused as to why I was not seen. I than texted Mr. Parisi asking why and what he needed from me to get this over with and move on. Mr. Parisi responded to me numerous times that ALL he needed to see medical records and the police report and then he would be okay with me seeing my son. I responded and showed him how I already handed him copies of it all… and text him the documents as well. I have all the email and text trails of this. He denies ever seeing or knowing about any of this.

-October 24th 2017.

I was still devastated. With the OP in effect, that would meant I would not be able to see my son for another 2 weeks. With that being said I stood up all day and night reading up on family
law. I had decided that the next day he would attempt to do an Order to Show cause and ask for the OP to at least be changed to a refrain from instead of a stay away, so I was able to see my son. I prepared myself and brought all the medical releases and presented it to the honorable Judge Spinner. I explained to in detail the exact events and handed him copies of everything. The judge granted me my request based off of my release reports and situation. I was finally able to go see my son again. I was so excited that I had asked my father to go with me to pick up his son at the school he attends. Mary’s sister, Susan, is actually the owner of the daycare. And Mary also works there. To remind you this is the same person who had called the cops on me a week prior. I did not even care and was letting the past be the past and was super excited to see my son. I always picked up my son from this school with no issues ever… and all the kids loved Mikey’s dad. I went to pick up my son but I was stopped. Mary’s sister told me that she was not there and neither was my son. Confused, as I was walking away I see Mary in the back office straddling some man. I turn and calmly say that I don’t care wat you’re doing on your own time but can I please pick up my son. Mary sister, runs, and slams the door in my face. By her running a few pills dropped out of her Pocket. later when I looked it up I confirmed it was Xanax. I pray no kids find any on the floor. her Facebook page also always suggest she needs Xanax or to drink…and along w many pictures of her with drinks drunk…all are printed. I walked away. Being upset I did not know what to do. I called the cops to collect a copy of violation of visitation. It was then that Mary’s sister handed the officer who handed me a no tress-passing letter. It had stated that I was no longer allowed to my sons school due to my actions in the last few months. Extremely confused to why I was just banned from my sons school, as absolutely nothing ever occurred and I have text messages with my sons teacher and plenty of videos of me picking up my son to prove it, I still respect the law and simply walked away. Still to this day when asked why I am banned… I am told different answers every time. Weird though because on Mary’s petition for soul custody, she had stated that on this date that I caused a huge scene and my 2 year old son was embarrassed. Not quite sure who was actually dumb enough to put such a comment. Weather it was Mary  but it may be the dumbest thing said in court. I was also told I will

-October 26th 2017.

The next few days I went to go pick my son up. I was denied each time and collected reports for each violation. Our divorce lawyer, Ms. Foy, informed me through text that Mr. Parisi advised Mary to go against the judge’s order. Still upset but obeying the law I decide to text Mary’s mother in hopes of seeing my son. To my shock, her mother agreed to bring him by. Around 7:30pm they pull up, and my son runs to me and grips me so tight. It was almost 10 days since I had seen him. Mary and her whole family came to my house. Everyone had a good time. I finally thought the nightmare was over. Little did I know, it was about to get a whole lot worse. I post a picture of us hanging out on my facebook, and I was nothing but smiles that night.

-October 27th 2017.

I decided to go to the courthouse and drop the violations I had filed on Mary. I was so relieved I saw my son that I didn’t care about anything else. I was shocked to see what was about to happen. Mary is at court. She is with her lawyer (Robert Montefusco) and also their sons lawyer (Mr.Parisi). They were there to do an emergency ex parte. Still confused on why Mr. Parisi attended this is weird, however, Me, not aware of this, got to listen in on it. It was there that Mary’s lawyer, Mr. Montefusco, and Mr. Parisi sat in front of the judge. They told Honorable Judge Spinner that Mary and her whole family is so scared of me. Mr. Montefusco told the judge, I quote “That I threatened to kill Mary and her dogs”. Then They printed text messages from months ago. and then also printed a fb post from months ago. With that being said Mr. Parisi and Montefusco and Mary pushed for all visitation be done through EAC and suspend my parenting time. Naturally, with the sound of these accusations, They were granted their request with not a single evidence. I received the new order from the court. I also saw a copy of the petition. I could not believe my eyes. There were so many accusations and statements on the petition that were pure lies. Let me change that sentence. There was NOT ONE true statement or accusation on the petition. The only truth to the petition was when I text and cursed at Mary. I could not wait until the next court date to prove my innocence. The EAC visit was not until after the next court date so once again for no reason I was not allowed any contact with my son. ***In a complete change of luck for Mary I guess, she was able to take my son out of state twice, once with her sister and once with her bf, and luckily the timing was right and she can do whatever she wanted. The court appointed a lawyer to me (Steve Homayoon). The court date was set for November 13th 2017. However Mary was in Pa, at Great Wolf still, so Mr. Montefusco had adjourned the court date 2 days. until November 15th 2017. I met with my lawyer before the court date. We went line by line over all the accusations. They were as followed;

