Grandma Murtari

A very, very special person.  Born in Italy and came “on the boat” to America to start a family. At the age of 40 she and my Dad(age 64) have a son born to them, me!  (two other children die in pregnancy).

As I consider my protest I certainly think of my mother (she is now 88) as she lives (still in her own home) in a small town. I am fortunate to have cousins to check in on her.  Here we all are with Domenic in a portrait.  Almost every summer (while Domenic is here) we celebrate her birthday (July 21, 1916) together and also make a trip to Niagara Falls.

Grandma, Domenic & Daddy

I hate to use a stereotype, but she is the classic Italian “mamma”. Still speaks broken English and along with my Dad, gave me a deep sense of faith. The mere fact that I was born to them so late in life was enough proof that “God exists” and certainly has the power (and loving interest) to answer our prayers.

She understands why I am going to Jail — Domenic is also her only Grandchild and she loves him dearly.
(Passed away in January 2006)