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Below are more stories of families unjustly separated by the “system” without representation of counsel and/or a Jury of their peers (our goals for reform). The starting page, with an index, is here. These people have volunteered their stories so that everyone can understand the true damage being done, and also, so those who may be experiencing your own personal “nightmare” may realize — you are not alone!  We want you to hear them in their own words. We can’t vouch for the accuracy of these tales and we hope you’ll understand the bitterness and frustration you’ll read.  The anger is directed at people involved, but the real source of all these issues is a system that has failed to recognize and protect fundamental Family Rights.  Many times it encourages & rewards needless conflict between parents.

Name:  Myra Hicks Location:  Ft. Myers, FL

Email Addr:   titdgh@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date: David Asbury 1990, Vincent Brooks 1994, Grant Hicks 1998, Hannah
Hicks 1999

 Date Separated:   Oct 3, 2003

In Dec 2000 my children, niece my mother and I got a knock on the door. The social worker wanted to see my children. She said she had gotten a report. I was told later by the person who had called it was to help us, but instead it didn’t.

They took it to court in Jan 2001 knowing there was no abuse/neglect of neither five of them. After court I received a letter to such. They bullied me and my family. Forced us and threatened me to take my children in 2003. The worker made false accusations to take my 4 children and niece without a court order.

I have been called names, I had child support taken, my rights & my children’s rights taken and my children adopted out.  I have missed Christmas, birthdays etc. Someone else has my memories. I’m told to suck it up and get over it.  I can’t.

My attorney failed to file in a timely manner.  My appeal got denied.  I have spent the past 5-6 yrs begging for help. No one to help us. I have written documented proof my life has been torn apart.  I don’t know if my kids are alive okay or not. They still want $4,000 in child support and threaten me if I dot comply. I just want my kids our story to be told.

Name:  Diana Hurtt-Boatright Location:  Corpus Christi, TX

Email Addr:  mom6boat@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Mathew (1999)

 Date Separated:   2004

As a mother is breaks my heart to write this, but I feel that this may be the only way to find some hope. My story is one that some people call unbelievable, but let me assure you that it is very much true, I am living this nightmare. I was married to a man in South Carolina who I thought was my soul-mate we had a son.

It was a difficult pregnancy for me maybe because I had waited until I was 39 to start a family. The last 2 months I was placed on strict bed rest and he was a preemie when I delivered him on January 7, 1999, by emergency c-section. Call it ignorance I thought that I had found the man of my dreams so it was natural to suggest he be named after his father Matthew John Hurtt. A few months after he was born I found out that my husband had been having an affair with someone I called a friend.

After we divorced they married and stayed in South Carolina I was living in Texas. Then came the custody battle it took years, a Guardian Ad Litem was assigned to represent my son, JoJo (the guardian) had even made a trip to Texas to visit my home ( I had remarried). He (JoJo) had informed me that he was recommending Matthew (my son) to be returned to his mother ASAP. He felt that if custody was awarded to the father he would do everything to alienate me (his mother) from his life. After years of getting ready for court which was in South Carolina, in the middle of an 8 day trail the Guardian passed away.

The judge ruled that his report was not permissible because the Guardian could not testify. Up until then I knew that I had won the case, you see I had my Guardian Angle and he was making sure that Matthew’s well being was voiced. But after finding out the devastating news and years of fighting for custody of my son my dreams, prayers, life had shattered. Matthew no longer had a voice and the judge awarded custody to his dad. I lost all faith in ‘The System�’. I thought that ‘The System’ did not care who had more money but as they say ‘Money talks’.

I could not understand the decision, I was a stay at home mom and my kids mean the world to me. I am a good mother, not out in the clubs, no drugs, or alcohol problems. I could not bare it and wanted to appeal the verdict but we could not afford it. The court ordered that, I was to see my son on Spring Break, Holidays, and of course phone calls. I am now divorced and have a daughter (who I have custody of). I had moved to South Carolina to be closer to my son who I saw every other weekend. And he has always told me that he wanted to be with me, I promised my son never to give up and that some day our dreams would come true. After spending time with me he would cry because he didn’t want to go back to his dad’s.

Times got tough and in Dec. 2007 I had to move back home (Texas). I have tried to contact Matthew the only way I know, that is to call his dad’s cell phone (leaving messages on his voice mail), I don’t have a home listing and not sure if they have a home telephone. So his dad has all the control and he refused to let me speak to him. I am not sure if that is the correct number. I have mail cards with my number on it so that Matthew, who is 10 now, can call but I am sure that they discard them.

I have tried to email him and they have deleted his account (again I would have to go through Matt). I don’t know if he is ok. Looking back at what the Guardian had feared is exactly what has happened they have ALIENATED me. His report was not taken to consideration. Knowing that the Guardian had spent years on the case gathering information. Recommending Matthew be returned to his mother A.S.A.P. was thrown out the window, meant nothing.

I can’t imagine what they have said to my son, how he must be hurting. It rips into soul. Even though the order states that neither party shall talk negatively about the other. Why should I believe the order is being followed when nothing else has? How is he doing? Does he feel that I have abandoned him? It is inconceivable to me, that this little boy is being told hurtful things about his mother, to gain control and have me out of the picture permanently.

I have a right to talk and see my son. I have the right to know how he is doing. I made a promise to him ‘NEVER TO GIVE UP!!!’ .. I am pleading that you find it in your heart to help a little 9 year old boy and a loving mother reunite. It has been 9 months and they have not allowed me to make any contact with him. My concern is that he is hurt, ill or abused (mentally and verbally) and I have no way of knowing. Even if my son wanted to contact me he may fear his father’s reaction. Thank you for your time, Diana Hurtt- Boatright Son’s information and last known address: Matthew John Hurtt, …Beaufort, SC 29902

Name: Lacey Walhood  Location:  Vidor, TX

Email Addr:  pinkheavenwind@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Keigayn  1995, Emma 2005, Jason Jr. 2007

 Date Separated:   Oct 26, 2008

I am currently fighting in court to regain custody of all three of my children. My struggle has been long, but I’ll try to make this brief. In 2005 I gave birth to my daughter, Emma. Soon after we where released to go home Hurricane Rita struck. We where forced to relocate to Houston and stay in a shelter of approx 250 people. I was terrified. I am ashamed to admit it, but I began using meth to stay awake while my children slept. ( several men had already been arrested for sexually abusing children at the shelter). I felt like I just couldn’t allow myself to fall asleep.

We where shuffled around for a few months and then found an apartment. I knew I had a problem but I was scared and ashamed. Soon after, my mother was diagnosed with cancer so I returned to our home town. We had no home so we where placed in a FEMA trailer and then forgotten. I was very depressed, I didn’t know it at the time but I was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. I begged for help, calling every agency I could think of. Each response was the same, they wanted to know if my children had been removed by CPS. When I told them no they all replied that I didn’t qualify for any funding.

Then in July of 2007 I went into the hospital due to irregular bleeding and was informed that I was expecting and that I was at the end of my second trimester! I was terrified at the thought of hurting my poor defenseless infant. I immediately told anyone who would listen about my problem. It got me nowhere! Luckily I was able to get in to see a specialist ob-gyn ( she was my mothers cancer doctor). We sat down and I confided everything to her. Even exaggerating slightly so that any possible treatment available would be given. I even went to Houston to have a schedule 2 ultrasound of the babies heart. Because there was no help to be found, I began the painful process of detoxing all by myself. My doctor was great, she set me up with counseling and saw me weekly. She stopped whatever she was doing any time I called and spoke to me personally.

In October 2007 I went into labor. At the hospital I was given a urine drug screening and the results confirmed that I had not taken anything illegal. I did have trace amounts of a prescription sedative, but my Ob was aware of that. A few days later a nurse came to visit me in my room and she told me that my son’s nurse had ordered a meconium drug screening. My Ob explained that a meconium test would go back much further, to approx my first trimester. The results of the test did show trace amounts of meth, but my Ob and I where expecting that it would. The following day I was released from the hospital and went home.

That afternoon I received a visit from CPS. The investigator immediately began drilling me with questions that at that time made little sense. She said that she was there to offer me “services” for my “problem”. I was fuming! Now, after it was of little consequence I was being offered “services”. I simply informed her that I did not need any of her services, and that I had a physician who was already meeting all of my medical needs and was aware of any medical concerns I had. The investigator asked if I would be willing to send my children to stay with family while she worked through my case. I told her no. The following day she returned and said that she had gotten a copy of my son’s drug screening and that she wanted me to begin a “service” plan.

I attempted to explain to the girl that she apparently had gotten her facts twisted, and that I had already received the help that I needed. I understood her reason for concern and I explained the entire situation to her. During our conversation my mother stopped by and was quickly drawn in to the conversation. She began defending me and verified everything I had told her. The investigator said that she only needed to finish verifying the information and asked if I could stay with my mother while she finished up. Trying to show my willingness to cooperate I agreed and left that very afternoon with my mother. A week later the same investigator showed up at my mothers house very early in the morning and began beating on the door.

She demanded to see me and the children right then. So, I bundled up my son and came to the door. I told her that my daughter had spent the night at her great-grandparents and she would be home that afternoon. I then let her look over my son to confirm his safety. She said that she had been by earlier that week and no one had been home. (We had a dr.s appt) After she was done she left the property and I assumed all was fine. Within an hour she returned with the police. She said she was their to take my children and place them in foster care.