a. She accused me of abusing drugs (opiates). I figured this was the easiest one to prove and simply pass another drug test like has many time already for the court including a hair sample).

b. She stated I started a huge barn fire and burnt all of my son’s things. ( again an easy thing to prove as I had a copy of the police report stating no such thing. Also I still have every single thing my son ever owned). A SUBEPOENED POLICE REPORTS NO SUCH EVENT OCCURRED

c. She stated I was mentally ill and suicidal.( again an easy thing to prove because I had all the medical records to show the truth). NEW AND OLD MEDICAL RECORDS ATTACHED.

d. She states that I left our son unattended and that on October 15th 2017 around 730pm when her father picked up my son that I was not anywhere around and the child was left alone in the street. This statement would usually be hard to prove HOWEVER I have security cameras around my house so I simply can prove I walked my son out on that date and time. This accusation is the most important one. This was the accusation that CPS came to investigate as well. And this accusation was the nature of the docket to suspend my visitation. I simply showed CPS the video and they found the case to be unfound ). CPS LETTER ATTACHED ALSO LETTER OF AUTHENITAFACTION IS ATTACHED.

e. She then attached text messages from back in June and July. After reviewing the messages, I noticed that messages were erased and changed. I had a true copy of the text. But made no sense to why she edited them. Also she only sent text from back in June and July. But then files this frivolous motion in October? And why were no messages shown from August, and September? EXAMPLES OF EDITED MESSAGES ATTACHED

f. She had screenshotted a post from my facebook back in may 2017. And with no date on it, adds it to the petition stating I was suicidal. However that was a rant on my facebook from before we signed our custody agreement. ATTACHED IS THE TRUE POST FROM MY FACEBOOK WITH DATES

G. ALSO HOW SHE WENT AND DID AN EMERGENCY PETITION LITERALLY A FEW HOURS LEAVING MY HOUSE, AND GAVE ME NO WARNING, AND DIDN’T INCLUDE IN HER PETITION THAT SHE WAS AT MY HOUSE THE NIGHT PRIOR ( judge yelled at her for perjury for this, and it was proven she was at my house through the videos and then she admitted it to the judge) MINUTE REPORTS FROM JUDGE SPINNER FROM NOVEMEBER 15TH 2017.

My lawyer looked dumb founded. He could not believe that not a single thing (besides the curse text) were not true. He also does not understand how an Op was ever placed on me, because if you read the messages, there was not one single threat. He emailed Mr.Parisi the video right away of me walking my son out. Mr. Parisi then forwarded the video to Mr. Montefusco. When I asked Mr. Parisi if he seen the video he replied yes but do you have a video of no barn fire. I was so confused to why he completely ignored the fact that Mary made up this whole story about me leaving my son unattended, and replies like that but I sent over the rest of the video from that night anyway. I had nothing to hide. I also once again text over Mr. Parisi a copy of my medical records from the hospital stating and showing no mental illness or substance abuse was found. None the less…if I thought 10 days was bad not seeing my, I had to wait another 2 weeks.Finally the court date comes around.

