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Below are more stories of families unjustly separated by the “system” without representation of counsel and/or a Jury of their peers (our goals for reform). The starting page, with an index, is here. These people have volunteered their stories so that everyone can understand the true damage being done, and also, so those who may be experiencing your own personal “nightmare” may realize — you are not alone!  We want you to hear them in their own words. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these tales and we hope you’ll understand the bitterness and frustration you’ll read.  The anger is directed at people involved, but the real source of all these issues is a system that has failed to recognize and protect fundamental Family Rights.  Many times it encourages & rewards needless conflict between parents.

Name:  Julia Colloton Location:  Rockford, IL

Email Addr:  JuliaBColloton@aim.com

Children/Birth Date:  Johnathon Nov 83, Kristin Aug 90, Natale Dec 92

Date Separated:   Sep 26, 2000

I am currently STILL in an 11 year divorce and Judge Steven L. Nordquist, Kathryn Zenoff, Janet Holmgren, Kathryn Bitchoff, Michael Raridon, Robert Canfield, John A. Budzynski, all refuse to allow me to finish trial. Thus, holding me to a 14 day day temporary order for beginning its 7th year which removed my children. I have had no contact with my children and very little telephone contact. These people do NOT care and in all actuality, hope that I would just die. ALL legal action is still pending. I have been denied my right to present anything and denied my right to Due Process under the United States Constitution by almost every judge in the Winnebago county courthouse, and have been “pre-judged” as a Salem “Witch” by the States’ Attorneys’ Office, the Police Department and the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.

Just to update everyone….. My children, Kristin and Natale were Judicially Absconded from me and my son, by Judge Steven L. Nordquist with Judge Kathryn Zenoff and Judge Janet Holmgren assisting. Judge Nordquist just received a DUI last summer and now, it is perfectly clear WHY my divorce is so screwed up and Judge Nordquist has allowed a domestic violence offender whom the children state abused them, to have “Temporary Custody” on an illegal 14-day court order, without hearing, trial or due process… HE WAS DRUNK FOR 11 YEARS!

And Kathryn Zenoff is Okay with this? Hmmmmmmmmm, Winnebago County, is NOT the place to live! Judge Nordquist, get this….. on December 22, 2006 ORDERED me to have supervised visitation with a man who, a) grabbed my chest. b). Stated, ” We could make beautiful babies, together” c). You’d better have yerself a damn good lawyer if you be thinking you gonna me in court, I can be worse than Jay Budzynski was to ya” d). “Ya know, I am WATCHING you!” E). “I wanna Lick you”– okay and if THAT’s NOT enough! He says to my friend, that he dresses up like a woman….and has healin’ services in any household and speaks in tongues”( I wonder if that’s related to licking?)

Okay, the interesting part of this is: Judge Nordquists’ son in law, Paul Marko, of the Rockford Police Department and his partner, threatened to arrest me for Obstruction of Justice! This was AFTER Marko told me that the supervisor Michael Hanson of First Assembly, sounded “threatening” and “dangerous and creepy” in his phone message. Well, knowing that I can fill a holding cell with half of the courthouse personnel, and knowing that the police cannot enforce a civil court order, one question comes to mind? WHY THE F*%#@ would someone in authority IGNORE a 14-year old girls sexual abuse story and a 16.5 year old collaboration of such amidst her own physical abuse and emotional abuse torture and trauma on a daily basis?

They don’t want to admit that their XY chromosome is defective. CLUE: YOU ARE MALE! YOU CAN’T DO SHIT RIGHT, AND WHEN YOU REALIZE IT, YOU RAPE AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF AND MURDER THE FEMALE. THAT’s a man. When I saw Judge Nordquists’ son in law ignoring my daughters’ plea, I finally realized that, “ABSOLUTE POWER HAS CORRUPTED ABSOLUTELY.” WINNEBAGO COUNTY HAS BECOME THE CESSPOOL AND PETRIE DISH OF ORGANIZED CRIME AND CORRUPTION. There is sexism and prejudice against women and children. And complete and utter indifference to their suffering.

Detective Paul Swanberg can tell you, that he is “Biased in this case and refuses to reopen it” despite the fact that one of the PsyD’s was practicing WITHOUT a license. The state of Illinois adjudicated that the court took away my children based on a false report from someone without a license. But Judge Nordquist, Judge Zenoff and Judge Holmgren all cover that up and in fact, have lied to State Representative Dave Winters and told him to keep his mouth shut. DCFS has of course (are we surprised) ignored all claims and evidence of the children of very serious abuse allegations made by the children. I should mention, that Judge Nordquist recently gave my ex “God Like Power” and wanted my daughter placed in Rosecrance Drug Rehab just to discredit her testimony, to strike fear and terror in her heart and to hopefully shut her up.

Budzynski is hoping she’ll be drugged. This is clearly divide and conquer tactics and by taking away the older child, the younger one has no witness against daddy’s sexual advances. She has no protection by the police or court system or DCFS which is “Run” and “manipulated” by Kathryn Bitchoff and indirectly Michael Raridon who tell them how to rule. I would think that that administration would be wiser, but everyone appears to be lazy and collecting a paycheck these days. I can only hope such mental pain and anquish on these people.

In testifying before the Supreme Court SubCommittee on Family Court Reform, several Supreme Court Personnel were interested in my case and the fact that I was denied due process, had my children removed without cause and still since 1997, no hearing, have been placed on a “danger” list at the courthouse for no reason other than to discredit me and have been tortured as a female protecting her little ones. I suppose since the “man”-Doug in this story was raised in an alcoholic environment, he has learned to manipulate and fool an entire court system. It took 3 years to do, but he managed to lie to the best and stupid as politicians are, they either believed it because we were female, or he had a penis. I am not sure. But these people don’t like women and will seek to destroy. We have a walk from the Wisconsin border to Shawnee National forest planned for this summer to raise awareness of “Creeps in Power”. For more information, email, rights4kids@constitution14rulz.com

If you are a cop or in a position of power and don’t put women and children first, get the hell off this planet as we don’t need youm, your body, or any other part of you.

Name:  Anthony Gallo Location:  Astoria, NY

Email Addr:  nychero11105@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:

Date Separated:   2000

First of all you may look me up here ( http://anthonygallo.exploretalent.com/  ) to learn more about my personality. What you will not read here or read about in the newspapers is that for the last six years I have been fighting to be part of my daughters life, through the family court system. The discrimination, incompetence, and ignorance is just unacceptable. I have fought with every aspect of the courts. Yet, at the same time I did everything asked of me.

Children Services did six investigations, “all unfounded”, yet my daughter was still kept from me. I am on my sixth Judge. I have attended Parenting Classes, Single Fathers Classes, Drug Tests, Therapists, Forensic investigations, and so much more. I waited in a room downtown Manhattan every week, for months, hoping to see my daughter, and did not, even with a court order.

In the summer of 2003 I was riding the subway home from installing an alarm system (I do this for a living in Manhattan) riding the Q train at Atlantic Ave I witnessed a woman being slashed. This guy walked up to this woman that was dressed as a nurse and just slashed her across her face as she sat there, and ran off the train. I immediately reacted just making it off the train myself before the doors closed. I chased him and was able to restrained him, and held him until the police arrived, getting cut on my wrist, he had a knife in each hand.

I was awarded by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and was awarded the N. Y. Post Liberty Medal for “Courage” 2003, was even a guest on the John Walsh Show. But all this really meant nothing to me, it was my daughter that I held most important.

I have tried to contact many people about my case and all its faults. I like to call them “Red Flags” that make people aware of abuse, against the system. The courts have been doing this for a long time yet, they still cant get it right, because most of them are “Pay Check Workers” and are not there for the “Best Interest Of The Children”. So with all this attention I received for my “Heroism” I just thought someone would look into the false allegations that were keeping my daughter and I apart. But no one seemed to care for me once my story broke out. Not the Mayor, who once shook my hand and said “Good Job Mr. Gallo”, not even my own city councilman.