First I asked her why she wanted to remove the children. She said that because we had not been home earlier that week she could not verify that I had not been left alone with my children. I told her she was nuts and that her logic was very far fetched. Then I asked to see her warrant authorizing her to do such a thing. I also asked the police officers to see their warrant giving them permission to enter my property and kidnap my children. No one had a warrant or any legal document for that matter. The investigator said that she didn’t need one, and the police where clueless as to what they where doing. I told each of them that they would have to kill me first because I wasn’t going to just turn over my family at her request.

I was arrested and thrown in jail. My children where placed in fostercare and I wasn’t even allowed to see them. Sense that day, I have been ordered to begin a state funded rehab and I have not been allowed to see my children but once. I don’t know how long this is going to drag on. It seems there’s no end in sight. I can barely breath my heart aches so badly. CPS stole my heart, the very reason I exist. Can no one help me?

Name: Chuck Miller  Location:  Copake Falls, NY

Email Addr:  coriesdad@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Samantha Ann Miller, 1994

 Date Separated:   Dec 24, 2001

Rescinding of mothers rights and establishing guardianship court date is 10 10 07.  I was accused of child molestation by means of malicious mother syndrome and parental alienation syndrome on 12 24 01 as a result of my daughters’ words. I went to court several times and spent thousands of dollars to prove my innocence. I was exonerated in 2003 by the county court and requested a fair hearing by the state of New York to remove my name from “the list”. My name was removed and was found innocent by the state of New York in 2003. My ex wife is addicted to cocaine, heroin, and pharmaceutical drugs,s he’s been arrested several times yet I’ve done nothing wrong. It is now 2007 and I still can’t see my daughter. SOMETHING IS WRONG.  Please help me, my daughters childhood was stolen from me.

Name: Stuart Meltzer  Location:  Brooklyn, NY

Email Addr:  stu9esq@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:   Emilee 2000, Jeremy 2003

 Date Separated:   Oct 3, 2007

Decision by Judge Robert A. Ross just handed down. The breakup of my marriage resulted in my battle with my wife simply to co- parent our two beautiful children and have parity in time. As an attorney I thought that this would not be difficult when I was served with litigation two years ago. However, my wife has refused to be fair and I have now been personally and negatively effected by a trial presided over by a Judge who operates his Court, not for the “best interests of children”, but as a business to enrichen local lawyers, forensic “doctors”, law guardians and more.

He purposely adjourned the forensic doctor’s trial testimony numerous times when one day would have been sufficient to finish. Each adjournment resulted in costing the “monied party” (me?) thousands of dollars. Our DRL allows a Judge to basically steal college funds and marital assets at will. The NY legislature would be wise to cap how much money a Judge can award for Counsel/other fees absent extraordinary circumstances. Now this Judge in my case has issued a decision distorting the evidence and purposely lying in order to create a decision which tears my children away from me and better sustain Appeal.


YOU WILL FIND MY NAME AND PARTY ON THE BOTTOM ROW OF THE BALLOT THIS NOV. 6, 2007: Stuart Meltzer, Esq. for Nassau Family Court Judge. Epilogue: Unfortunately, the Judge in my case has decided to award custody to their mother and limit my time with our 2 children to every other weekend which equals 4 full days day per month. This cookie cutter approach is a disgrace to any parent who was an equal parent in terms of time, love and involvement. In addition to non-violent protest, everyone who cares about children should get involved in politics and VOTE for those candidates who support the good family ethics discussed here. Regards to all. Stuart Meltzer. www.equalparentingparty.com

Name: Kyung Trotter  Location:  Jamaica, NY

Email Addr:  kyunglt@msn.com

Children/Birth Date:   Kiara Celeste Ayres / 1999

 Date Separated:   March 4, 2004

In a sentence the system failed me. My case was heard in the Circuit Court of Newport News Virginia. The presiding over the case allowed my child’s paternal grandparents to add themselves as third parties petitioning for visitation, but time proved that their actual intentions were to attack my character from within the case thus making my ex’s chances of gaining custody greater. Although I, my career and finances suffered tremendously, I still retained custody of my daughter.

I started a tour overseas one which I was allowed to take my daughter with me. My ex was serving in Iraq when I left on official orders. Before I left, I had my attorney file for a modification of custody and visitation. After I left the motion was mysteriously “cancelled.” To make a long story short, my ex arranged an ex parte hearing instead and was granted sole custody of my daughter. I was granted a rehearing eight months later and the judge ruled that he would retain custody as I was a soldier, subject to deploy and therefore, not able to provide a stable environment for her- even though I was a primary care provider for the first 4 years of her life.

Since then my ex has hopped from state to state avoid any steady jurisdiction, because he abandoned her in 2004 and only came back to retrieve her once he learned that I had moved to the state where he was. He has gone out of his way to alienate me and no lawyer wants to take my case without an arm and a leg retainer. Meanwhile I have constantly give me daughter the strength to understand why I can’t bring home immediately.

It’s time to push Family Law Reform to the forefront of legislation. It’s time to take our children back

Name: Cynthia Millen   Location:  Gaffney, SC

Email Addr:   cmillen@charter.net

Children/Birth Date:   Brandon MILLEN , Jan 1994

 Date Separated:   1999

My son is 13 and stands 6’4 and still growing. I have complete custody of him. My ex is ashamed of Brandon because he is deaf (from birth). Brandon does not let this stop him. He does whatever he wants to. (He is also mute). I have put my ex in jail in Nov.,March, and we are going back before the judge in May. He is suppose to pay $160.00 every 2 weeks, but he won’t. I am disabled, so I really need my child support. He knows this, but does not care, because Brandon is not “perfect” to him because of his deafness. My child is smart, and so loving. So in May I’ll put him right back in jail. (Brandon inherited the deafness from his father) I am a nice person, but I have no mercy for someone who is ashamed of their own flesh and blood. Also, my ex’s mom called DSS and told them my child does not live with me. Boy, did my blood pressure climb that day. I was going to beat her senseless, but I am better than that. What goes around, comes around. It’s only a matter of time.

Name: Angela Moss   Location:  Meherrin, VA

Email Addr:   acm563@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Elecia Marie Hartman July,1999

 Date Separated:

It is a shame that after all these years the actions of abuse against marie are continuing. Shame on you Darlene for not stepping in and protecting your grand- daughter as you call her. I cannot believe the lies you told in your story but we all know the truth and it is not you I am here to vent against.

We know your issues as well as you know them and our parents have did nothing but bend over backwards for you all of your life so why don’t you step up to the plate for a change and be the sister I used to know. (Lets clear up something, YOU gave Maries mother Tracy up for adoption, no one stole her from you, and YOU allowed Tracy to be molested because YOU ignored her when she told you her Dad was molesting her, YOU put her in the situation so you could go out and whore around..but that is a whole other story)

This is about Marie who is now almost 8 years old and is still telling her tales of extreme perverseness by this sick person who is her parent. But guess what Marie is old enough now that things will be changing here shortly. I take satisfaction in knowing that once Bob is in jail then the other convicts will give us the justice we need. Oral sex on a minor is a crime, fondling of a minor is a crime, making the child run around naked in the house so you can see her nudity is a crime, laying on top of her on the bed telling her she is going to enjoy sex is a crime, telling her he is going to make a woman out of her is a crime. Making her pose in a bikini and taking suggestive pics of her is a crime.

He is sick and twisted, he thinks he is too smart to get caught but things are waking up and people are taking notice. It is a shame that you Darlene Pitts are so willing to sacrifice this child for your own sick vindictiveness against a family that loves you. YOU ARE MY SISTER AND I LOVE YOU!!!! but I hate what you are allowing to happen to Marie. I stood in WalMart and I begged you with tears coming down my face to please protect Marie for me, our own mother was foolish enough to think you would but I told her you wouldn’t that your heart was full of revenge. MCV says this child was molested, their recommendation was no contact with father. Lunenburg DSS felt child was molested, they were placing a restraining order but Pr Ed blocked it because they allowed the incident to occur in the first place and they know the county will be sued. Shame on all of you. HALL OF SHAME??????????? That doesnt begin to describe it!

Name: Tamara Wheeler    Location:  Palm Desert, CA

Email Addr:   StolenSeedz@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:   MACKENZIE MARIE-JEAN WHEELER 2000

 Date Separated:   August 30, 2004


Name: John Fleming    Location:  New Brunswick, NJ

Email Addr:   JohnFlemingMPS@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Anita Fleming 03/1998, Joseph Fleming 08/1995, John Fleming Jr. 08/1993

 Date Separated:   4/7/2003

Mother/wife captured on video violently beating children and husband while having lesbian affair and planning divorce.

Video download: http://johnflemingmps0.tripod.com/user/mov/MotherAbusesFamily.mpg
Video page: http://johnflemingmps0.tripod.com/p17.htm
Main home page with entire story: http://johnflemingmps0.tripod.com/

Name: Adrienne Bradford    Location:  Saugerties, NY

Email Addr:   arb1022@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Alexandra (1995) and Alanna (1997)

 Date Separated:   2003

He wants supervised visitation on me, and I want custody back.