November 15th 2017

Everyone shows up to court. My lawyer right away shows the judge that the OP that was in effect should had never been in place and in fact the texts actually had not a single threat in it. The judge confused on how it was granted, drops the OP. Then my lawyer explains and questions to the judge how he is confused how Mary came into court on October 27th 2017 and did an ex parte emergency hearing to cease my visitation and she stated how I threatened to kill her and her dogs and how scared her and her whole family is of me HOWEVER completely forgot to mention in the petition that the very night before October 26th 2017 that her and her entire family hung out at my house and all went well. (Later on you will see how Mary admits that I NEVER in fact threatened to kill her and she admits it on the court documented website that we speak on.) Honorable Judge Spinner was not happy.

With that being proven he looked at Mary and her lawyer and shouted to them how that is perjury. He then states he would had never granted the no contact on me against my son if he would had known the truth. He warns Mary that she is to stop using my son as a weapon. The judge only granted supervised visits at this point because Mr. Parisi requested medical records from me (which he had already)just to make sure I had no mental illnesses. Then Mary and her attorney start a huge scene on how often n when I can see my son and who is supervising. She originally Only wanted her parents only…3 hours a week. and yes 3 hours for the week. A full blown junkie drug addict would have more visitation then that. And here I am getting treated like a monster. She made a huge deal about me getting to see my son that they set a minimum of 9 hrs. a week but the judge stated that I can have as much supervised visits as I would like. And my father is also allowed to supervise. He then tells Mary she is to knock it off or he will have a change of custody hearing. little did he know how many more frivolous lies were made and Proven.

I then was sent down for another drug test. Results come back same as always no opiates…only my add medicine shows up. Mr. Parisi takes a picture of my prescription. Court was adjourned until December 5th. (NOTICE NOT A SINGLE SENTENCE WAS BROUGHT UP ABOUT ME LEAVING MY SON UNATTENDED). I knew that more lies were to come. So I went home and prepared myself from further lies. I set up a few more cameras at my house. I downloaded a recording app for my phone calls. But then I did what literally potentially saved me in every which way possible. I had to begged Mary to join up on a court documented website called talkingparents.com. After seeing how she had edited messages. I needed to protect myself and I was very aware that this was important because you can NOT edit or delete any messages from this site and it would be admissible in court. Luckily enough she was dumb enough to join. I knew she was doomed once she joined…because Mary is a horrible liar. So we began our communication through the website. A week before the next court date Mary asked me to see my medical records. Without hesitation, I told her I would send all my records not for court but because she is their sons mother and I respect her. So I sent them. We then had an hour conversation on the phone about them.

Although disappointed in the outcome she was hoping for she was satisfied and acknowledged that I was not mentally ill. So when I asked her can we just end this court bullshit…and I explained to her how she lied…she replies (again on the court website) that she doesn’t care what I can prove and that she just wants to make ALL decisions on her own. I also emailed and handed Mr. Parisi a copy of my medical records. I figured December would be the last court date. Everyone shows up to court. No issues with visitation or problems have occurred. (never once was an issue ever).

December 5th 2017.

Mr. Parisi opens up and states he has received my Doctor records and all HIPPA forms. He reads aloud the notes from my Doctor including my prescription.( THIS COMES INTO PLAY, BECAUSE WHEN WE WERE REASSIGNED TO HONORABLE JUDGE MORRIS, MR. PARISI LIES AND STATES HE NO IDEA ABOUT ANY PRESCRIPTIONS I WAS ON) But then he asked for another adjournment for some odd reason and said that he wanted to have the police report subpoenaed to the court. Weird because I had already handed him a copy but Then Mr. Montefusco rants on and claims that all I do is curse and abuse Mary. But I’m not sure if he even was aware we communicate on a court website…the guy just cry’s like a baby and lies his ass off. he might be one of biggest cry baby’s N actors in the courtroom. Mary however admits on the website after court that he made a mistake n I never cursed at her because she realized everything was documented. Court was once again adjourned until January 3rd simply awaiting police report. (NOTICE AGAIN NOT A SINGLE SENTENCE WAS BROUGHT UP ABOUT ME LEAVING MY SON UNATTENDED) no issues still w visitations. and Mr. Parisi having been already shown 3 complete frivolous lies Mary made up finds nothing wrong with this and keeps attacking me for some reason in court)

-January 3rd 2018

All parties show up in court. Still as always, not a single issue with visitation has occurred. Mr. Parisi opens up his statements and says he reviewed the police report. In disappointment, he admits that it stated absolutely nothing…. no fire….no offenses…nothing…why? because nothing did happen! However for some unknown odd reason he then he goes to tell the judge that he has never received
any of my medical records. What then shocked me even more than anything else…. was that Mr. Montefusco also stated to the judge under oath that they never received any of the medical records as well. AGAIN through a court website and having recorded a conversation about then months ago…it comes back up?! I was very confused because I personally delivered to both parties my records.