One morning I decided to return the awards, back to the city that I love so much. I guess the discrimination was just to much for me to look at the awards. “I do not need an award to know the kind of person that I am”. I went to One Police Plaza and told the officers in the front that I found this bag filled with awards and medals on the subway and thought I should bring them here. When the officers looked into the bag they were shocked that someone could forget this.

They asked me for I. D. and of course I could not show them because the awards had my name on them, I just did not want to explain to them why I was returning my awards. I have not heard from anyone about this action that I took. I see my daughter weekly now for one hour, if I am lucky and must pay for this, or I cannot see her, along with child support. I do not know where she lives or how she is doing in school.

We play monopoly in hopes to build a relationship again, but dealing with “Pay Check Workers” can be very frustrating. I had asked to show my daughter a tape of myself getting awarded on the John Walsh Show, I even allowed them to view the tape before hand so they could see that it would be rewarding for my daughter, people stood and cheered for me (what a feeling). I thought it would build some trust, after not seeing me for years, she was hesitant (my own child).

I was told no! I feel the media is so quick to do that story on the “Dead Beat Dad” or “Amber Alert” a dad just ran off with his child………..but you never hear about the Father that has been struggling just to see his child, paying with “Blood, Sweat and Tears” just so that his daughter would know her father. I miss her so much and I cry everyday. She will know that her Dad was a fighter, and I hope that it will help her cope with life. I belong to many groups “Fathers-4-Justice” look- up “New York Belongs To Me” on (youtube.com) and you will see it is a World Wide problem that is hurting the children. So if no one wants to give me a “Pat-On- The-Back” for fighting a system that seems like it wants us fathers to fail, I will do it myself. If no one wants me to see any “Light-At-The-End-Of-The- Tunnel” “I will see the light”. Lately I find myself writing a lot, and each time there is a puddle of tears beneath me, and I must mop up this puddle quickly before I slip, because I feel there is no one around to help me back up. Anthony Gallo

Just Having a hard time with everything. My dad is 83 and is losing his mind. He is alone and I am trying to deal with both things right now.

Name:  Cheryl Graves  Location:  Portland, OR

Email Addr:  dramamamma420@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  tyler upham, oct. 1993; katelyn upham, april  1995

Date Separated:   2000

recently found out that my children’s adoption fell through and since they were not adopted they have been in 14 different homes and my daughter was molested by potential adopted family.

1 year ago they were separated my daughter was in a facility with no home my son has a family who is trying to adopt him , I’m not suppose to have any knowledge of their circumstances and my 23 yr. old daughter will lose any contact w/ brother and sister if any knowledge of my awareness. my children have suffered greatly and the state has put them through a life without family and love. what could be worse then that. if there is any advice you could give me that could lead me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I will never give up this fight and i do intend to win this battle of the wrong my family has suffered. thank you for your attention giving to me . my story will be heard and people will take notice I hope to be on Montel/or dr. Phil someday to tell my story to the world there will be not a dry eye anywhere. I have a way to make others feel my pain in this matter . once again thank you so much. sincerely cheryl danette graves — a mothers battle continues.

I know with the right public attention i will single handedly change the system and how they work ,scf there is no services to children or families they are ripping families apart and shattering lives how can that be right thanks to them my children have had no family or anyone that loves them that can’t be positive or in the best interest of the child.

Name:  Louis Uccio  Location:  Yonkers, NY

Email Addr:  HaveUmistakenMe@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:  Christopher 1979, Steven 1986, Dawn 1988, Louis 1992, Nicholas 1995

Date Separated:   September 2002

Has been before the Staten Island Family Court almost five years.

If you had asked anyone that knew my children or me before 2001, I was “mother of the year”. It appears (In court documents, without anything to back it up) I became a drug addict who could not take care of my children sometime between 2000 and 2001. However the Courts nor my ex nor child services has anything to back up this alleged addiction. ACS did have a false “indicated” case against me, despite “PROOF” from in patient hospital records/doctors/documents that I had no drugs in my system, later I will explain this further.

This nightmare all started when I told my ex “enough is enough, you have to leave” I was granted an order of protection during a hearing, based on a prior D.V. incident in 1992 when my ex pushed me backwards through a glass dining room table severely cutting my shoulder requiring stitches. As well as the last time in 2000 when he pushed me backwards onto a couch lucky me there was there was no glass tabletop in site. Somehow with this O.P. in my favor and temp custody given to me, my ex was able to turn my children against me, obtain full custody, have “hearings” where he only “told” the judge I was a drug addict and abusive, no chance to defend myself.

The hearing officer and the forensic evaluator refused to allow me to drug test! It appeared there was nothing I could have done to “prove I was not” They ignored voluntary negative hair drug tests, taken at Quest labs through my employer “The Sheraton Hotel”. They ignored ACS unfounded reports. I have to admit this may have been my fault due to the fact that I allowed liberal visitation, as long as the ex didn’t abuse me during his visits, I allowed him to visit whenever he wanted.

During his visits he was bad mouthing me to my children, At the time, I felt I could not come between a father and his children no matter how bad I hated him, so I stupidly did not stop the liberal visitation. Well, let’s fast-forward to today, it has been FOUR YEARS, FOUR MONTHS, and about TWO weeks I have had NO CONTACT with my children. This is insane I’m sure you are thinking, surely I must have done SOMETHING wrong? No, I have not, NOTHING!! Nevertheless, in my search to find justice I did a lot of my nose to the ground kind of stuff, asked tons of questions and I believe I figured it out, you decide.

One evening after I listened to Stephen Baskerville’s interview on Second thoughts where he said, “It happens to mothers as well, if the fathers have political connections.” After my ex husband managed to get custody overturned by manipulating the ACS to “indicate” a false charge against me. Without the benefit of allowing me to defend myself, I began digging and digging and guess what I found out.

The ex has coached for years, for a huge Catholic Youth Organization here in NY and the director of that organization shares the same last name as the woman my ex lives with. However, the kicker is, said director is married to an acting Supreme Ct Judge in the town where these unconstitutional hearings have taken place. Said Judge was brought from Civil Court to Supreme Court. Said Judge is also connected to the “women’s groups” Which by the way refused to help me in 2003, once I told them my children had been turned against me, and the court was changing custody on false accusations, that were never proven.

Through the years my ex managed to keep me financially destroyed, I did not have money for a lawyer I was pro se. After 9/11 happened and my line of work in the hotel business came to a screeching halt for the next few years, I was lucky to have money to eat. My ex managed to have his arrears vacated from when I had custody he had owed me 38k these arrears were voided without my consent. I was telling my story to a co-worker one day and he offered to lend me money to obtain a lawyer.

his man was sent to me from God, he lent me 15k. I hired a father’s rights attorney, who agrees with me that this was an “inside job”. He has put a plan into action where he feels I will have custody rightfully given back to me very soon. Say a prayer, I’m not sure how much longer I can stay strong, I feel like I fight “insanity” every day. But thankfully, every evening, I get on my knees and thank God for the strength to have made it through another day! And then I pray for us all. I have to say my oldest son (27) was not turned against me, and although the ex did alienate him from his siblings for about a year, the ex did eventually agree to allow them to have a relationship. This reunion was based on my oldest son’s understanding that he did not mention my name to the children.

Hopefully the healing should be a little easier if my lawyer gets custody overturned and I get my children back. They have their oldest brother that was never alienated from me to help them understand what has happened. I have been very lucky though, I have the love and support of the most amazing man on the planet, I believe he keeps me going day after day.

Name:  Chris Woody  Location:  Heath, OH

Email Addr:  hawkman_019@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Madison, 1993 &  Garrick, 1994 & Cassie, 2000

Date Separated:   Nov 10, 2000

I had filed for custody of my children in North Carolina, as they resided there and were legal residents of the state. Less than a week before the hearing my attorney, Rodney Fulcher, informed me that my ex’s attorney had postponed the hearing. For months my attorney stated he wasn’t able to reschedule the hearing for reason or the other.