I am a non custodial mother. I lost residential custody of my children in September 2003. My ex husband was awarded custody based on the fact that he took the children to the doctor’s once in a while, and because his mother and father were the primary caregivers. This is documented in the custody evaluators report! I was the one caring for the children every night after work – feeding, bathing, playing – everything I could do considering I was a working mother.

My attorney at the time told me that I couldn’t fight it as the judge in our case always went with the evaluator’s recommendation and my attorney told me that I didn’t have enough money to retain him through a lengthy court battle. Three years later, he has attempted on three separate occasions to get full custody and supervised visitation. I was just served again on Saturday, February 25th. I was in the process of having my own petition written, so we are going to court again.

His is full of lies, nonsense and more lies. Mine is based on facts, backed by letters and emails. He remarried last fall, and now is trying to get the children to accept this woman as the real mom (the children have told me this) and they are very upset. I am hoping that we go to trial. I am ready for the truth to come out. We are requesting a Lincoln conference for my eldest daughter as she is nearing the age of majority (12)and can finally have the chance to tell the judge what is really going on. They want to come home, but no one is listening at the moment. All I want is a chance to be heard, and for this family court system to do the right thing.

I have posted my story on a support group on line – http://www.nancm.com/ . Thank you.

Name: Dianna Smith    Location:  Phila, PA

Email Addr:   starr19140@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:   Emmit Smith

 Date Separated:   July 2005

At the last hearing they stated that their goal is changing to adoption.   On October 17, 2002 DHS should have had their case thrown out and been laughed out of the courtroom when David Bromberg read off his evaluation which contained many he say she say statements, he stated that the school counselor, Eva Friedman verified the allegations that were witnessed by the school teacher, Denise Toliver.

With Judge Wolf presiding this report was instead upheld and my son was adjudicated dependant based on comments made by this he say she say psychiatrist.

Judge Wolf ordered that I receive drug and alcohol counseling after reading off a negative urine test. David Bromberg stated that I should have to do whatever is recommended in order to have my child returned to me and his statement that amounts to kidnapping replaced the Constitution to Judge Wolf.

On June 20, 2005 three social workers stated they wanted visits with my son terminated visits because they don’t communicate enough without the criteria that they need to make such a request, either that my son stated he didn’t want to see me or that I was a danger to him and therefore should not have gotten anything that they asked granted.

Judge Dibona ordered that visits with my child be changed to a psychiatric facility with no Constitutional basis, therefore this order is in violation of criminal codes. I stated that both psychiatrist’s in my case committed fraud and he granted this unconstitutional and criminal order David Bromberg who DHS build their case against me with stated that my son should not be with me because I was accused of molesting him, after he conducted an evaluation which found this allegation to be untrue. In essence he stated my evaluation is meaningless yet my son was adjudicated dependant because he stated he did not recommend my son be returned to me at the time.

On June 20, 2005 parenting classes were ordered just for the asking in same hearing when stated our goal is going to be changing to adoption. The adjudication of my son amounted to kidnapping in US criminal codes and now I was ordered to go to parenting classes when they stated they have no plans to return my child to me.

Name: Amanda Donehoo  Location:  Thomaston, GA

Email Addr:  pursacat@hotmail.com

Children/Birth Date:   Elijah Donehoo,  July  2005

 Date Separated:   July 2005

I gave birth to my third son Elijah on July 7 2005. DFCS took him from me on July 8 and wouldn’t even allow me to nurse him. The reason they took him was because I hadn’t completed my case plan with my other two sons. Although it could not be substantiated, I was charged with child deprivation.

Currently I have seen my son for three hours since he was born. I have to finish my other case plan with my other two sons before I can get him back. I missed out on all the new born/mother bonding  and they deprived my baby of me nursing him. It’s horrible that they can take a baby from his mother’s arms for no reason at all\ . Not even the guardian ad litem could see a reason to take him. But they did. Now I not only cry and scream in agony every day for losing my older two sons, they took my little Eli too.

Name: Bill Brantmeyer  Location:  Tamarac, FL

Email Addr:  daklane2000@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Lane 1992 & Dakota 1996

 Date Separated:   Feb 2003

Dear Attorney,

I had spoken with you via email a couple of months ago and I am writing once again in hopes that you can help me. After speaking with a law enforcement official I would like to bring to your attention some new information. He advised me that when an attorney and her client lie on a findings of fact and enter it as evidence to the court that it then becomes perjury, which is a chargeable offense, and that in itself is, or rather should be, enough to dismiss the rulings of the court and receive a new trial. I am in possession of the necessary documents to prove that my ex-wife and her attorney perjured themselves in order to sway the court in their favor.

Doesn’t judge Nicks have a constitutional obligation to protect the my rights, and my children’s rights, against false allegations? I would like to relay once again how one sided my situation has been from the beginning. In the divorce decree the court declared Kim to be a more credible witness (so then are they saying that I’m a liar?). The judge ruled that I have NO alcohol or drug issues that affect my ability to work and pay child support, then completely ruled the opposite at the placement hearing saying that I must have an alcohol and drug assessment before I may even speak to my children.

I would like to let you know that I do NOT drink nor do I use drugs! I have NEVER been arrested nor charged with anything related thereto. Judge Diane Nicks totally disregarded any letters from family and friends as well as documents that supported my case. I will not even get into how uneven the property settlement division was as that is not my objective at this point. I followed the recommendations of the supposed unbiased GAL and made myself available via telephone, and notified the court of my phone number, so I could participate in the October 8th 2004 placement hearing.

But, the court made NO effort to allow my presence in that manner. They did not call, nor did they give me a phone number so as I could call at that specific date and time, thus excluding me from the hearing! I also have billing records of numerous conversations that the GAL had with Kim. She only had 2 with me. How is this unbiased, or objective to the children’s needs? The court HAS NOT sent me their rulings of the placement hearing, nor any information on my rights to appeal, or the time I had to appeal, etc…….. How is it that the Wisconsin courts can use “in the best interest of the children” standard only to obviously ally themselves with the court favored parent, thus supporting parental alienation syndrome?

The majority of the rest of the states use that standard only after proving that the children are in danger. I would like to add that there have NEVER been accusations or allegations of harm, abuse, or neglect of my boys by myself. So, this is obviously one parent placing her own wants over the children’s needs. So, looking at “the best interest if the children” standard how is it even remotely in their best interest to not even be able to speak to their father on Christmas, birthdays, etc…..? How many of my rights, and my children’s rights, must be trampled on before someone will take notice and help?

I have numerous letters from my boys. They are wishing and begging to see me. Kim has taken it upon herself, not on any therapeutic recommendation, to stop the boys therapy. Thus proving her own agenda, and disconcern, for the emotional well being of the boys. She has punished a 12 year old boy for stopping by his father’s work to see him, and forced a 7 year old to ask permission to wave to his father when driving past him on the street. All this is done with the state’s support! Why does it seem that I am the only one truly concerned for my children and their well being and future? I am by no means trying to portray myself as a perfect individual. I have made many mistakes, which I have never denied, nor am I proud of, and have paid the price in full. I was however a great father and until the courts found it in their great wisdom to prevent me from continuing to do so, I still would be.

I am a father who wants nothing more than to be that. I love my boys more than life itself and want nothing more than to have as normal a relationship as possible, to know my boys and for them to know me as their father. I am sure the response to this letter will include; perjury is ok as long as it is done by the favored parent and her attorney, the court can violate your rights and those of your children and that’s ok (we’ll just call it “judge’s discretion”), so therefore you have no recourse for the emotional pain and distress we have placed on you and your children.

Just give up, conform, or go away. I can not, will never do this. These are my children. I want to believe there are still good people in this world and somewhere there may be an attorney who will fight the good fight and do what is truly in “the children’s best interest”. I also think that given the above information, it proves that my children and I can by no means get a fair hearing before Judge Diane Nicks. The state of Wisconsin likes to quote “a father for every child”, but yet does not hesitate in my case, as well as many others that I have found in my research, to do the opposite and disrupt, tear apart, and alienate fathers from their children. Once again, in most any other state in this great nation, it would not have come to a father who has never (nor would ever) hurt, abuse, or neglect his children having to go years without seeing and speaking to his children without the threat of going to jail.

I have learned that it is virtually impossible to get a different judge, even when the one who has presided has proven to have no use for the US Constitution or Bill of Rights in her courtroom. So, am I mistaken when I understand this to mean that you can not get fair hearing in the state of Wisconsin? I cannot, and will not believe that when our founding fathers wrote the constitution and set up the legal system that they had in mind that a judge could make such tyrannical rulings with no recourse ability. I do not believe that they had the intention of a government official who could unreasonably interfere with family. I guess this is why many states have adopted a policy of “the state cannot unreasonably interfere with the sanctity of home and family”.

In closing, how one-sided can a courts rulings be? How can a court/state hold one’s children hostage and the ransom being the parent conforming to the desires of the favored parent? What constitutes cruel and unusual punishment? In a country as great as ours, in the times that we live in, how can this go on? Does this not seem barbaric? I can only see this as state supported kidnapping. The greatest travesty of justice in America today is that which takes place in the family court system. More so in the state of Wisconsin than any other.