And had proof from emails to Mr. Parisi and on the court documented website to the Mary . So how they both stood there and lied to the judge was shocking. Why my sons lawyer was lying again was confusing. Then I was served a whole new petition to modify the custody agreement. Still not a single thing I have done to ever have lost my joint custody but now she goes for soul custody ..for no reason? Again standing there shocked as I read the new petition . The custody agreement was just signed a few months ago. So they needed to have an extreme change so as the “extreme change of circumstance” amazingly, after being proven already and dropped once again brings up and states that I left my son unattended on October 15th 2017!! This is exact situation that Mary and Mr. Parisi admit to seeing the video from my dvr and clearly see me walking my son out. So knowing that the statement was not true….and this would dragged out again I stood there in shock and wondered how is this possible?

Can you repeatedly just bluntly lie under oath and to a judge? The judge set a trial date in February 1st 2018. I then asked Mary on the court website​ why she denied having my medical records and she simply says she forgot. I realized I needed a hired lawyer so I fired my old lawyer and hire a new one. He is in disbelief and says once we are in front of judge he will end this nightmare. I paid him with my tax return. we made a deal based on 2 dates. He instantly had me go and have my DVR from my security cameras authenticated. This was over $1000. This again verified that again that I did not leave my son unattended. It also verified that Mary and her family was all at my house the very night before she came to court and did an ex parte emergency order. I continuously ask for more time with my son on the website. I always try and be civil and work it out as you see on the website. I would consistently remind Mary how idk why she would want trial because not only can she not prove a single thing she said. I can actually prove every single accusation she made to be complete willingly lie. I tried to settle it outside of court numerous times to be civil. She has declined every offer.

Then Mr. Montefusco and Mr. Parisi started with their bullshit games. Since t trial has been set in Feb… it was adjourned 4x for unknown reasons. I wasted money on my lawyer to show up and simply get a new court date. And then Mary started denying some of my visits. She either completely ignored me or flat out said no. I had to have cops document every time. And to make this clear…I did not just call a cop and say she denied me… I would actually either call or show the messages to the officer before he wrote the violation along with showing him I had a supervisor ready. I went week then 2 weeks without even a phone call to my son. And every time the new court date would come around…magically it was adjourned. In March I receive a message from Mary on the website. She states that Mr.Parisi advised her to tell me that my visitation has been suspended again. And that my only visitation is to be done through EAC. Now she wrote that on a court documented website. Yes she has lied a lot but for her to say my sons lawyer said it…I had to believe it. I call EAC…and again they don’t have anything open until after the next court date. A month goes by. Then Mary admits on the website that Mr. Parisi never stated that… and she was confused. such a willingly dumb lie to keep me from my son again. But what doesn’t make sense is I reached out to Mr. Parisi about this when she said it and he never got back to me. I was getting real tired of this. And just could not wait to see the judge.

March 26th 2018

It’s my 34th birthday. I have not seen my son in weeks. I was hoping to see him for my birthday. I was also hoping to still even after she completely lied about everything wanted to be civil with Mary. Little did I know that she was talking to a friend of mine on a dating website…and they started to text. He was not aware who she was…and when he did he came by and showed me all the messages. it all is printed. Mary tells him that I used to hit her. That I am a deadbeat dad. How I’m a drug addict and I trick the system. She then goes on about how Judge Spinner is a dick…but she brags about how Mr. Parisi hates me and is on her side. I saved all the messages. she then goes on to plan n meet him w my son and for him to be a father figure. A PENDING CIVIL LAWSUIT FOR DEFAMATION IS WAITING CONCLUSION OF CUSTODY