Finally, about 4 months later, I discovered my ex had used this “rescheduling” as an opportunity to go to Maryland and file for full custody. I was not informed of the hearing as my ex had given the court a non-existent address for me, to make sure I was never notified of the hearing. Upon getting the transcripts of the hearing, I discovered that she had given the court not one, but three different pay stubs to verify my employment and income.

Instead of verifying this information, the court added them together on the presumption I was working 120+ hours a week (one of these jobs was active duty military), and making 3 times my actual income. In her testimony, that she gave Judge Alexander Wright Jr., she told him I lived in a completely different state than the one she had the court send the notification of the hearing to. She told the judge she had been living with $0 income, with three children, for nine months.

He never questioned this either. In closing, she asked him to make sure her support checks were sent to her in North Carolina. Again, Judge Wright completely overlooked the fact that he was ruling on a case in Maryland, but for a woman who was living in another state. She ended up with full custody, and child support of over $1300/month, about $250 a month less than my total gross pay. I got “reasonable visitation”, which so far, has worked out to 2-3 weeks a year, and I haven’t spent a single Christmas with my children in 8 years.

I sent more documentation than you could imagine to the judge, filed for dismissals, appeals, and such, based on the fact that Maryland held no jurisdiction over this case, and there had been, and still was pending litigation in North Carolina. Every bit of it was refused or denied. Five years later, out of the blue, I received a letter that Maryland had dismissed the case for lack of Jurisdiction.

When I forwarded this to North Carolina, they ignored it, stating the order had already been registered in their state, and they would continue to enforce it as is, even though North Carolina has no provisions in their legal statutes governing what “reasonable visitation” is or defining it.

Name:  Deborah Planet  Location:  Kentfield, CA

Email Addr:   dlp4010@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:  Landon, 1994

Date Separated:   1996

After the Chief Officer of Marin County, John Montgomery, was arrested on Bribery charges, my MOTION for my former husband John D. Irish to bring my son, Landon, here to California from Hawaii, went to TRIAL. This is without any notice or paperwork.

Marin County has been a “corrupt court” and reported by many newspaper articles. We even had the Federal Bureau of Investigation come to investigate in 2001, but after 9/11, everything went away, and Presiding Judge Michael Dufficy, got a slap on the wrist. So many children lost, and in the State of California, the parent or person with 51 % custody can move away, and the other parent must prove that they shouldn’t.

Evaluations by paid off psychologists are the way the court and a parent gets to change custody. I had orders of “no cutting my son’s hair” and “no feeding a pizza” but the real objective here is that parents with hidden assets do not want to chance being convicted of “tax evasion” by showing their corporate financial records for child support. Many attorneys here in Marin County California admitted to being in the club with the Presiding Judge, Michael Dufficy who also appointed all the other Judges or Commissioners.

The name of the club was the “FLEA’s” Family Law Elite Attorneys. My son had to choose for so many years and all they could come up with was that I was so sad losing custody of my son at age 2 years old that I couldn’t parent him without upsetting him. Now in 2006 after THE TRIAL, I received one 6 hour visit a year in Hawaii. Each and every time I appeared for more time, time was taken from me. Like I said I am one of thousands of parents here that have lost any visitation at all with their children.

Name:  John Turner  Location:  Staten Island, NY


Children/Birth Date:  John & Nicole, 1993

Date Separated:   August 28, 2000








Name:  Brad Chafee  Location:  Liverpool, NY

Email Addr:   bradchaffee40@hotmail.com

Children/Birth Date:  Scott, 1990

Date Separated:   August, 1996

Current supervised visitation. I haven’t seen him in 4 years

My ex wife and I separated in August of 1996. It was not an amicable separation and she used the only tool available in this country that guarantees her sole custody, she made sexual allegations against me that I had done something sexual with my children. When we were in Court for the separation proceeding all the allegations were dismissed as unfounded, yet the Judge decided that I have “supervised visits?” When questioned about it, he replied that it was his decision and that was it.

My ex wife moved to Arizona and I saw my children as often as I could which averaged out to about 3 times a year. None of the visits were ever supervised, and she did not press the issue. In 2001, I was visiting my children just prior to retirement from the military, when I told them that I would be seeing them more since I was retiring. Very shortly after my visit I was served court papers making further sexual allegations against me in another court in another state. This time the Court did have a hearing and the Judge determined that the allegations were unfounded but AGAIN determined that I use a supervised visitation facility, all at my expense.

The total cost for a visit went from about $600 to about $1500. I recently filed a petition to change custody/family time, and was denied a change because the Judge felt that the circumstances hadn’t changed. I asked the Court what the circumstances were to begin with and was never given an answer.

The entire system is set up for a father to fail, it is set up for a mother to make any allegation without showing any proof and then have the facts of the situation disregarded. I am out of money, I have not seen my son in 4 years as I refuse to use a supervised facility, and I have lost my relationship with my daughter as my ex wife convinced her that I was a monster. My daughter is now 21 and I haven’t seen her in 5 years. She is an adult and I have made several attempts to contact her all to no avail or her mother, my ex-wife, would respond back by stating that I ruined it and she wants nothing to do with me.

I shared a very close relationship with my children and it was never in question until we separated and I wanted joint custody. My ex wife made the sexual allegations against me, she attempted to ruin my military career, she turned me into the FBI, she turned me into the New York State Attorney General’s office, all of which investigated me and concluded that there was no basis for any of the allegations and that they were all unfounded. The only system that failed to listen was the FAMILY COURT SYSTEM. I guess their investigative techniques are significantly better than the FBI? I am at a loss as to what to do now, as I have tried on 3 separate occasions to change the custody/visitation and it all falls on deaf ears.

The State of New York, the State of Arizona and the Family Court system are not listening to the other side of the legal system, and refuse to acknowledge the fathers until its time to open the wallet and hand out the cash. I have never missed on payment in child support, I have medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, for my children yet I am not allowed to see my children except in a supervised facility based upon just the WORD of one person. My ex wife even took my daughter to a rape crisis center and sexual abuse center in Phoenix, AZ and had her interviewed for any type of abuse.

They told my ex wife that my daughter was not abused nor molested at all, yet she tells the courts that she has been, she tells my daughter she has been, and she has the entire legal system convinced that I am a predator. I work for the Federal Government with a Secret Security Clearance and during my time with the military I had a Top Secret Security Clearance that is/was still current. If in fact I had done the things that I was accused of I would be fired, I would lose my security clearances and would be in jail. The Family Courts dont want to hear the facts, they want to here the baseless allegations and then make law from that.

Name:  Crystal Dawson  Location:  Lansing, NY

Email Addr:   crystal14882@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Olivia, 2000

Date Separated:   June 20, 2006

Hi, my name is Crystal Dawson and I am a 25 year old single mother of two girls. Their ages are 16 months and five years old. On June 20, 2006, my youngest daughters father was at my house. A fight arose and at the end I was taken out by ambulance. This was my first time ever being hit by a guy. I was punched 6 times down the left side of my face and had contusions. I was also choked and my head was smashed of my wooden floor. We have a child in common and do not reside together. He has been in and out of prison for drug charges. We were never a couple until after my daughter was born…and that was short lived. I could not deal with the addiction.

Recently my mother has been very depressed and out to “destroy everyone”. She has sided with my daughters father and has tried to destroy my life. She has made false accusations about me being on the phone too long, or being on the computer for hours at a time. In all honesty, I just got my phone hooked up…nobody ever calls me. I haven’t had a computer for 4 months and when I get on it is for 1 or 2 hours when my kids are sleeping. Does that make me an “unfit” parent?

CPS pulled the kids from my home as part of a “safety” plan. My youngest daughters father was in jail until earlier this afternoon when he either made bail or was released. My oldest daughter’s father and I agreed that she stay with him until everything was sorted out with visitation, including overnight visits at my house in the meantime. We live 1/4 of a mile apart. I just went to court on Monday for my younger daughter and they awarded her back to me unsupervised with the stipulation that I comply with CPS, attend counseling, and accept CPS’s Special Services.