Thank you for your time, and thoughts. Bill

P.S. I will be making a few changes to this letter and sending it to…

1. Fl Gov Jeb Bush ( the Gov of my state of residence)
2. Wisconsin Gov James Doyle ( gov of the boys state of residence )
3. As many media outlets as I can.
4. As many fathers/childrens rights organizations as possible.
5. Any other I may feel would support a fathers cause.

Name:  Coral Anika Theill   Location:  Beaumont, TX

Email Addr:  coraltheill@hotmail.com

Children/Birth Date:  Rachel Ellen Warner, 1/31/79, Sarah Renee Warner, 1/31/79, Aaron Michael Warner, 5/5/83, Theresa Marie Warner, 7/10/85, Joshua Paul Warner, 1/20/88, Rebekah Anne Warner, 6/23/90/, Hannah Rose Warner, 7/8/92/, Zachary David Warner, 7/13/95

 Date Separated:   3/10/1996

Court jurisdiction: Marion County Circuit Court, Salem, Oregon, Judge Albin Norblad: (Please read about my judge at my website: http://bonshea.com

I have attended 38 court related hearings in the past nine years. Since I am destitute and homeless, I have represented myself since 1997. My ex-husband has used the court system to legal stalk me since our divorce. I lost all my eight children March 10, 1996, including my nursing baby when I sought safety and a divorce from my husband. I have been sued for child support for the past 9 years, sometimes twice the amount that I can earn (I have a disability). Last year my ex-husband appealed the last court hearing decision to the Oregon State of Appeals. I wrote a 65 page legal brief in response. He lost his appeal, I just learned. The continued court trauma has exhausted me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. My spirit is well.

I wrote my true life story in my published book, BONSHEA: Making Light of the Dark by Coral Anika Theill. It was published in January 2003. You can read reviews, comments, information and the first chapter at: http://bonshea.com

These are my thoughts regarding the loss of my children.

On March 10, 1996, I was forced, by an Order of the Court, and by my ex-husband, his attorney, his family and religious supporters, to do something that raged against my good conscience, my common sense and against all my motherly instincts. After a temporary custody hearing, a Court Order signed by Judge Norblad forcibly removed my nursing baby and two youngest children from me. I obeyed the Court Order and gave my children over to my ex-husband. I drove to the hospital, rented a breast-pump and later collapsed and went into shock. I could not understand what had happened and why. I have not yet recovered from the shock; perhaps I never will…. Mr. Warner and his attorney, Mr. Lawrence, were pleased… they had taken away my children. They did not know, though, that they would never be able to take away my soul, my dignity, my inner joy or my freedom-those things that are a part of our sacred ground. No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this, we are ! truly free.”

(Excerpt from BONSHEA)

No one can explain why I am denied visitation or custody of my children, other than it is a game of “spousal revenge and judicial injustice.


by Coral Anika Theill (mother of eight lost children)

After surviving years of childhood and marital abuse and neglect, a woman suffers a mental/nervous breakdown and physical collapse. While in a near catatonic state, the woman is physically assaulted and raped. She becomes pregnant. Toward the final stages of her pregnancy, she recovers from her breakdown. Although her body is frail, she is healthy emotionally and mentally. She births her baby. Baby and mother enjoy bonding and breastfeeding. The mother cherishes her newborn son. After undergoing several psychiatric tests and evaluations, her physicians state that she is well.

Her abuser, the father of the child, manipulates the judicial system and seeks custody of the baby. With intervention from the religious community and testimony about the mother’s prior mental history, the father is awarded custody of the nursing infant. The mother is ordered to pay her attacker/abuser child support, is sued for his attorney fees and no longer is allowed contact with her child. When the baby is abruptly taken away, the mother goes into shock. The “father of the child” has committed a crime against the mother according to Oregon statutes and laws (Chapter 743, Oregon Laws 1971, 163.375), but is embraced and rewarded in our judicial and religious system. The victim becomes the criminal. I am this woman; this baby is my child; and the father of this child is my ex-husband.

I was “groomed” to accept abuse and violence since I was a young girl. I had no other reference in life. As a young child I learned that abusers were embraced and protected. There was no help, nowhere to go and no one to tell. I learned at an early age to accept and survive abuse. This was the game I was expected to play. Sadly, as an adult, I have discovered the rules of this game have not changed much. My abusers, still, are embraced and protected. I realize now that I am getting too old and worn out to “play” this game any longer. Recently, I looked deep inside for the “tough girl” to help me survive another episode of violence and abuse-but sadly, I could not find her. She was all used up. She was gone. Long-term abuse had left my senses blunted. I felt numb.

After experiencing forty years of violence and abuse in my personal life, I went to Oregon’s courts for help and protection from my husband. Nothing had prepared me for the horrors that I would experience in what we call “Oregon’s justice and legal system.” On March 10, 1996, I was forced by an order of the Court, and by my ex-husband, his attorney, his family and religious supporters, to do something that raged against my good conscience, my common sense and against all my motherly instincts.

After the temporary custody hearing, a Court Order signed by Judge Albin Norblad forcibly removed my nursing baby and young children from me. I obeyed the Court Order and gave my baby and children over to my ex-husband. I drove to the hospital, rented a breast-pump and later collapsed in shock. I could not understand what had happened or why. I have not yet recovered from the shock, perhaps I never will.

Dr. Clarissa Estes writes, “A culture that requires harm to one’s soul in order to follow the culture’s proscriptions is a very sick culture indeed.” I think this is true. By obeying the Orders of the Court, I betrayed my soul, my children and myself. I was forced to make a choice that no mother should ever be forced to make. The price for my own safety and freedom was an imposed, unnatural and unwanted separation from my eight children.

The injustice committed against me is not just the physical separation from my children, but the willful desecration of the mother-child relationship and bond, a sacred spiritual and emotional entity. Forcibly taking a mother’s children, and then controlling her emotionally by withholding contact must be publicly recognized as one of the greatest forms of “mis-use” of the American justice system and one of the greatest hidden vehicles for wide-spread socially approved physical and emotional abuse and control.

I wish to become an advocate for change in the judicial system. Gandhi says, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” I believe each one of us is responsible for the entire world. The ongoing trauma I have experienced in Oregon’s judicial system has encouraged me to ask difficult questions.

I have asked myself, ‘What does the human spirit need in order to heal and move on?’ They need a place to share their pain and be acknowledged, they need compassion, they need to know that they (and others) will be protected from their perpetrator, they need accountability–someone to hold the perpetrator accountable, they need restitution or material compensation for the losses incurred by the victim, and they need vindication (not revenge)–to be set free. Scars remain, but healing is sufficient so as not to continue to be held in bondage to the trauma. When there is no justice, there is truly no healing.

In the “Lord of the Rings” the warrioress says, “I fear no pain or death.” The warrior asks her, “What do you fear?” She answers, “I fear the cage.” I have asked myself, “What is the cage in my life?” The cage is living in a society that allows the violence I have experienced to continue. The cage in my life is ongoing court trauma and legal harassment from my ex-husband. Marital abuse evolved into legal abuse, a form of legal stalking. In America, money often buys justice. Although I have been legally divorced for seven years, I hope and pray that someday I will truly be emancipated from my abuser.

I have witnessed ongoing suppression, control and violence perpetrated by organized patriarchal religion and our judicial system. Our judicial system needs “our voice” so that injustices that others and I have suffered will not continue to occur. I want to be an advocate for individuals who have also fallen through the judicial cracks of America, i.e., juveniles, homeless, the mentally ill, veterans, prisoners, and victims of violence. I have learned that if you really want to know about our justice system in America, you do not question the judges, police, attorneys and lawmakers, you go to the victims, the unprotected, the vulnerable; those who need the laws protection the most and listen to their stories. A victim’s first scream is for help; a victim’s second scream is for justice.

One solution to stepping out of the cage is to empower oneself through education and use one’s education to help raise awareness of violence and injustice in our society. If violence cannot be talked about, it cannot be stopped. From the injustice I have experienced, I wish to make a difference in this journey we call “life.” A single pebble affects an entire ocean.

Review by Chief Deputy District Attorney
John Haroldson, Benton County Courthouse,
Corvallis, Oregon

“Casting religion in a negative light, can often invite a strong reaction mixed with accusations of heresy and un-Godliness. Such reactions can have a chilling effect on those who might wish to express a negative human experience, namely domestic abuse, where religion has been used as a vehicle to enable the abuse. In BONSHEA, Coral Theill confronts this troublesome dynamic in an anecdotal account, which underscores the degree to which religion, and the legal system, can be used to enable systematic domestic abuse. In doing so, Coral Theill has ventured into relatively uncharted territory in a manner which may well draw detractors, but at the same time offers great validation for those who find themselves entangled in an abusive relationship buttressed with religious justification. In addition to broaching this form of religious distortion, BONSHEA also illustrates the degree to which the legal system can also be used as a vehicle to further perpetuate abuse even after the v! ictim has chosen to take a stand against the abuse. In BONSHEA, Coral Theill has clearly chosen to take a courageous stand. It is a stand that comes with a cost, but whose dividends are measured in the strength of the soul.”