Then another court is adjourned due to Montefusco and Parisi. And then boom….Judge Spinner is reassigned. My heart sank. 7 months he knew about this case…he already acknowledged Mary committed perjury once…but he had no idea of how many more times she had done it. He had no idea I had been denied over 30 visits. I feel like it’s a never ending nightmare. I could not afford my lawyer anymore. I was paying for him just to show up n get new court dates. We get directed to Honorable Judge Morris. I actually really like this judge. He seems to be a straight shooter. I knew before going in I was doomed. No lawyer and starting over. if any judge read the accusations against me they would of course deem me to be a monster and rightfully so. So I decided to attempt an order to show cause in April. It literally was over 300 pages. It consisted of our court documented conversations and all the other evidence I had to prove Every single lie. It was signed but that means nothing.

-May 5th 2018

We are seeing the new judge for the first time. Mr. Parisi and Mr. Montefusco n Mary are thrilled. It’s like they just hit the lotto. They get a clean slate. And they start up right away with the lies again. Right away I’m sent down for a drug test. Same result as always…however wen judge Morris ask Parisi and Montefusco if they knew about my prescription…both of them…under oath…said NO. The judge looked at me and ordered me to bring in an updated prescription. He then said for me to hair sample. They took the hair. I have not paid because I can’t right now. I knew I was in trouble with no lawyer but Mary literally expired all of my money.

I asked for an OP on Mary to simply stop her from filing frivolous petitions. it was denied. Loan be hold May 23rd 2018..after Mary denied my visitation again for absolutely no reason and I have a police report… I get a call from the sheriff’s department. Mary had another Op placed on me and so did her sister. and their reason…. because I called Mary 8x that night. this cannot be real. I was calling because she denied my visit and I wanted to speak to my son. I was not calling to harass her. or to even speak to her. and how or why her sister got an Op might be the biggest joke in the world. if I had 2 conversations with her in the last 2 years… I can care less about her. However I realized why she got one. It prevents me from being involved in any part of my sons schooling because she owns the school. I was ordered to do another mental evaluation because Parisi lied to the judge and said he never seen any medical records of mine.

And what bothered me the most… is this big fancy lawyer Montefusco sat in front of the judge and had the NERVES to say that I make pretend to be a good father….like are you kidding me? it took me every single ounce of control to not just go off however I no they are at desperate times. they realize soon enough that it’s all going to come crashing down on them. .he then cried and asked me not to look at him. The judge said that I need lawyer when I come back. I don’t have one. If this whole case is starting all over again… I’m in for a fight. If I just had one chance to prove to the judge with true admissible evidence that all of this has been one big act of parental alienation it would be done with. But I guess whoever has more money wins in courts these days. Not only have I been nothing but civil to Mary, I also gave her every single she wanted in divorce. I do not know why she is doing this. I do not know why she ever left in the first place. I don’t know why she just keeps making horrible lies up. But not even that…how she is getting away with it… even after she admits it was a flat out lie. few questions that must be answered

-How does someone go into a courtroom and tell a judge that I threatened to kill them but then recant and deny their statement on a court documented website*Perjury

-How does someone go in front of a judge and say how so afraid they are….but then admit on a court documented website that I never ever threatened her and she forgot to mention how she was at my house the Very night before* Perjury

-how does someone tell cps and a judge that they came to my house and my son was left all alone and I was nowhere to found…and make up such a lie…but then be proven to be a complete lie and it was made up, Proven by my security cameras which have been authenticated*perjury

-how does someone sign a petition stating I started a huge barn fire n burnt all my sons things but then police report prove that to be another complete made up lie*perjury

-how does someone print text on a petition that they erased messages and made it look like something it’s not *falsification

-how does someone print a post with no date and simply say it was any date they desire, meanwhile I have proof of when the post are from*falsification

-how do lawyers continue this non sense when they have actual factual proof that their clients lies are the only reason we are in court

Here’s the worst part. When I do see my son and it’s been a month …I record w my phone in my pocket… and he says how he wants to stay w me and how much he loves me n misses me. Anytime I would even open the door… he starts crying be don’t want to leave because I go bye. my son is asking me if I’m his dad and if I love him. He says he has another daddy. He tells me mommy says I’m no good. it kills me. I cry every night. I feel like giving up but no deep down I can’t. I’m at a dead end. I can’t give up but I’m just done. I never thought I would be in this position. my father has been sick and all parties know this.. so if he’s not available I just don’t see my son? Mr. Parisi…my sons attorney, Mary mother and attorneys all knew this and their response is to go EAC. EAC is one hour a week supervised. and that would destroy my son. Furthermore when I called EAC, they don’t even have a current order for me. I advised all parties. No responses. I am denied another 8 visits, and I filed.