I already went to mental health for an evaluation. I passed. I start group therapy sessions this week. I completed the Knowledge is Power program last year. I am a victim of domestic violence and I am being treated worse than the man who was in jail. Now that I keep coming back without any dispute, CPS wants me to jump through another hoop and get a psychological evaluation done. No problem…I am 100% sane. I am just a single mother doing her best to raise her children. So here it is 4th of July week. I went to a VIP fireworks show and tickets were $30/person. I went with my old landlord (who is also my next door neighbor) to the show. He is 52 years old and also my mom’s ex-boyfriend. I took my daughter with me and her sister was their with her father. There was live entertainment, food, and an awesome fireworks display. Cps has informed me today that I was in the wrong to go with a 52-yr old man (regardless if he’s like my father) and that people would make accusations that we were intimately involved. My mother has already made these accusations. They are false.

Why are they able to tell me that I am not allowed at a public event? I go every year. Ok, let’s go one step better than that. I am not allowed to have anyone at my home other than my daycare provider/roommate Megan. My best friend Casey lives 1/8th of a mile down the road from me. Our kids attend elementary school together and she was there through my whole last pregnancy…labor and all. I have been informed that I am not allowed at her house due to allegations from my mother, that were not even investigated. They said Casey can come visit me. How is she suppose to do that when no one is allowed at my house?

This is starting to become a game of control. Cps told me today that I am to be near a phone at all times where they can reach me. I have a corded phone that does not ring loud…does that mean I cannot even take my daughter outside to play in case they try checking on me? I can’t take my daughter to the park or even associate with the outside world? I have been informed I am not allowed on the computer and I am not allowed to talk to anyone on the phone unless they are my lawyer, CPS. or other people of “importance”. It has been really hard. I was emotionally stable but these people are starting to drive me to the deep end. Even my daughters father, who was in an orange jumpsuit, told the judge that I was an excellent mother and my children are well cared for and loved. This was one domestic incident and that I (Crystal) shouldn’t be punished for what happened. How humane can this be?

What can I do to have them loosen up?? I was a victim of domestic violence, there are no neglect charges pending on me. I have had 2 unfounded reports in the last 3 months because of my mother. It’s hard enough to cut my mother out of my life…but everyone else too? Please help.

Name:  Steve McDonough  Location:  Falmouth, MA

Email Addr:   smmcdonough@verizon.net

Children/Birth Date:  Jessica A. McDonough 11/90

Date Separated:   2/27/00

Trial for custody 7/10/06.  I have not seen my daughter Jessica for over 6 years(2311 days) We live 2 miles apart and she is now 15. Dr John Daignault has studied this case for the past 14 months and has diagnosed this to be a severe case of PAS with a twist that it was well known to the judge involved but ignored by him. Barnstable Probate Judge Robert Terry is now under investigation by the Mass JCC for many charges including willful abuse of a child under the age of 14. Dr Daignault opined that this entire 6+ year separation was avoidable but for the actions of the court. Expected by the x-spouse but never in the best interest of the child by the court.

We went to trial on July 10, 2006 for modification of our January 25,1999 divorce judgment due to a change in circumstances (parental alienation by mother) I had both of my attorneys there and my ex-wife was pro se (judge is her lawyer) After my father, brother and 2 sisters testified we called Dr. John Daignault to the stand. Dr. Daignault had studied this case for 15 months. He had ALL information even though mother refused to meet with him and the judge denied him to interview my daughter or even appoint GAL. His testimony was this to be a clear cut case of severe parental alienation and pointed blame at mother and the judge (the truth hurts)  On day 2 of the trial, July 24, 2006, my ex-wife testified then I went last. Boy was I not prepared for my emotions coming out but they did after 6 long years. A break was called so that I could gather myself together. I was a mess. I was able to get myself together and finish my testimony. After all that was done, one of my attorneys asked if he could present his closing arguments (including findings of fact motion and conclusion of law motion).  He was denied ANY closing and the judge ordered the trial over. We were shocked and objected but over-ruled by the judge. Apparently the judge forgot about rule 51 giving us a right to 30 minutes+/- for our closing arguments. We will appeal and win but in  the  meantime…tick-tock. My daughter might turn 18 by then. I will let you know about the ruling (if we ever get one) and our appeal.

Name:  Lisa Wright-Clegg Location:  Vacaville, CA

Email Addr:   Littlemister9401@sbcglobal.net

Children/Birth Date:  Koal, July 1994

Date Separated:

Grandparent wins intended decision for third party visitation against the strong objection of both fit parents in a Northern California Court.

My son will be twelve years old in July of this year. This July it will be four years since my son has had any contact with grandma. For the last 26 years my mother and I have had a more off relationship then on. My mother had an affair with my x-boyfriend when I was 14 years old and he was around 17 years old. After my father found out, the marriage was over. My mother got an apartment with my x-boyfriend and they are still together today. This is when my relationship with my mother was damaged.

Since that day in 1979 I have never really trusted my mother or had much faith in the mother daughter relationship. Over the years I have tried on a few occasions to rebuild the relationship with my mother but it has always ended with a fight and her taking me to court for one thing or other. In 1979 I moved in with my boyfriend when I was 15 years old basically my mother and father had moved on with there own lives and I was not part of that. I married that man in 1990 after living together for 11 years. The first part of 1991 my mother and I were not speaking again. After a disagreement on the phone she decided that throwing my hope chest out with every high school memory I had was fair play. Then she sued me for ($3,000) money I never borrowed, filed a re-staining order on my husband who never said anything to her.

By this time I was pregnant with our first baby during the first five months of my pregnancy she levied my bank account, detached my husband wages and drove me into bankruptcy. During my bankruptcy court appearance I was about 5 months pregnant, she showed up a BK court demand they give her my cars or any property she could get, the commissioner just looked at her and said “sorry she is allowed to own something” my mother and her husband walked out of the court room pissed. This harassment continue and I was stressed, not sleeping and run down. At almost six months I lost the baby, the doctor said it was due to “stress”.

In 1994 my son Koal was born, the greatest joy ever. I sheltered my baby from ever being any place my mother may go or be. I really hated my mother at this point, my younger sister also had no relationship with my mother and she had three children. My husband and I started growing apart when my son was about a year maybe due to the ruff road and stress we had with both sides of our families. When Koal was 17 months old I left my husband my mother said she was so sorry for all the bad things she had done, she said it was due to “the change of life”. She said bring Koal so I can meet him and move in with me till you decide what you need to do.

At this point my life was down and I had and baby to think about, so I did the one thing I regret most I took her up on her offer. We moved in with her on November 10, 1995 and she meet Koal for the first time. I did go home for about 5 or 6 weeks of the nine months I lived with my mother to give my husband and I a second chance. At the end of that nine months my mother had an disagreement with a man I was dating and kicked Koal and I out on the street, putting all our belongs in her driveway. She did apologize a few months later and I did accept knowing I could not really trust her. Over the next 5 or so years we tried to get along but I always shielded my son because I wasn’t sure I could trust her, she had caused so much pain in my life for years.

In 1999 I married again, I married my sons godfather after dating for a few years. In July 2002 my mother and I had a fight on the phone, that following Sunday her and her husband showed up at my church, my husband was doing nursery that Sunday. My mother husband asked if they could talk and my husband agreed. At this point my mother husband punched my husband in the face and ran off. My mother and little brother came out of the church about three minutes later look at my husband and laughed. My mother called the police and told them my husband had attacked her husband at church. I decided this was enough and cut all ties with my mother and moved to a near by town.

One month later I found out I was pregnant with my third child during the end of my pregnancy to current day my mother has not stopped harassing my family including my sister’s family. From burning baby pictures to harassing e-mails and the list goes on. She filed two re-staining orders on my husband which she did not get and one on me which she ended up dropping. I filed one on her to keep my family safe and was awarded a temporary one for over a year. After two years of my mother harassing my family and no contact with my son she filed a for “grandparent rights” in California were we both live.