John Haroldson, Chief Deputy District Attorney, Benton County District Attorney’s Office Corvallis, Oregon

I continue to envision a healed and whole society. I continue to pray the highest good for all.


Coral Anika Theill Author, Victim Advocate and Mother
P.O. Box 6611 Beaumont, TX 77725

Name: Kimberly and Anthony Lazzari   Location:  Naugatuck, CT

Email Addr:  elmo531us@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Justin Farina 10/24/1997 & Hailee Lazzari 10/27/2003

 Date Separated:   9/23/2004

DCF won’t give us our Two children back because DCF is hiding a child abuse crime committed by Arthur Lazzari for a second time.

This is a true story and a very serious matter. Please feel free to respond back ASAP. We (Kimberly and Anthony) are seeking for an individual to bring our family story out to the public so that other families having difficulties with our corrupt court systems could be heard nationally. For example: the story in Florida with that 9-year-old girl who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and then maliciously murdered by a registered sex offender. Now in another state Iowa another 10-year -old girl is abducted, sexually assaulted, and then murdered by a registered sex offender. Our court systems have failed these family’s and now in Connecticut, CT DCF is failing to report sexual abuse of a child and refusing medical attention for a victim of sexual abuse. Parents shouldn’t have to go to this extent just to get sexual predators/pedophiles off the streets but we will even go further than what we have done already to finish the job appointed to us by GOD. That is our mission.

Our 7-Year-old son is a victim of sexual abuse; the Perpetrator Arthur Lazzari was arrested in July of 2003. The sexual abuse case was never brought to trial and was recently nollied by the New Haven prosecution on September 17, 2004 yet the child Justin is still consistently disclosing the sexual abuse incidents in counseling to this day. Prior to us (Kimberly, Anthony, and Hailee) taking our child (Justin) to Bristol Hospital the GAL Attorney Anthony Wallace from the criminal court case in New Haven contacted DCF and DCF has been harassing us non-stop since March 17, 2004 along with the police about the sexual abuse case while the criminal court case against the perpetrator Arthur Lazzari was still pending in the New Haven Courts.

On August 12, 2004 New Britain and the Waterbury DCF filed neglect petitions saying we were neglecting the child (Justin) because of the sexual abuse yet they (DCF, New Haven Courts, and the Waterbury Juvenile Courts) have more respect for the perpetrator Arthur Lazzari in the transcripts from the New Haven courts instead of the child (Justin) and the State of Connecticut proved it when the New Haven Prosecution nollied the case on September 17, 2004.

Justin was already in individual counseling starting on July 30, 2004 for the sexual abuse, shortly after our son was put into counseling for the sexual abuse the neglect petitions were filed in the Waterbury Juvenile Courts by the Waterbury DCF. DCF along with the court officials from the criminal court case against Arthur Lazzari has done nothing but slander our family (Kimberly, Anthony, Justin, and Hailee) in the DCF file calling our son Justin a liar and saying our son is mental. DCF is trying to take away our Parental Rights with no evidence of neglect to cover up both incidents of child abuse of our child (Justin) and DCF never reported the second incident of sexual abuse to the Police and it’s been 6 months with no medical attention for our son Justin either. ! This is a cover-up. Please read on…

On September 22, 2004 our 7-year-old son revealed a second incident of sexual abuse with the same Perpetrator Arthur Lazzari. Our son (Justin) disclosed that when he went with his maternal Aunt’s (Kristy Lagace and Carrie Albright) on several occasions his aunts along with DCF allowed the same perpetrator Arthur Lazzari to have access to Justin and Arthur Lazzari continued to sexually molest him again. Justin’s Aunt Kristy Lagace asked us (Kimberly and Anthony) if she could take Justin for the day and Kristy told us that Justin was going to go play with his little cousins, Kristy Lagace was supposed to be taking Justin to the movies, and taking Justin to the park. We (Kimberly and Anthony) had no idea the sexual abuse was happening again until Justin disclosed it on September 22, 2004. Justin said his anal area was bothering him and it looked extremely abnormal. I (Kimberly) knew something wasn’t right so I took pictures of Justin’s injuries before we (Kimberly, Anthony, and! Hailee) brought Justin to Bristol Hospital because Justin stated that DCF was going to take him away for telling.

When DCF seized our children out of Bristol hospital on September 23, 2004, DCF and the hospital staff discriminated against our religion by saying we were delusional for praying and believing in God. The Waterbury DCF and Bristol hospital never gave our son any medical attention, never referred Justin to a sexual abuse clinic and our children (Justin and Hailee) were immediately taken out of Bristol hospital and placed in a foster/safe home. Our children are begging to come back home and the Judge refuses to release our two children and the State of CT/DCF have no evidence of neglect or abuse against our family and the children are being held hostage by DCF and there is no imminent danger in our home. On September 23, 2004 The Department of Children and Families and Bristol hospital staff stated one of the reasons why our two children were seized unconstitutionally was because DCF and the hospital staff reports the parents present with bizarre and erratic behaviors due to our religious beliefs (Christianity). The hospital staff stated that we were praying, reciting scriptures and religious references.

On September 23, 2004 we brought our son Justin to Bristol Hospital because Justin disclosed in detail that his Maternal Aunts (Kristy Lagace, Carrie Albright, Jen Bosquet, and their friend Kate Mullarky) and other state officials (New Britain DCF worker Melissa Garden, Waterbury DCF worker Gladys Ferrer-Hernandez, and GAL Attorney Anthony Wallace) brought Justin back to the same perpetrator Arthur Lazzari and Justin’s aunts (Kristy Lagace, Carrie Albright, Jen Bosquet, and their friend Kate Mullarky) and the state officials allowed Arthur Lazzari to sexually abuse Justin again. Justin’s Aunt’s (Kristy Lagace and Carrie Albright) would pick Justin up on several occasions to go and play with Justin’s little cousins, go to the movies, and go to the park. Well come to find out Justin’s aunts were bringing Justin back to the same perpetrator Arthur Lazzari. When we rushed Justin to the Bristol hospital because of personal injuries on Justin. Waterbury DCF ripped both of our children out of our care with no imminent danger in their surroundings. Waterbury DCF and Bristol hospital never referred Justin to a sexual abuse clinic and the injuries that Justin has on him are going un-treated and un-reported to the local authorities.

On September 30, 2004 – Kimberly Lazzari and I (Anthony Lazzari) signed all court ordered services in the Waterbury Juvenile Courts and have completed all court ordered services without any substance abuse problems or mental health issues. The New Haven prosecution has access to the child (Justin) right now and refuses to talk with Justin claiming that the case is too weak to re-open against the perpetrator Arthur Lazzari. That proves our first point. The entire DCF refuses to report the second incident of the sexual abuse to the local enforcement authorities. Kimberly’s sister Kristy Lagace aided the perpetrator Arthur Lazzari and brought Justin back to the same perpetrator Arthur Lazzari and Justin was re-molested again. DCF also showed up at Kristy’s house. Justin has been in individual counseling for over seven months and has disclosed this in details. On December 28, 2004 Justin’s counselor also reported the second incident of sexual abuse to the DCF hotline and DCF non! -accepted it. We did not know that Kristy was bringing Justin back to the same perpetrator and did not know that DCF showed at Kristy’s house either. That proves our second point. If you read the part with Arthur Lazzari’s charge information, the case was Nollied with the second incident sex – 2 with the aid of others but yet no one else was ever investigated and the second incident was never reported to the Police for a criminal investigation.

On October 1, 2004 by our two children’s old Pediatrician (Dr. Banack’s office) our daughter Hailee was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress while in DCF care from being ripped away from her parents and on January 3, 2005 Justin was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress from repeated acts of sexual abuse by Arthur Lazzari and because of on-going threats made to our family. Our son has lost alot of weight Justin is also missing big teeth since DCF took him out of Bristol hospital on September 23, 2004 and we are concerned about our son’s well being because it’s been 6 months and our son is being denied medical attention for the sexual abuse. We (Kimberly and Anthony) have pictures of multiple head injuries and the child’s missing teeth. We are seeking someone that can and is able to attract some attention from other sources that can help our two children (Justin and Hailee). We are looking for a very determined individual who can get this child abuse that DCF is covering up uncovered.

On November 24, 2004 our two previous Attorney’s (Attorney Robert W. Shaver II and Attorney Ralph C. Crozier) both stated in a written document response to the amended DCF social study that one – The parent’s are very religious, carry bibles, and attend church regularly. These beliefs have been turned by DCF into “severe mental health concerns”, two – the mother (Kimberly) found egg-sized lumps on Justin and bruising from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet which gave rise to her photographing of these injuries causing the DCF to call the police and try to cover up his (Justin) injuries, and three – they (Kimberly and Anthony) have no trust for DCF having watched the workers twist their history into outright falsehoods, and since the taking of their children find them (Justin and Hailee) injured and hungry.

On December 28, 2004 Justin’s counselor even reported the sexual abuse to the DCF hotline, which was a non-accept by DCF. On January 6, 2005 at the Waterbury Juvenile Courts the Judge James P. Gianocchio placed a gag order on us (Kimberly and Anthony) and stated that if we (Kimberly and Anthony) report the sexual abuse to any and all state agencies in Connecticut we will both be put in jail. Sexual Abuse is a crime and it is supposed to be reported to the police immediately. Our son Justin is currently in individual counseling for the sexual abuse disclosing many details. This serious matter has been going on for six months and no one in CT will help our family. Our children are being neglected and abused in DCF care. We contacted every State Official in Connecticut and not one of them has helped our two children (Justin and Hailee) or our family (Kimberly, Anthony, Justin, and Hailee) and we need your help! Please let us know that if you can help us we have alot of document! s to look over.

