Demonstration for Reform – News Release, Feb 1, 2000


Baldwinsville, New York (Feb 1, 2000) – A local man walked into the Syracuse Federal Building this afternoon and was again arrested for his attempt to demonstrate inside the building. John Murtari has been involved in a series of prior arrests at the building, over 8 times in the last two months. Right now City Judge Thomas Higgins has had several conference with the DA and Murtari’s attorney, Mr. Chuck Keller from Hiscock Legal Aid , regarding the constitutionality of the order prohibiting him from the building – no decision appears to be in site. Murtari had suspended his efforts last week in hope of a resolution, but will now resume his actions.

John Murtari, a resident of Baldwinsville (a native of Lyons, NY), a former Air Force Pilot and Academy Graduate is doing this for the sake of his 6 year old child, Domenic, and for a general reform in the Nation’s Family Law system. He has earned the respect of many people by his personable approach to protesting – trying to imitate the style established by Martin Luther King.

Unlike many protestors he treats everyone, including the people he disagrees with – with courtesy and respect – and he finds people respond. In an unusual event last November he was actually given Court permission to demonstrate inside the Onondaga County Courthouse – carrying a small picture of his son and quietly walking the halls.

Mr. Murtari is the founder of the Internet based group Kids-Right.Org, recognized as a Human Rights groups by the editors of Yahoo. Made up of both mothers & fathers, they would  like to see Congressional hearings into Family Law Reform and passage of the Family Rights Act.  The solution the group recommends to this would involve giving the parent/child relationship the same Constitutional protections offered most criminals — the Jury.


The web site highlights the philosophy and experience of both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, two great practitioners of Civil Disobedience, who practiced a style which showed respect and love for your opponent, while demonstrating your own belief through personal Non-Violent Action.

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For more information check the web site,, or contact: (there are video clips of the last protest available).Murtari’s office can be reached at 315-635-1968,x-211

A spokesperson for the Kids-Right group, Mary Chancellor (Tennessee), can be reached
at: 423-326-0585

Text of a recent front page story in the Wayne County Courier Gazette can be seen