She told one lie after another on the stand and after two years of court and disputes the judge award her “grandparents rights” against the strong objection of two fit parents. My x-husband and I are very close we now have a blended family we all get along and share holidays together. Our lives are about our children. The was no facts that prove my mother and son ever had a bond. My mother was never Koal’s daycare provider or even an occasional babysitter. I never trusted her because I knew what she was. My grandmother is who my son has a bond with no my mother. My son has no memory of ever living with my mother. In my opinion the judge had her mind up the first day, to many people she seemed extremely bi-est. Her side never proved it would be in the best interest of the child.

The judge made it clear she really wasn’t interested in hearing our side in my opinion. She kept getting my current husband and my son father mixed up, she had dates and facts wrong in the intended decision. I truly think the judge did not follow the law it was her law at it’s worst in my opinion. WE plan to fight this all the way, the court did not consider my son’s opinion or feelings. It has been four years since he seen his grandmother and now the court wants to force overnight right away. Koal said he will refuse to go, he said he would not feel safe with her. My son has witnessed my mothers actions time and time again I don’t have to say anything he knows. The emotional and financial stress this two year trial has cost our family is very painful and scary for my son and now it will continue on. In California the law is that you can only file for grandparents rights if the parents no longer are married or no longer live together. So the law states if you are divorced you don’t know what’s in the “best interest of your child” basically if my x-husband and I were still married, grandmother would have no rights.

What about fit parents rights to be “left alone” to raise there children as they feel fit. The judge thinks that hear say proves a bond. I know my mother would emotional hurt my child as she has my sister’s daughter. My mother’s husband has a long history of violate behavior. The court wants two fit parents to send there child to a place they truly beleive could put him in danger. There are really great grandmothers out there I know some, my grandmother on my mothers side is the best and I’m close to her and so is my son, she is his granny. The court needs to realize that all grandmothers are not good and some are bad. We need stricter laws and guidelines for grandparents rights in California. Good parents are being financially burdened and dragged through emotional pain, how is this good for the children.

It undermines the parents in the children’s eyes and only causes pain. Let the American public speak out for better guidelines and judges need to know that fit parents divorced or married know what’s in the best interest of our children. A judge see’s a small part of the big picture. Change laws regarding grandparents rights don’t like laws discriminate against divorced or single parents. We can make a difference.

Name:  Douglas Richardson Location:  Essexville, MI

Email Addr:   dougmrich@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Timothy William Richardson 1989, Douglas Martin Richardson 1985

Date Separated:   2000

I am known in My home state of Michigan as the DNA Daddy by several news stations CBS, ABC and the detroit news. My name is Mr Douglas M Richardson, you may be familiar with the name, As the man ordered to pay the biological father child support.

WEB SITE: http://www.fixthefoc.com/

In April of 1985 I married a woman I had dated for a short period of time named Bonnie Ann Lauria. In July of 1985 The first of 2 children was born Douglas Martin Richardson Jr, keep in mind this child is why I married the mother being I was informed it was my child. In January of 1989 the second child was born named Timothy William Ricahrdson.

In late 2000 I arrived home from work to find my family was gone, with no trace of there whereabouts, no letter of explanation nothing, simply a empty home of memories. over the next 3 years My beliefs of a family life began to crumble and some very disturbing information started to surface as she, my ex-wife to be moved MY family in with a complete stranger to me.

With no recourse of action other then to accept her decision of divorce and try to keep a close relationship between myself and the children holding strong for them as a father I managed to have custody of them in my home 4 to 5 days of the week for the first year or so.

One day while they were at my home with the children being about 2 and 5 years of age I over herd the older son calling her now live in boy friend dad. Obviously this drew some major attention to my curiosity I hesitantly ask my son why he was referring to him as dad.

This is where my true nightmare started that ultimately cost me a relationship with both children, He the oldest of the 2 children informed me his mother told him, My mom told me she knew him before you, he is my dad you are not.

I questioned the mother about this, she in fact admitted most allegations and as well told me I would have nothing to do with either of the children, so they could continue on with their lives as a family.

While going through the divorce DNA was performed, and having the truth known, it was true I was not the father of the 1st child named Douglas Martin Richardson Jr, how ever I was the father to Timothy William Richardson. obviously there was several court action to come.

Being it took me over a year to even get the blood test done being the judge fought my request of DNA I went through 3 different attorneys in my fight. some of the disturbing actions in this whole process that were committed on the courts behalf was the judge revoked my right of due process, I was denied the right to counsel at judgment of divorce. Several of my civil rights were violated that are in fact are protected under the constitution its self. about 2 and a half years into the divorce, and while the children and mother were still in fact living with the proven biological father and he as well sat in the court room she was on her way to accomplish her goal to exclude me from there lives.

Keep in mind this has been in the courts now for about 3 years, I as well discovered my to be ex-wife and this very same man had a child 9 months before I met her, I was informed the father wanted nothing to do with the child so it was given up for adoption. at about this time struggling to see the children being visitation was being denied for about an 8 month period my to be ex-wife went through her attorney to the friend of the court and made a offer of no visitation and no child support, It was my attorneys recommendation to go along with this and later file a motion to gain visitation on my biological son Timothy.

It was also a recommendation of the courts to honor my wife’s proposal. being the older son knew he was living with his real dad he soon wanted nothing to do with me. So I agreed to this offer as told I should do. My ex-wife to be had her attorney draw up the paper work and the friend of the court, her and I as well as both attorneys signed as agreed. The judge wanted it brought before the courts for signing purpose only. He the judge at that point did a complete 360 on the agreement, he ordered health care and child support and as well revoked my visitation rights. while this whole time the children and my ex-wife were living with the known biological father of the oldest child.

This is the way it remained for some 10 years, she had won, real case of parental Allianation and supported by the courts. I have paid as ordered the whole time and let it ride being I had been beaten down by the courts and feeling the children would be better off if I threw the towel in because of the constant fighting back and forth.

In 2001 the mother moved out of the home they have lived in for some 10 years and left the children with this man, both not only his son but my son as well. I was not notified until almost 5 months later by the courts that this had occurred. The courts granted him custody of both children, his and mine. The courts also put a change of payee on the case with the child support order, they have changed it to him, Yes you are reading this right I am now under a court order to not only pay this man for his own son but mine as well. It is now 2006 and I have began a quest for justice in the family courts, not only for my own family but all families.

Just recently we went back to court on a new motion I filed to put an end to all this, after about 3 hours in court the wife and her attorney folded under the constant battle of the truth, they agreed to eliminate all past due arrears and stop any future payments as reported by the news, how ever I still have to pay the state of Michigan and the county friend of the courts office some almost $1500 to put a complete end to the nightmare.

This is the settlement that was aired not only in the local news but nationally. on April 6th my attorney faxed over the settlement agreement after drafting it. I as well received a letter from the friend of the court stating they would notify me when they are ready for me to come in and sign it. On April 10th I received a letter from the courts, keep in mind they were part of this agreement in the court room. The letter I received from the courts was a garnishment on my wages, an original order. that would in fact place me in the same boat of paying the biological father once again, and doing so over the agreement and settlement that once again was my ex-wife’s idea.

This is a true story of Paternity Fraud, parental alienation, unjust enrichment and several violations of my constitutional and civil rights that has in fact stolen my biological son and has been in full support of the family courts. You can verify my story by simply searching out my name on the net (douglas Richardson paternity fraud) in any search engine. I am supported by several Senators and members of congress as seen in the news Via Video link. You are as well welcome to contact me directly for any help I can assist you with in any fights.

Name:  Debra Root Location:  Cherry Hill, NJ

Email Addr:   dusty6873@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Keith, 1993

Date Separated:   2000

Nothing pending in court.

I am a non-custodial mother. I know that when I say this most people start thinking “she must have been a bad mother to lose her child.” I admit that before I lost my son, I felt this way, too.

Fast forward to the present: My contact with my now 12 year old son, Keith, is limited to one telephone call a week. I am also allowed to visit him twice monthly in a “Safe House” (supervised visitation facility) in Houston, Texas. Did I mention that I live in NJ? That I work as a second-year teacher and that half my income is garnished for child support? (I got behind when I returned to school to get my teaching credentials). Did I tell you that I am ordered to pay child support FOR LIFE. My son has a mild case of autism but he has been in regular classrooms making honor roll since age 4. My ex-husband’s attorney wrote the order this way as a means of saying “thanks” to my ex who was able to spends thousands on legal fees to separate me from me son.

