Financial disclosure questions from US Attorney

34 Franklin St.
Lyons, NY 14489
April 6, 2005

Dear Mr. Suddaby:
Dear Mr. Southwick:

As I was leaving my office yesterday, one of the guys told me that a female called on two occasions and identified herself as being from the US Attorney’s office. She started asking questions about me and the Company. Obviously, staff is directed not to disclose internal information and especially not over the phone. The person calling was told that and replied with, “well, we can always subpoena it if we want.”

I am not quite sure what this is about or even if it originated from your offices? Because of my public efforts for Family Law Reform I have had to keep an ‘open book’ to areas of my life where most people would like a little privacy. Obviously, for me to rightfully decline a request always insinuates ‘they have something to hide.’

I wish to offer you any and all of the information you desire. You are welcome to see all the financial and other records since the Company was started. You are welcome to see that same information for my personal life and also for my mother. It is an expensive burden for me to have to duplicate all that information and mail it to you. I would be happy to authorize access to bank/tax records.

The Company does not deal with cash. All our payments come in via check or credit card and go through our bank account. I’m happy to have the bank release the info to you. We also use ‘Quick Books’ for internal accounting; it has ALL our financial transactions. I’m happy to give you a CD with all the records we have in they system going back to 1997. The Company uses the accounting firm of Grandjean and Wagner, and one of the partners, Mr. Grandjean, has always handled our account. I would be happy to authorize him to talk to you and answer any questions you have.

All I ask is just a letter from your office requesting the info and why. If you feel a more formal process needs to be followed Costello, Cooney & Fearon represent the Company. Mr. Sam Young is the attorney that handles our legal matters. I hope that expense can be avoided.

If this happens to be about payment of the $500 fine that was imposed by Judge DiBianco; even if I had the desire to pay I do not have the money to do that. I have large judgments of public record against me personally and the pay that I do receive is mostly spent on air travel involved with seeing my son Domenic. Perhaps I should have written earlier to the Court Clerk to explain the situation and why no payments were made.

Respectfully yours,

John Murtari 635-1968, x-211