On January 14, 2005 we got the perpetrator Arthur Lazzari’s charge information record and it states he was charged with a second incident of sexual abuse that took place with the aid of others yet it was never reported to the police at all since DCF took our children and was already nollied with the first incident on September 17, 2004 before the child even disclosed that there was a second incident of sexual abuse. There is no past history on our part of neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse or mental health issues etc. Our children’s medical records are fantastic and our children have always been up to date medically. The Waterbury Juvenile Courts are denying our U.S. Constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial and instead they are planning to put the children in another foster home. On February 25, 2005 our fifteen month old daughter Hailee was placed in a Foster Home and the Waterbury DCF has no solid evidence against us (Kimberly and Anthony). Our son Justin ! is still staying at a Safe Home, which is called the Chapman House in Waterbury CT. The Department of Children and Families is recommending a commitment to DCF rather than a reunification.

For the past six months from September 23, 2004 to present The Department of Children and Families refuses to reunite our two children (Justin and Hailee) back with us (Kimberly and Anthony). We have been in Waterbury Juvenile Courts for about six months with completion of all court ordered services but DCF continues to fail to reunite this family back together. The Waterbury Juvenile Courts/Judges/DCF fail to state a reason why our two children (Justin and Hailee) should not be allowed back home with their parent’s (Kimberly and Anthony). We have no substance abuse problems – past and present (we have all our substance abuse results, hair and urine which were negative), no past history of domestic violence, no past history of mental health issues, no past history of psychological problems, and no past history of psychiatric problems. We have all documentation to prove our family case in the Waterbury Juvenile Courts. The Judge refuses to have case statuses and doesn’t revie! w our court ordered services that we (Kimberly and Anthony) have completed.

How did the prosecution know about a second incident before Justin disclosed the second incident to his mom Kimberly? The New Haven prosecution is involved that’s why the case was Nollied. It’s all on Arthur Lazzari’s charge information – it explains all in details. The second incident is classified as “Aggravated Sexual Assault” with the aid of others (Justin’s Aunts, DCF, Attorney Anthony Wallace, & other State officials). Attorney Anthony Wallace wrote us an e-mail stating that the case is to weak to reopen but yet now the New Haven Prosecution has access to Justin and is denying a proper criminal investigation. The DCF Ombudsman Renee Hoff stated in an e-mail that DCF could not report the second incident of sexual abuse to the Local Police because there was not enough information. By law DCF does not conduct criminal investigations the police do. DCF has 12 to 24 hours to report the second incident of sexual abuse to the local police for a criminal investigation.

These tactics by DCF and the New Haven prosecution are excuses one after another so the sexual abuse is going un-reported to the local police. That’s another point proven. An illegal “GAG” order on us (Kimberly and Anthony) just gives aid to the perpetrator and makes the judge (James P. Gianocchio) as guilty as the perpetrator himself. It is also fraud when DCF receives federal funding for children that are illegally seized. All the services that our family has done is fraud by DCF. I could send you some documents if you want to review but our case file is a lot bigger than before. Please let us know if you have any more questions. DCF can not use our religion as a scapegoat for mental issues – completely against the law. Please respond with your advice and opinion of our family case. Would you be interested in reviewing our documentation (the package that we put together). Please respond back as soon as possible this is a serious matter involving our two children. We would l! ike to set up a meeting in person to present written documentation and photographs regarding our very serious family case. We (Kimberly and Anthony) are presently in what is called “Kangaroo Court” in the Waterbury Juvenile Courts. Please respond back.

God Bless,

Kimberly and Anthony Lazzari

Name: Sydne Barker   Location:  Aloha, OR

Email Addr:  Sydsdream@aol.com

Children/Birth Date:  Alexxis Gail Barker, Mercedes Olivia Barker, Faithanne Hope Barker

 Date Separated:   3/14/2003

If I may please have just a few moments of your time I promise I will try not to take all to long. First off I want to say thank you for reading even this far! And trust me I wouldn’t be taking up your time if I didn’t feel that my situation was a worthy cause! Now my name is Sydne Gail Barker on the 15th of February 2005 I turned 22 years old and I am the mother of 3 beautiful young girls Alexxis Gail Barker on May 6th 2005 she will be 5,Mercedes Olivia Barker on the 16th of September 2005 she will be 3, and my youngest born on January 28th 2005 named Faithanne Hope Barker.

At this time I don’t have custody of any of them due to the reports my family made on me, my home , and my mother who I’ve lived with through all of this and they used money as a way to gain power and then lied about me over and over again even on more then one occasion wishing death upon me to my mother and eyes faces asking why my mother didn’t kill me when I was born and believe it or not I am nothing like what they have described.  I don’t even know 2 of the main instigators through all of this vary well and then my 2 oldest girls where ripped away from there mother there home there reigna (grandma) there dog there friends and even each other. My sister took my oldest Alexxis, and the 2 biggest figures my aunt and uncle took my daughter Mercedes (and are and have changed her beautiful name).

Somewhere in this I fell to drugs as my only companion to keep myself numb from all the pain I was in ever second of everyday and then I find out that once more I am pregnant and I had no insurance and didn’t know what to do so then when my newest baby came along We came up with drugs in our systems and while I know that should have never happened I slipped up and she was then taken from me at the hospital before we ever even came home.  Now I see her a week if I’m lucky and my oldest 2 I haven’t seen in oh so long and everyday a piece of me dies and I can never get it back with out my girls in my life and with me there mommy I am willing to fight as hard as I have to because I my have suffered from addiction but that should never be mistaken for a lack of love, care, need, and tears for each and everyone of my girls.

I have my mother waiting for the day we can hold them once more! Please if you yourself or anyone you may know can in any way help bring my family back together then please contact me or pass this message along and tell then to find me I don’t even know what the laws are regarding this type of matter! I do know that each night when at least one of my girls goes to sleep she prays for me and us and I cant bare the thought of her prayers never being answered both the other 2 girls don’t really know me all to well but it must change!! Thank you again for your patience and time to hear me out and if even one person is touched and or moved by any of what I’ve said then that’s all the closer I get to my goal! Thank you once more!

Name: Tracey Saunders   Location:  El Cajon, CA

Email Addr:  Traceys@nethere.com

Children/Birth Date:  Michelle (1992)

 Date Separated:   n/a

Jim was my friends boyfriend in high school. He was a bad apple from the word go. He used to call me late at night, and would visit me at work, and he was still with Deanna. I didn’t like him much then, thought he was kind of a jerk. Fast forward 5 years. I had just come home from Air Force duty, living with 2 other girls, and partying it up. Lots of boozing and drugs and men. Jim and I came in contact again while visiting a mutual friend of ours. I was still not into him much, but he asked for my #, and I gave it to him.

I was dating 2 men at the time. Jim was living with a woman, but had just caught her cheating with his buddy. He would come over and usually would end up drunk on the couch. I was out on a date, and I came home to find him on our back porch, on the dog couch waiting for me. He got jealous and ended up chasing my date off. We ended up together after that, bonded by breakups and booze and drugs. Didn’t last long, 4 months in total. Well, total hell. He and his friends used to slip each other drugs in their beer as a joke, and then sit back and laugh when the person would totally freak out. This happened to me eventually, and I had to split. He was living in Heroin central anyway, and I was afraid to even go over there. My mom saw that I was heavy in addiction, and sent me packing to my older brother in Arkansas for some clean up time, which is when I found out I was close to 3 months pregnant. I told Jim I wanted an abortion, but in the end I could not follow through with it. ! Best decision I have ever made. My beautiful girl was born, and I found what my purpose in life actually was – to be a mother.

I had moved back to my parents while pregnant, and went back to Medical school when Michelle was 8 weeks old. Jim, however, had been battling his addiction, and had gone through rehab, relapse, and he moved out of state when Michelle was 3 months old. He had only had a handful of visits at his parents home by then, and once he moved, he forgot he had a daughter.

He was in trouble in NC too, racking up two DUI’s in 2 years, for a grand total of 7. Child Support was court ordered in 1994, when Michelle was 2. He never paid it, nor would he talk to Michelle on the phone when she was 5 and asking about daddy. Eventually, CS caught up with him, and he ended up dealing with several contempt of court charges, just about every six months for the next several years, with CS arrears totalling over $40K. He got scared the first hearing, and begged for me to write the judge a letter stating that he had sent me $200 that month. I did, and he got a slap on the wrist, and went right back to his ways.

He came to visit his parents when Michelle was 7 with his girlfriend. They were more interested in taking trips to Disneyland (WITHOUT Michelle!) and sight seeing then visiting, but it went all right.

Jim breaks up with then girlfriend, and immediately gets involved in another, moving in with her after a month or 2. She was a single mom with 2 tweens, and she did wonders for Jim, convincing him to try to pay support, and to make an effort to get to know his daughter. I was all for it, and I got along with Shannon very well in the beginning. I was grateful to her, even though he would never change when it came to lying about sending support, or calling me a ‘money-grubbing whore’ when I would call to complain about his constant non-payment.