Of course, I could not afford an attorney and was not offered one. I was not offered a jury trial, either. I was ordered to pay all my ex’s legal fees because I had the nerve to petition for unsupervised visitation. I was also order to pay ALL travel expenses to visit my child in Texas.

While still living in Houston, I submitted to this humiliating process called “supervised visitation.” After moving back to NJ to live with my mother, I have only been to see my son once-that was 3 years ago. With my income and child support obligations I simply can not afford the travel expenses.

The way I look at it, I got a “life sentence” and will not be able to see my son until he is 18

(6 more years). What in God’s name did I do to deserve this? I confess that I wrote a few nasty emails to my ex husband’s new wife. She was a former friend of mine and I felt betrayed because she launched her campaign to marry him and have a baby while we were still married. She got what she wanted (my husband and a baby right away) but she has always been jealous of me so she went for my jugular.. She didn’t want my ex paying me child support (a small amount considering his 6 figure income and considerable assets). And she wanted my child as an insurance policy so if my husband ever left her, he would have Keith and she would keep her new baby.

So, she accused my older son of sexually abusing his brother which never happened and was never proved. Even the so-called experts were skeptical. What DID happen is that my older son told Keith about sex and he started acting out. Fooling around (no touching) that was blown way out of proportion by 2 greedy and vindictive adults.

During this time, I quickly started to see that how the system works. The judge was hostile to me and the psych evaluators dragged things on as long as they could which increased my travel expenses considerably. I complained about this which did not endear me to this team (lawyer, judge, psychologist). I expressed disdain for these so-called professionals which was not wise but I was losing my son and I was angry and heartbroken. Did I mention that my son told the psych evaluators that he wanted a relationship with me and his brother and wanted to come to NJ to see us? That he was not appointed a GAL?

I am a devoted teacher. I have been involved in a wonderful relationship with a man for the past 3 years. I drink very moderately and do not “do drugs”. I do suffer from depression from time to time, but I take medication and go to therapy which keeps it under control. This was used against me in court. I was even asked if I paid my taxes while working overseas? Now what does this have to do with my fitness as a mother??? I am a fighter but I see no hope in my case whatsoever. I have no faith in the judicial business, er, system. Speaking of faith, I have lost most of that as well. But, if able, I will certainly help others.

Name:  Daniel Graham  Location:  Fountain Hills, AZ

Email Addr:  dangrahamtheman@msn.com

Children/Birth Date:   Jennifer, 1986 &Christopher, 1989 & Matthew, 1991 & Andrew, 1994 & Jordan, 1997.

Date Separated:   July 8, 2000

No legal action pending, save that CP must agree on a reunification therapist for the process to recommence.

Since the separation began in July 2000, Mother (custodial parent) had free hand in how the visitations would go. Sometimes there, sometimes one child, sometimes no one there at all. I asked for an enforcement of the visitation plan. A dispute assessment was ordered. In April 2001, the Court ordered reunification to begin, without supervision but monitored, based on a graduated process. Although the first reunification therapist (RT) agreed to a fee-for-service arrangement, she changed that after speaking with the custodial parent (CP). I could and still cannot afford an attorney nor a large ($1500.00) retainer fee. I found another RT who would, again, do a fee-for-service arrangement. Again, after visit with CP, he asked for a $3000.00 retainer fee. Informing the Court of my financial situation resulted in the current status we are in. The Court ordered that until Mother and Father agree on a therapist, reunification would not take place. That was in December 2002. All gifts and letters are returned either vandalized or unopened. Calls are either not accepted or not returned.

If their mother could not agree on anything while we were married, what made the Court think their Mother would do so now?

It has been over five years since my mental health issues were resolved. I am gainfully employed, remarried, am current on all my child support. I have no substance abuse issues, never been drunk nor arrested. I was an above average father while in the home. Somehow, some way, while not being able to visit with my kids, I have become the source of their ruin and wreck. Their are convicted felons, murderers, drug dealers, perpetrators of assault, all manor of misbehaving parents who get to see their children.

Mother has failed her children miserably by denying and depriving them of a father who would do all he can for them. Mother believes there is not enough child support I could pay her, and has said so in the presence of a Court Conference Officer. She is bitter over the divorce and is using the children to somehow exact vengeance. She complains that it is so very difficult to raise five children on her own. Yet, she refuses to allow me to help. All she wants from this father is currency. She cannot see the ramifications of her choices. As a result of this, the children are deprived of the influence of a good man, a good father, a provider and protector.

I am not savvy on legislation, marches, political actions. I just know how I feel as a father whose children have been forced to feel it isn’t a good thing to see or be with their own father. Shame on their mother for allowing her personal issues to get in the way of being a good mother.

Name:  Isidoro Rodriguez Location:  Alexandria, VA

Email Addr:  isidoror@earthlink.net

Children/Birth Date:   Isidoro (March 1989)

Date Separated:   June 7, 2002

CURRENT STATUS: Isidoro Rodriguez, and Isidoro Rodriguez-Hazbun v. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, et al., U.S. D.C. No. 03-0120 (filed January 27, 2003); U.S. S.Ct Docket No. 05-1059, filed February 20, 2006, and related motions, concern my Son’s and my litigation: (a) to promptly secure of my parental right to visitations under a valid Agreement as mandated by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia under VA Code Secs. 20-146.25, .29, and .35 of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act,, as well as by Congress in accordance with Article 2, 11, 19, 20, 21, and 29 of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, Oct. 25, 1980, 42 U.S.C. Secs. 11601(a) & 11602(1) and (7) of the International Child Abduction Remedies Act; and Congressional Joint Concurrent Resolution 293 of May 23, 2000; and, (b) the awarding of monetary damages due to malfeasance in office, including by Federal and Virginia judges, by their assistance in a criminal conspiracy with the common purpose of concealing the felony of obstructing the parental rights in violation of 18 U.S.C. Secs. 4, 371, 1001, & 1204.


As a civil rights and liberties attorney, I have been litigating in the Federal Courts of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th, D.C. Circuit, and Tax Court, during the past 30 years. During this period the Federal Judicial Branch, acting outside of its jurisdiction and judicial capacity have developed and implemented judicial polices that have deprived U.S. citizens of their fundamental “substantive rights,” which Congress mandated protected, The Rules Enabling Act, 28 U.S.C. Sec. 2072(b).

Based on Federal judicial policy, the Executive Branch has been permitted to expand at the expense of the fundamental rights of the individual. The Federal Courts have done this through implementation of the policy of the expanded use of unpublished decision, the denial of jury trials in civil actions, the expanded use of summary judgement and creation and use of Magistrate Judges to decide issues of fact, the doing away with attorney’s pro hoc vice practice so to control attorneys who practice before Federal judges. In sum during this period in civil actions the Federal Courts have done away with their duty under Article III of the Constitution to be both separate from and to review the actions of the Executive Branch. Thus the Federal Judicial Branch not only fostered the close working relationship of judges with the attorneys of the Department of Justice, but more problematic to the protection of civil liberties, the only way to become a judge is if you had both worked for and had been approved by the DOJ, i.e. the most recent Supreme Court appointments.

Now as a nurturing and loving father, and possibly because of my successful litigations against the abuse of federal authority, I have again encountered the above abuses of the judicial branch in my litigation to protect my residual parental and visitation rights under a joint custody agreement entered upon bing divorced. These rights are to be protected under Virginia and Federal statutes, the Virginia & Federal Constitutions, and a Treaty. However, the U.S. State Dept., U.S. Dept of Justice, the Federal Court, and Virginia Courts, in furtherance of their the illegal policies have acted outside of their jurisdiction and judicial capacity, and ministerial authority to defy the mandates of Congress and the General Assembly of Virginia.* (Indicates end note) Obviously, the securing compliance with the legal mandates of Congress, and the General Assembly of Virginia is a general public policy concerns affecting the rights of all fathers, and not just a question of the illegal violation of my rights as a father in this specific litigation.