-June 12th 2018

I get a txt message at 10:30am from Mary’s mother. she had stated that my son was rushed to the hospital because he was coughing and couldn’t breath at 430am. but he is fine now . why I was not instantly called the second my son was on the way to the hospital is mind boggling. I informed all lawyers of this…and to my surprise they didn’t care. I also received a message on facebook From a Brian Poli?! No clue to who that is but it stated that he sees my son more than me n acts as the father figure as uncle B. Again not a clue to who this, as I know who Mary is dating. not sure if it’s a friend of Brians or maybe someone that Susan is dating. well it can’t be Susan because she had a few other bfs…well who knows with her.

-June 14th 2018

I appear in court alone w no lawyer…judge literally just sets trial for July 12th and once again looks at me says I need a lawyer. I hand in my mental evaluation I had done stating the same results as every other one I had done. NO mental illness. I still can’t afford the hair sample test. Trial is set with no changes made.

-July 12th 2018

After getting denied several more times my court granted visitations, I appear for trial. The court is not ready for trial. Mary and her lawyer then lie to the Judge and state my father was not supervising my visits. Again another easy lie to prove, as I have video’s inside and out. However, The judge then grants EAC only, and Mr. Parisi suggest long island visitation. I inform Mr. Parsi it is $425/hr. to see my son, and he states he will look into other resources. As of now, still no results…and still Mr. Parisi ignores me when I ask why he feels it’s okay that Mary literally started this whole case based on lies. Also he says he’s worried about my mental status, as I literally provided the court and him with every HIPPA release, and 4 different doctors stating I am fine. Also If Mr. Parisi was so concerned with my mental status, then why, literally 3 months prior to this case being opened, did he sign our custody agreement.

The bottom line is my son was robbed of his father. I went from a father… to a babysitter… to a once in a while babysitter if Ii have someone babysitting me, to NO CONTACT AT ALL. I had my son on a great schedule n great routine. Is this all being done over jealously?! Who is potty training my son? Who is teaching him catch? Who is teaching him right or wrong? What has happened to my son is not fair or justifiable. I will be in the courts for the next 16 years if need be and my son will have his father in his life! BELIEVE THAT!

>From October 2016 – October 2017 I was seeing my son 3 full over nights a week.

>From October 2017 – September 2018, I have seen my son a total of 153 hours. Which means in 11 months, I have seen my son a total of 6 and half days. A prisoner would have seen their kids more than I have seen my child. I haven’t even been allowed a phone call with my son in 2 months.

Here is the million dollar question which has still yet to be answered…why is any of this is happening?

Why did Mary commit perjury over 5x just as an act of parental alienation?

Why did Susan completely alienate me from my sons education as an act of custodial interference?

Why has my sons attorney not mention once to the judge how Mary has lied numerous times. And with him being shown with admissible evidence, ignores every time I ask him about this, but himself keeps lying to the judge but also seems to always have something to say about me?

Why does Mr. Montefusco think he Will get away with lying to a judge and defending his client who has alienated a child thru frivolous lies WHEN HE WAS DIRECTLY SHOWED HOW and with evidence AND WITH THE PROOF OF THE LIES?

Why did Mary deny me over 60x my court granted visitation? Or not even allow me a phone call with my son.

Why does no one find it not healthy for my son to not have any contact at all with me going on a full 3 months. That even a court ordered phone call is denied every single night.

Why do I keep trying to be civil and reach out to Jessicas parents, in hopes of settling this, so no one gets in trouble?

Why is it okay that I have missed EVERY single holiday and event this year, and have been alienated from my sons life simply because Mary feels like it? I had bought a whole summer wardrobe for him, and redid my sons room…and he has probably outgrew all of the clothes, and has yet to see his new room

How is any of this legal?