Paternal Grandparents are going for a visit to see Jim, and ask me if Michelle could come as well. I agree, even though it is 10 days during school time. Visit went well. A wage assignment finally hits, and all hell breaks loose. Jim claims that if he is “forced” to pay support, then he wants visitation. We are in CA, he is in NC. I felt he should come here and stay with his parents when he wanted to visit Michelle, but he wanted her there. He filed for formal visitation, ended up with 2 weeks in summer, alternate Xmas, and Spring Break, but he would have to pay all transportation costs. That ended up being the deal breaker, and just 3 months later he moved back to CA with Shannon and kids in tow.

I agreed to EOW (Every Other Weekend) and Wed for dinner visitation once they arrived, and all was well for a few months. He was getting to know his daughter, and paying child support. Jim and Shannon married in June 2002, 4 months after returning. I got along with Shannon much better than Jim, and would usually consult her regarding many issues. Eventually, this would turn into our problem, as she became the ‘primary’ parent in their household, and I became dismayed with the on-again child support delinquency and the non-involvement of Jim. This ended up with bitter name calling, email battles, threats, and eventually, court. He has since filed each year for full custody, making vile claims against me, telling my daughter what a horrible person I am, calling me disgusting names in front of her. Shannon joined in, and my daughter felt torn in all directions. So many control issues, I could not even list them, not allowing Michelle to talk to me on “their” weekends, and telling me that I will eventually lose custody of my baby girl to them, and Jim just laughed, saying I would then have to pay HIM support. Totally delusional.

What they did not count on was Michelle’s growing resentment towards them. She is now almost 13, and she is in therapy, has had mysterious illnesses, which her Dr now claims were caused by stress. Last summer, she asked that Wednesday overnights be eliminated, it was too stressful on her during the school week, and she wanted to be at home. Jim refuses, claiming that I have brainwashed her. At home, she refuses to call him, breaking down in teenage-drama queen dramatics when I try to force her to do so. She calls me every night at 8pm on the dot when she is there, and they make her feel so guilty about it. They make her feel guilty about not wanting Wed visits anymore, and she comes home stressed and tired of hearing the insults and drama they are creating.

Shannon and I came to violence last August over clothing control issues they have. She punched me in front of my daughter, and then called the police, claiming I had instigated the fight. My daughter verified that I did not hit her, she had hit me.

I filed Ex Parte in Family Court, and per their instruction, verbally notified Jim. I was arrested for violating a restraining order they had filed. I spent 3 days in jail. Charges ended up being dropped, but the Custody hearings intensified. Therapy, parenting classes, minors council and a Psych Eval all ordered. Jim failed to appear in Dec, claiming his lawyer was ill. Continued to March. At the hearing in March, he had failed to follow any of the orders, but minors council favors him much more, claiming I ‘over-communicate’ with her office. I document EVERYTHING, as Family Court has suggested I do. It backfires on me constantly with minors atty. Even though Michelle has told her atty that she really wants Wed visitation to end, she orders that it remain until Psych Eval done. Judge is not happy with Jim, and says if he does not follow the orders, next hearing he will be sanctioned, and sets hearing for 5-31-05. Minors council reschedules for 6-14-05.

Psych Eval report will not be available until all fees are paid. I am betting Jim will not pay his portion by June, and we will end up before the Judge with no report.

He is currently being prosecuted by Child Support Enforcement for 7 counts of contempt of court, unscheduled as of yet. They continue with the control issues over clothes and cell phone time. He has already been reprimanded by the judge for this, and it is written in the orders that it is not to continue, but they do it anyway, making her wear dirty clothes from the day before or her PE clothes home, so that she does not take an outfit from their home. The cell phone that was ordered by the judge for Jim to pay – pay as you go plan. She runs out of minutes, he will not replenish it for weeks, also reprimanded by the judge on this. He has now taken to calling me specifically for conflict. I refuse to pick up, and boy does he hate that!

I have, as they call it, disengaged. I refuse to let them upset me any longer, and I just try to minimize the impact this has on my beautiful daughter. I love her more than life itself, and we have a bond that cannot be broken, but Jim and Shannon continue to try. This has just resulted in Michelle resenting them all the more. We are as close as ever, and sometimes she says that it feels like ‘us’ against ‘them’. I so do not want her to feel that way, but it is our reality.

Comments:: My experience with “the system” has not failed as of yet, but I am in constant court battles with a man who completely ignored his child for 10 years, and now expects miracles. He claims that he just wants peaceful visitation with his daughter and that I interfere with that. In reality, he resents me for the close relationship that I share with my daughter. He has not bonded whatsoever with Michelle, and would rather pass the blame onto me then to blame himself over the choices that he has made

It has been my experience with the lies that Jim and Shannon tell to the courts and my daughter that I have the hardest time with. Jim professes to Family Court that he loves his daughter and wants full custody of her, yet fails to pay child support for 7 months, even though he is working (under the table). He thinks he has found the way around the much hated wage assignment. He has always accused me of just being in this for the money. Oh yea. He owns NOTHING. Not even a bank account to speak of. All in Shannon’s name to avoid lien holdings. What comes around goes around though, and eventually his day will come.

Name: Crystal Armes   Location:   Sacshe, TX

Email Addr:  kelceybelle@hotmail.com

Children/Birth Date:  Martin  (Oct 1997) & Kelcey (Dec 1997)

 Date Separated:   Apr. 1998

I am disputing the guardianship in Florida. I was an unwed mother, and gave my dad guardianship of my 2 yr old son in 1998, to go into the military.  I got pregnant with my daughter in 1998 and didn’t go into the military. I went and disbursed of guardianship that same year. My dad refused to give me my son back. All of a sudden the father of my son filed for custody in Florida, we’re Texas residents, and the judge gave guardianship back to my dad until the father and I resolved our differences. We did finally, 2 years later.
the father and I have agreed to shared parental custody of our son. we have been back to the same court on several occasions. My dad continues to file frivolous paperwork to hold up the final decision of the courts. We have been in this battle for 5 years now without any resolution. The father and I are remarried with other children. We’ve never been accused of being unfit in any court.

Through all this, I lost primary custody of my middle daughter in a divorce, because I didn’t have my son.. They used it against me in the divorce hearing.

I have gone through every resource possible. we even appealed to the Florida higher courts. They sent it back to the civil court. My father continues to file paperwork, holding up the courts, as another year goes by. we’ve submitted to the courts asking for a final hearing and they allowed my father to file for a hearing of his own, claiming guardianship can’t be dispersed if hes done nothing wrong. The law states that a parents rights supersede any guardianship. So I just sit as time passes by, with my son being 12 hours away from me, and I am allowed only visitation when my father feels fit and on his terms.

Name: Brian Horsley   Location:   Portsmouth, OH

Email Addr:  proudpapa30@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Jeremiah Horsley (June 2000)

Date Separated:  Feb. 2001

Our story is a long and painful one for my wife and I. My parents were awarded custody of our son around March 2002. This custody battle started over neglect, and an ordinary investigation by child services. The next thing we know everything blew up. Despite the fact there is no evidence of neglect has ever been proven against us. We were even cleared by child services after we moved to Ohio.

To this day we still are appearing before court, and fighting for rights to our son. Our son is is about to turn 5 and doesn’t understand why were not always around. The judge only allows us 25 hours a month to see our son. This judge has devastated us.

When my parents were awarded custody, he met with them in secret and awarded them custody. It was months later that we even found out the truth. We have no lawyer and cannot afford one. So were forced to represent our selves. So were at the mercy of the court. We have another child now and their being raised separately. They barely know one another. How is this justice for either of them?

Sincerely, Brian and Shanea Horsley

Name: Mary August   Location:   Woodland, WA

Email Addr:  rugdugbugaboos@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Harmony Grace August (Jan 2002)

Date Separated:  Oct 2002

Currently termination of parental rights, color of law adoption and kidnapping, state/cps refuse to disclose my daughters whereabouts story:

March 8, 2005, Hi my name is Mary August, I am involved in a campaign to find my daughter HARMONY GRACE AUGUST. Harmony was stolen in 2002 by cps case worker Genie Hines in LaGRande Oregon. Using criminal and fraudulent means CPS and LAGrande Oregon corrupt courts literally stole my beloved daughter. Presently http://www.motherinterrupted.us/ run by Susan Detlefsen is hosting a search for my daughter.

Susan runs a cable tv show called CHILD SNATCHERS IN OREGON. My story in on OREGON FAMILY RIGHTS, MOTHERINTERRUPTED AND has been on AFRA showing the corruption in OREGON STATE COURTS, IT OFFICIALS, AND CPS.

WE ARE PUTTING POSTERS UP EVERYWHERE OF MY STOLEN DAUGHTER. There is a long long list of crimes and violations committed against my daughter and myself. WE are working hard to EXPOSE THE MENTAL HEALTH SCAM/ CONTRACTED SHRINKS. Who they are and how they profit. Mary August

Name: Darlene Pitts   Location:   Meherrin, VA

Email Addr:  darlind06@yahoo.com

Children/Birth Date:  Marie Hartman-July 27, 1999

Date Separated:  2000

My story involves my grandchild whom I have been denied access to all because the courts never game me a chance to defend myself.