Thus I have requested the Governor of Virginia, and President Bush, to respectively direct the Attorney General of Virginia, and the Solicitor General of the United States to file a response to my Son’s and my petition for certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.**

I note that I written the President since January 2002, regarding DOJ and State’s obstructing my rights as a father. To this end, I opposed the nomination and confirmation of Chief Justice John G. Roberts because he violated 18 U.S.C. Secs. 4, 371 and 1001, by making intentional false statements to Congress,*** see http://home.earthlink.net/~isidoror/ But the record confirm the fact that as a U.S. citizen parent whose Son has been wrongfully retained abroad in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1204, I have been placed in the worse position by the Executive and Judicial Branches of Federal Government because they do not permit my Son as a U.S. citizen return home to the U.S., or refuse to secure visitation as mandated by both Federal and State law.****

I stress that my son and my challenges to the violations of the Bush Administration, as well as the Federal and State Judiciary, is not based on any disrespect, but rather a belief in the limitations on government under our Constitution—-because if the Bush Administration, and Federal and State judges, acting outside their jurisdiction and judicial capacity, can disregard the substantive rights of U.S. citizen fathers with impunity–as well as deny the ability to challenge their actions, then they have unlimited power and this in itself is a violation of the Constitution and the right of all citizens of the United States.*****

Very truly yours,
Mr. Isidoro Rodriguez
Member of the Virginia State Bar, and Waiver Application into DC Bar pending
Northern Virginia Office contact information:
2304 Farrington Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 22303-1520
Hard line Telephone: 703.317.0526; Telefax: 703.960.0225
Cell Phone: 703.470.1457
E-mail: isidoror@earthlink.net
South American/Caribbean Office contact information:
The World Trade Center-Barranquilla
Calle 76 No. 54-11, Suite 313
Barranquilla, Colombia, S.A.
Telephone: 011.575.360.5288/360.5291

END NOTES *Isidoro Rodriguez, and Isidoro Rodriguez-Hazbun v. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, et al., U.S. S.Ct Docket No. 05-1059, filed February 20, 2006, and related motions, concern my Son’s and my litigation: (a) to promptly secure of my parental right to visitations under a valid Agreement as mandated by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia under VA Code Secs. 20- 146.25, .29, and .35 of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act,, as well as by Congress in accordance with Article 2, 11, 19, 20, 21, and 29 of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, Oct. 25, 1980, 42 U.S.C. Secs. 11601(a) & 11602(1) and (7) of the International Child Abduction Remedies Act; and Congressional Joint Concurrent Resolution 293 of May 23, 2000; and, (b) the awarding of monetary damages due to malfeasance in office, including by Federal and Virginia judges, by their assistance in a criminal conspiracy with the common purpose of concealing the felony of obstructing the parental rights in violation of 18 U.S.C. Secs. 4, 371, 1001, & 1204.

**The precedent to support this request is Katia Gutierrez de Martinez v. Lamagno and DEA, 115 S.Ct. 2227; 132 L.Ed.2d 375 (1995), wherein the Solicitor General sided with my position, in a case I argued and won. ***A motion was filed under 28 U.S.C. 455 (b)(5)(I) & (iv), disqualifying Chief Justice in participating on this case because he is a defendant, based on his violation of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001, by making false statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding my Son’s and my litigation to secure visitations: Statement of Nominee Justice John G. Roberts to position of Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, August 1, 2005, to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Question 20, Party to Civil Legal or Administrative Proceeding: State whether you, or any business of which you are or were an officer, have ever been a party or otherwise involved as a party in any civil, legal or administrative proceeding, If so, please describe in detail the nature of your participation in the litigation and the final disposition of the case. Include all proceedings in which you were a party in interest. Response: I am a named party in Rodriguez, et al. v. Nat’l Ctr. For Missing & Exploited Children, et al., 03-cv-00120 (D.D.C. filed Jan. 27, 2003), appeal docketed, No. 055202 (D.C. Cir. May 23, 2005). I was added as a named defendant–along with eight other judges on the D.C. Circuit, Chief Justice Rehnquist, and several judges form other circuits–in plaintiff’s First Amended Complain, filed on March 8, 2005. On March 31, 2005, the District Court of the District of Columbia dismissed the action with regard to the defendants in the original complaint, and ordered the amended complaint stricken. A notice of appeal was filed by Mr. Rodriguez on May 23, 2005. According to published judicial opinions in the matter, Mr. Rodriguez is a Virginia resident with ties to Colombia. He lived in Colombia for mush of the period between 1987 and 1999 and there fathered a child, Isidoro, in 1989. In 2001, Isidoro and his mother visited Mr. Rodriguez in Virginia. Hear the end of the visit, Mr. Rodriguez would not allow Isidoro to return to Colombia and filed a petition to modify custody in Fairfax County, Virginia court. Isidoro’s mother answered with a suit in federal district court for the Eastern District of Virginia under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction; she won, and won again on appeal. Mr. Rodriguez now alleges a conspiracy on the part of numerous federal and private defendants to deprive him of his constitutional rights.

****See Thomas A. Johnson, “The Hague Child Abduction Convention: Diminishing Returns and Little to Celebrate for Americans,” NYU Journal of International Law and Politics Annual Symposium, Celebrating Twenty Years: The Past and Promise of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, New York City, February 25, 2000. See also, Foretich v. United States, Civ. Action No. 97-0929 (D.D.C. Jan 13, 2002), reversed on appeal, 351 F3d 1198 (D.C.C.A. No-02-5224, December 16, 2003)[there the courts delayed consideration of the merits of the father’s claim filed in 1997, for more than four years until 2001, when the minor child had reached her 18th birthday, to declare that the father’s custody rights under a court order had ended].

—- below added 4/12/06

Before the United States Supreme Court, Docket No. 05-1059, Isidoro
Rodriguez, Esq. and Isidoro Rodriguez-Hazbun vs. National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children, et al.