I believe the scariest part of this whole case is when I explain in full detail to Mary on the court documented website that we communicated on how I can prove every single lie she has stated…her response to me is unreal. She states that she doesn’t care, and she just wants to make decisions without me. She admit this on the actual court documented website!!

With all the true facts and evidence provided, showing how NONE of this should be happening, I need the courts help. I need a complete change of custody done ASAP. I also need police involvement in help getting my son stated on the court order. And truth be told, Mary needs to get mental evaluations done, and etc. Because it is NOT normal for a mother to simply make up frivolous lies in order to prevent the father of her son to be alienated completely from his life.

RULE 3.1 NON-MERITORIOUS CLAIMS AND CONTENTIONS (a) A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so that is not frivolous. A lawyer for the defendant in a criminal proceeding or for the respondent in a proceeding that could result in incarceration may nevertheless so defend the proceeding as to require that every element of the case be established. (b) A lawyer’s conduct is “frivolous” for purposes of this Rule if: (1) the lawyer knowingly advances a claim or defense that is unwarranted under existing law, except that the lawyer may advance such claim or defense if it can be sup- ported by good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law; (2) the conduct has no reasonable purpose other than to delay or prolong the resolution of litigation, in viola- tion of Rule 3.2, or serves merely to harass or maliciously injure another; or (3) the lawyer knowingly asserts material factual statements that are false.
RULE 3.2 DELAY OF LITIGATION In representing a client, a lawyer shall not use means that have no substantial purpose other than to delay or prolong the pro- ceeding or to cause needless expense. Comment [1] Dilatory practices bring the administration of justice into disrepute. Such tactics are prohibited if their only substantial purpose is to frustrate an opposing party’s attempt to obtain rightful redress or repose. It is not a justification that such tactics are often tolerated by the bench and bar. The question is whether a competent lawyer acting in good faith would regard the course of action as having some substantial purpose other than delay or needless expense. Seeking or realizing financial or other benefit from otherwise improper delay in litigation is not a legiti- mate interest of the client.
RULE 3.4 FAIRNESS TO OPPOSING PARTY AND COUNSEL A lawyer shall not: (a) (1)suppress any evidence that the lawyer or the client has a legal obligation to reveal or produce; (2) advise or cause a person to hide or leave the jurisdiction of a tribunal for the purpose of making the per- son unavailable as a witness therein; (3) conceal or knowingly fail to disclose that which the lawyer is required by law to reveal; (4) knowingly use perjured testimony or false evi- dence; (5) participate in the creation or preservation of evidence when the lawyer knows or it is obvious that the evi- dence is false; or (6) knowingly engage in other illegal conduct or conduct contrary to these Rules; (b) offer an inducement to a witness that is prohibited by law or pay, offer to pay or acquiesce in the payment of compensation to a witness contingent upon the content of the witness’s testimony or the outcome of the matter. A lawyer may advance, guarantee or acquiesce in the payment of: (1) reasonable compensation to a witness for the loss of time in attending, testifying, preparing to testify or otherwise assisting counsel, and reasonable related expenses; or (2) a reasonable fee for the professional services of an expert witness and reasonable related expenses; (c) disregard or advise the client to disregard a standing rule of a tribunal or a ruling of a tribunal made in the course of a pro- ceeding, but the lawyer may take appropriate steps in good faith to test the validity of such rule or ruling;

RULE 3.4
149 (d) in appearing before a tribunal on behalf of a client: (1) state or allude to any matter that the lawyer does not reasonably believe is relevant or that will not be sup- ported by admissible evidence; (2) assert personal knowledge of facts in issue except when testifying as a witness; (3) assert a personal opinion as to the justness of a cause, the credibility of a witness, the culpability of a civil litigant or the guilt or innocence of an accused but the lawyer may argue, upon analysis of the evidence, for any position or conclusion with respect to the matters stated herein; or (4) ask any question that the lawyer has no rea- sonable basis to believe is relevant to the case and that is intended to degrade a witness or other person; or (e) present, participate in presenting, or threaten to pres- ent criminal charges solely to obtain an advantage in a civil matter

Comments: Complete change of the amoujt of times someone can file frivolous petitions and time in between each court date