Angela Moss (my bloodsister)-Margaret Moss ( my birthmom)-Robert Moss (birth father) and my biological daughter Tracy Lyn Hartman all these names above went into the courts and told lies upon top of lies about me to keep “Elecia” Marie away from me.

I had cutody of Marie when she was 3 months old because her mother and father were having problems and felt she would be in a better environment with me caring for her. Both parents came to see Marie and when she was close to 7-9 months old my daughter and her husband were back together and wanted Marie back.

I gave her back without a fight as I felt the parents had a right to they’re child ,they deserved
another chance! My daughter was taken away from me from my parents; and she learnt how to work one against the other. I knew what it was like to have parents try to control every aspect of your life so I was trying to do just the opposite as they had done.

Not long after I gave Marie back to her parents my parents moved back here from Indiana and everything fell apart. My daughter and sister connived together along with my mom and got my son in-law arrested because he was asleep and my daughter grabbed him and he pushed her to get her off him and that’s when Angela had called the police and had him removed.

Since that time it has been nothing but a battle field and who gets the raw end of it all? Thats right my grandaughter!

She loves her daddy so much and shows him this until she is back home with the Moss’s. How I know this (you ask) Because they are doing the same thing to Marie as they done to my daughter! Angela, Margaret and Deborah (all) had told in court that I abused Marie , They made me out to be a mental case. They actually can convince you that what they say is Gospel! They didn’t want me testifying in court as I have the evidence to prove my innocence! I have proof where Angela has dealt in illegal activity and others have had to pay the price for her as she’s sly as a fox!

My dad is a holiness minister one who as a child I looked up to. I never was disrespectful to either parent until he verbally abused my young boys when they were helping him build his home in Keysville. My parents disowned me because No1- I allowed my daughter to live her life without me controlling it. I never saw my daughter only a few times as they kept her away from me. They brought her back to me when things were not going so well with them.

My daughter was of age when she came back to live with me and I took her to Soc.Security as she asked and had her take the test to prove she wasn’t mentally retarted as my parents had claimed just so they got a check for her. She actually had a job and was doing fine and her aunt and grandmother took her once again and had her declared retarded once again to receive a check again.

My complaint is I don’t understand how people like the moss’s can go tell all these lies about Robert Hartman , Soc. Services in Farmville and Lunenburg. The G_E_L’s attorneys ,Cross roads , and myself, and they don’t have to answer for this! What right does the courts have to allow certain people in a family to speak and the black sheep of the family to stay silent! Marie has had every test done to check for molestation and the results are always the same!

Her father has had every kind of examination done to prove his innocence including a polygraph. I love my granddaughter with all my heart and if I thought her father or anyone had hurt her in anyway I would be the first to speak up!!!! Yes I was raised by these people but I don’t know who they are anymore. They are so full of hate towards me as they cant control me anymore so that makes me a sinner and headed for hell in they’re eyes. I know for a fact that child protective services in Farmville done a deep investigation into these charges!

It is sad as this little girl can’t even enjoy her childhood as her great-grandmother; great-aunt are filling her head full of all this crap about her father! Its really sad that these people who are suppose to love her are doing all this damage to her mind. I wasn’t going to bother writing to this site but I have sat back much to long and allowed these people to ruin my reputation and my grandbabies’ life as well as her dads and my daughters. I know that my daughter
knows in her heart that I love her very much ! She is afraid to speak to any of us because they control everything about her. She has a sister and 4 brothers whom she isn’t allowed to associate with.

I hope you will let this on your site as I would like for my side to be told also! Marie needs saved YES (But not from her daddy or mommy) SHE NEEDS TO BE SAVED FROM -MARGARET AND ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where were they when my daughter really did get molested by her dad? My dad wouldn’t even listen as he believed in that guy. a preachers son . Maybe they are trying to make amends but they are accusing an innocent person!

Name: P.J. Stewart   Location:   Fallbrook, CA

Email Addr:  anoeHardBodyBoards@worldnet.att.net

Children/Birth Date:  Jaymes Edward York-Eck 1998

Date Separated:  Jan 30, 2004

California, Sonoma County, Family court supervised visits. Going Public with the story! Feb 7, I wrote on the side walk, I Love Jaymes, Abducted by mother 1-30-2004 Last Seen!

Our 26 and 1 half hours of trying to get an abducted son back! STUCK OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE!

Tortuous interference with the child’s custody, unclean hands, death threats against a disabled man and aggravated attempts to profit illegally by means of fraudulent child support claims. Habitual disobedience of court orders. Endangering the son’s life by pushing him into on coming traffic, attempted double homicide, custodial interference in the health, welfare and education of Jaymes Edward York-Eck, including endangering his life by stealing his medications and lying to court about it. (Short story re-cap!)

We left our area in San Diego at 5:30 pm with pizza and side walk chalk in hand! Instant pictures and video of the “CHALKING.”

Feb 7, 2005, the car died just as we pulled of I-5. That was 10:05 pm. When I had called 911, and was placed on hold while the spark plugs poured black smoke off of them, we where sure they where going to burst into flames. About 5 minutes into the phone call the spark plugs no longer looked like they would explode into flames! I-5 and 138 in the middle of darkness with a 6 year old, and a severe epileptic in tow.

I had packed snacks, water, sleeping bags and soda pop for the trip. We lived on soda, pretzels and peanuts till we got home at 7:30 pm the following day.

My sister was worried sick too! She wanted to know why I had left on a wing and a prayer! Wouldn’t you do anything in the world to try to get your child back that had been abducted? We where trying to get back Brian’s son Jaymes who is also a epileptic and endanger, because of the neglect and abuse of his mother! Jaymes is life is endanger! That is worth the risk!

Where the car died was a sand bar, just off the freeway! It was ice cold, and snow on the mountains around us. The wind in that area is biting! Trucks came by pulled in next to us, took a piss and left! 20 miles from the nearest town! 150 miles from home 300 from LiveBeatDads.US house!

We broke down at Interstate 5 and 138. FREEZING COLD, no bathrooms, no running water, and no help from, SERVICES, Fire Department would only allow us to use the phone, (No help there!) (We had cell phones!)

We begged truckers to broad cast our story on the radio trying to get some help. We where told they would not help because they would loose their jobs if they allowed someone into the truck! We called Red Cross but, we where not a national disaster! We called a taxi service that said they wouldn’t even send a taxi out to where we where stranded!

We called our friends to come get us, and they never replied! We called Pete and he spent hours on the phone for us and with us trying to get someone to come get us! Pete couldn’t get someone to come get us, but it was not because he wasn’t trying!

I would have accepted a fireman off duty, picking us up in their SUV’s, and taking us home! The fire station was only 1/3 of a mile away and Brian walked there in the freezing cold! We’d been there since 10:05 pm and it was at least 8 AM when he walked to the Fire Department!

I get really tired of people passing the buck.. Yeah someone will help you, but I won’t! Isn’t my job, I don’t have to care, I might get fired, I don’t want to risk anything for any one! That is why we are making this a one man protest with me as the press person!

Without love, you have nothing. You can not give more then you have. We have offered to help people and would give you the shirt off our back if you asked us, just don’t try to take it! We have even taken people we saw the police take their car away, back home without being asked too. (Feed them too!)

Brian is a severe Epileptic and a pioneer in the VNS implant for epilepsy. We’d gone to sleep in the car, we got about 3 hours. At one point we where woken up by a police officer. I have only one memory of him asking if we where warm, and that he’d be back to check on us. It was noon before a second officer showed up! By, noon I was frantic!

A life time, of pain teaches you to wait for it to ease. Disabled people understand pain, and that may slow them down but stop them, NO WAY! This maybe a set back, but it will not stop us!

We couldn’t get a taxi, we couldn’t get anyone’s help. We was told we could stay for 3 days, and that he wanted to take us to a motel (I had my computer and all the press equipment in the car!)and 100 pounds of paper work to take to Pete too. The car would have been towed with all the equipment inside without the means to go get it if we could afford the tow bill!

I was busy trying to get a tow truck from San Diego to come get us! The police officer then picked up his cell phone made two calls and had a tow truck coming to get us! That three hours, was longer then the then the prior 14! We paid everything we had saved up since December for this trip to get us home! Our bills are paid, our car is dead..

I know you’d might think that 450 is NOTHING, but when that is more then half of your income for a month it is a huge deal! How we are going to fix the car (her name is fat bottom girl.. -She makes the rock-N world go round!) Is a mystery! I need a new engine! One step at a time, one breath at a time, but never give up the fight! We maybe at the leading edge of this but it is starting to make a flood happen, it is anyone’s guess when this dam breaks!

We made a total seen when we got home with a huge tow truck and our car on the back of the flat bed and a woman driver putting it down on the ground! It was wonderful! Ellen Pace 1-888-SOS-TOW-U did a big job! It was wonderful, Ellen did a great job, and her husband was wonderful also!

Determined to get back Jaymes from the family abduction isn’t going to stop just because of a set back!

Take a friend, a piece of chalk and a camera and make a statement!