story:: Greetings:
I add to the submission filed on March 18, 2006, to state that on March 21,
2006, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that the
Courts of the States, i.e., Virginia, and/or the United States Department of
State, and its contractor, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children,
are the responsible governmental entities mandated by Congress for securing
parental international visitation rights under Treaty and UCCJEA.
Thus, undersign counsel and his Son’s litigation for more than three years in
both Federal and Virginia Courts to secure visitations and to impose penalties
for malfeasance in office, which is now before the United States Supreme Court
has a first impression decision confirming these mandates by both Congress and
the General Assembly of Virginia (See below Supplemental Brief filed on March
26, 2006). Finally, it is my interpretation the Treaty gives legal force and
effect to both parents risidual rights.
No. 05-1059
Petitioners Isidoro Rodriguez (?odriguez-Father?, and Isidoro Rodriguez-Hazbun
(Isidro-Son), pursuant to S. Ct. Rule 15.8, files this supplemental brief in
support of their pending petition for writ of certiorari.
Rodriguez-father and Isidro-Son, brings to the Court? attention the decision
issued this past Tuesday by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth
Circuit in, Sarah Claudia Aragon Canter vs. Andrew Cohen, 4th Cir. No. 05-1609,
March 21, 2006, regarding the limited jurisdiction of the federal courts and the
mandate of securing visitations pursuant to the International Child Abduction
Remedies Act (“ICARA”), 42 U.S.C.A. ? 11601-11611 (West 2005), and the Hague
Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (“Treaty”),
Oct. 25, 1980, T.I.A.S. No. 11,670, 19 I.L.M. 1501.
In Canter, a citizen of Israel filed an action in the federal court in Maryland
seeking the enforcement of custody and visitation rights. The District Court
dismissed the visitation claim for lack of jurisdiction. The Fourth Circuit
affirmed, holding that the federal courts are of limited jurisdiction (A-12)
[reference to the page of the 4th Cir. decision in the Appendix], and neither
had jurisdiction under the Treaty nor ICARA, to affect the merits of parental
rights [see also discussion by dissent at (A-24)], nor did the federal courts
have jurisdiction to consider a petition by one parent to secure visitation
rights against another.
Directly on the point to the issue before this Court, the Fourth Circuit held
that to securing of visitation rights was the responsibility of the Central
Authorities under the Treaty. The Fourth Circuit stated,
?e note that our decision does not leave the Appellant without a remedy for the
exercise of her access rights. The Convention does not prevent the Appellant
from filing a claim for visitation in state court under the state? visitation
law [citation omitted. Additionally, as discussed above, the Appellant may file
a petition with the [Department of State and the National Center for Missing &
Exploited Children (?xecutive Branch?] pursuant to the Convention in order to
address her access claims. (Emphasis added)(A-23)?As the record shows, this was exactly what Isidro-Son and Rodriguez-Father have
sought to do since January 27, 2003 (see our Biog. (URL):
http://home.earthlink.net/~isidoror/ ):
First, by seeking the issuance of a writ of mandamus to the Executive Branch to
compel their compliance with their ministerial duty under Article 2, 11, 19, 20,
21, and 29 of the Treaty, 42 U.S.C. ?11601(a) & ?11602(1) and (7) of ICARA; as
well as the Congress? Joint Concurrent Resolution 293 of May 23, 2000; and,
Second, pursuant to VA Code ?20-146.25, .29, and .35 of the Uniform Child
Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (?CCJEA?, as well as the Treaty and
ICARA, by filing petitions with the Virginia Courts to secure visitations.
However, in response the Executive Branch, as well as both the Federal and
Virginia Courts, for the past three years have denied that the mandates of
Congress and the General Assembly of Virginia to secure visitations existed. For
o Respondent-Defendants Stephen John Culled and Miles & Stock bridge who argued
in Canter that the federal courts were to secure visitations, are the same
Defendants in this action who for three years have argued to both the federal
courts and the Virginia Court that the right to secure visitations does not
o Judge Richard W. Roberts held without any explanation, and contrary to the
facts, that the NCMEC was only a nonprofit, and not the independent contractor
?nstrumentality of government,?responsible for securing visitations. But See
Cantor, [the Fourth Circuit noted this relationship of the Executive Branch (A-
o Judge Richard Roberts and the Virginia Courts illegally in violation of 18
U.S.C. ?1204, stripping that Rodriguez-Father of his rights based on Judge T.S.
Ellis III ordering Isidro-Son returned to the Republic of Colombia.
On this latter point, relevant to Rodriguez-Father and Isidro-Son efforts for
the past three years to secure visitations subsequent to Judge Ellis III order,
the Fourth Circuit confirmed that it was the District Court duty to ?raft a
remedy within the context of the Convention?to ensure the exercising of
visitation rights. (Emphasis in the order)(A-20).
Thus Isidro-Son and Rodriguez-Father have been repeatedly deprived for more than
three years of their rights to visitations in violation of 18 U.S.C. ? 4, 371,
1001, and 1204, these governmental entities, employees, agents, attorneys, have
obstructed with Rodriguez-Father? parental rights.
Based on the analysis in Canter, it is clear that since his being shanghaied to
Colombia on June 11, 2002,for more than three years Rodriguez-father and Isidro-
son have been illegally denied their right to visitations under a Joint Custody
Settlement Agreement entered in August 1997, in violation of the Treaty, ICARA,
and VA Code.
Furthermore, based on the analysis in Canter the Executive Branch and Judicial
Branches of Federal Government, and the Virginia Courts, have acted outside of
their jurisdiction, as well as judicial and ministerial capacity.
In summary, because it is alleged that due to their on going malfeasance in
office there have been violations of 18 U.S.C. ?4, ?371, and ?001, by the
obstruction with Rodriguez-father parental rights in violation of 18 U.S.C. ?1204, this Court must grant certiorari.
Dated: March 26, 2006
Respectfully submitted,
Isidro Rodriguez, Esq.
Attorney of Record for Petitioner
Admission to the Bar of
The United States Supreme Court 1992
2304 Farrington Avenue
Alexandria, Virginia 22303-1520
Telephone:703.317.0526/Cell phone: 703.470.1457


Name: Debi Harry  Location:  Waterford, WI

Email Addr:  dharry@seedsofhealth.org

Children/Birth Date:   Alberto (1990)

Date Separated:   Jan 26, 2006

Pending final placement order on march 22, 2006.

I am a member of the “system”, a master’s degree social worker for 20 years. I have always defended the system and helped my clients to navigate it as I have believed in it to be a system that works, but in need of improvement. After becoming a part of the system myself and experiencing the unprofessionalism, the quick judgments based on a few questionnaires, 2 short meetings, and a court decision, my son was placed with his father 50/50.

 I was divorced in 1999, and the original order was alternate weekends with time during the week at his discretion. His dad rarely exercised his rights to visitation and now 7 years later when all the work is done and our son is now 15, he has decided he wants his son. I hired an attorney to help me during such an overwhelming time in my life so that I would have a stronger voice in what was happening. Because of all I have done through the years to be the best I can be (ie: parenting classes, divorce counseling for my son and I, coached his football team for 2 years, drove him to all practices, attended every game, conference, appointment, dance, chaperoned for events, volunteered for school parent organizations, monitored his school work which is no easy task for a kid who is creative in avoiding it) everyone told me I didn’t have to worry.

The false belief was that his dad’s bad choices and lifestyle would definitely lose him the ability to be in charge of his son’s life to that degree. Then I was introduced to Morganne MacDonald(GAL) and Judy Savage-Berndt. The moment I met the GAL, I knew that whatever her baggage and bitterness was about, it was about to impact my life in the worst possible way. I was actually having to defend my right to parent my son!! Apparently, my ex who has had to be forced through too many to mention contempts of courts to do his share as a parent could just walk in and say “hey, let me try parenting my son”. I now understand why my clients are bitter, hostile, and resentful.

 I left feeling beat up and hopeless. I was asked to explain 15 years in 30 minutes, while being constantly interrupted by rude comments, eye rolling, smacking lips and being cut off midsentence. This woman has impacted many lives in the same way. Has anyone else had this experience? As part of being a social worker, I am an advocate and part of changing the wrongs with the system. How this woman practices is thoroughly and unbelievably harmful. I have already heard from 4-5 families who have had the same experience within a short time of asking around. I’m looking for more. It’s time to quit complaining about what has been done to us and to take action.

These people have bosses to answer to, ethic committees to answer to and themselves to answer to. Numbers can’t lie and be misconstrued as bitter losers who can’t deal with the courts decisions. I had a stack of documents that was 50+ pages proving the things that go on at my ex’s house when he has my son. They still felt it “was in his best interest to temporarily live with his dad to see how it goes” Would they take that chance with their kids?!? No! but they do it with ours!! Just when it couldn’t be bad enough, in walks Judy Savage Berndt who also just went with it at the last moment (she actually told my lawyer that) and decided to try 50/50 to see how it went.

My son was currently failing school and engaging in concerning activates during the weekends with his dad due to lack of supervision and structure. But in she walks and makes that decision. You all are familiar with the home questionnaires that you have to have 4 “references” fill out right? Like anyone is going to pick people who are saying questionable things about them. Come on! Get off your asses and do surprise home visits! See how the families truly behave, live and interact when you just show up. They relied on questionnaires and a 30 minute visit to determine our families lives.

Of course my 15 year old son is going to go where he can get away with the most. What kid wouldn’t want to live life with few to no rules. They gave him his wish under the guise of being in his best interest. I agree he should see his father as often as he can, I just know and have evidence to support, that he can not and should not be in charge of the daily life of my son. I even had teachers submit letters about my involvement with school-nothing! Again, has anyone else had this experience? I want to take action, I want to let the powers that be know that these women are harmful to the families they impact and that they are misusing the priviledge of their jobs to rip apart families and change the course of their lives forever.

Please contact me if you have had an experience in Racine County courts that has been similar to mine. It’s time to take action and create awareness so that changes can happen. The system needs work, but it takes all of us to make that happen.