Children’s Rights

Submitted by Tony Blizzard


“First cause,” being a term used by Catholics–at least traditional Catholics of the past–is seldom heard by most Americans, this being a more-or-less Protestant nation. Coupled with congenitally dysfunctional educational concepts, this lack causes Americans’ thought processes generally to “begin in the middle” instead of the beginning. The result is many a logical progression of thought which unfortunately has its beginning in a false premise. This error extends to the “right sounding” demand for “children’s rights.”

Of course, the Catholic first cause is God, the real starting point to any believer, but for purposes of this forum concerning the plight of parents and children in America today, it should suffice to begin with the basic unit of civilization, the family. Because the enemies of civilization know its existence is dependent on the family, they do every thing possible to destroy families. “Political correctness” creators (p.c. is a buzz phrase for “believe our lies instead of the truth that counters our agenda”) have redefined the family to further its destruction. In his heart, all but the most gullible knows that a family is not “two mommies” or “two daddies” or a single parent or any other aberration we are supposed to accept these days as “diverse” and “normal,” as though those are not words with mutually opposed meanings.

A family consists of a man, husband to a woman, his wife, in a lifetime state of matrimony (holy matrimony to believers), and whatever children they generate together. This is now called the “nuclear” family, with the nonsensical connotation that it is just one family construction among many. The above described construction is normal because it is natural. There may be rare circumstances wherein polygamy could also be considered natural, but none of the other “diverse” couplings warrant that definition. Children are the primary end of marriage as well as its first blessing. Every child is a part of its generating father and mother, of which it has but one each, no more, no less.

Children who grow to majority and themselves marry, remain members of their original family while creating a new family with their spouses and resulting generations of their own children, in a natural progression. The nature of a child is such that it requires both its father and mother to raise it to become a reasonable, properly functioning adult. Substitutes can do a fair job at times but a child knows that no one cares for it as does its parents (Yes, there are rare cases wherein one or even both parents absolutely don’t care, one of life’s tragedies, but an aberration, nevertheless.) All substitutes require clarifying adjectives before the title “parent.” Political correctness has labeled parents as “natural parents,” again, to imply that they are just one category of parent among others, a false, unnatural mental concept because it is a lie.

Family structure should not have to be described to anyone as it is almost as ancient as life itself, yet today it is hardly understood. All civilizations have recognized the importance of and protected the family to a great degree. When the family was not protected there was no organization which could be called civilized. English common law, America’s heritage, is no exception. “A man’s home is his castle” was a protection of the family from governmental invasion. Abortion, except to save the life of the mother, has, until the latter twentieth century, been outlawed as murder. As a further necessary protection of the family, children have no direct rights under common law for various reasons, as follows: First, giving children rights would be an immediate debilitating affront to parents who are naturally entrusted with the obligation of raising them properly. Unreasonable clashes would be constant since children begin their lives selfishly, a natural necessity for survival. Without constant parental curbing of their demands, for which they have undeveloped understanding of the possible disastrous consequences, many children would remain selfish indefinitely, to the destruction of themselves and other family members as well society in general. Uncurbed childhood selfishness begs for adult criminals.

There can be no equality of rights between parents and underage children or there will be chaos rapidly leading to the explosion of the family and, by extension, civilization. Parents grant privileges to children as they become reasonably able to correctly exercise them. This is done mostly without conscious thought as no one knows a child better than its parents. Should children mistakenly be given rights, they have no means to enforce them against the adult world. If children are afforded rights against their parents (there is no other way they can have rights inside the family except they are pitted against those of their parents–that is the only logical expression for such rights) then some force outside the family must take the side of the child against the parents. This force always comes to be some sort of government agency. In other words, to give children rights of their own is to beg one’s government to interfere internally with the family.

Government is granted an unnatural jurisdiction inside the family which no thinking individual would ever mandate to it. Immediately, the integrity of the family is dissolved; the basic unit of civilization is compromised and civilization itself crumbles in tandem with the family structure. Other arguments could be called up but these alone should put a stop to all demands for “children’s rights.” No, children’s rights are correctly vested in their parents until they reach the age of majority. This is so naturally obvious one wonders how the anti-civilization agenda pushers ever got a voice in our society, let alone the force of law to do violence to families in the false rational of protecting them. Women, and now men, are too susceptible to empty, fear-mongering, highly emotional buzz phrases shrilly demanding draconian emergency measures (statutes mandating the break up of the family at bureaucratic whim) to “save the children.”

What parents really mean when they demand “children’s rights” is for government agencies to respect the natural rights of families wherein parents raise their children as they see fit without governmental oversight or interference. I suggest crusaders for family justice so word their demands of government or they will regret the day they demanded “children’s rights.” The family (and Western civilization) destroyers are chaffing at the bit to “grant” them. Matter of fact, that is exactly what is being used as the rational to take 3,000 children per day from their parents, in the United States alone, to be institutionalized and/or eventually given to more politically favored substitute parents. As the bureaucratic system of governmental kidnapping gains experience, more and more parents never again see their children after the state grabs them, no matter how flimsy the pretext for the kidnap. Today we hear horror stories of children being turned over to homosexuals and lesbians, used for pornography, prostituted, brutalized and even tortured to death by their government approved, substitute “parents” or even by employees inside the government agencies. There are rumors that some American children are prostituted in third world nations after being taken from their families by government agencies.

We are supposed to accept this as a necessary evil due to the occasional such misuse by real parents when in reality such abuse is rapidly becoming institutionalized under state “care” in greater proportion than are children being kidnapped. Unless, parents learn now that outlaw government (government co-opting jurisdiction beyond its mandate) is the enemy, and then learn how to effectively counter its criminality, tomorrow, when government takes open control of all children as “human resources of the state,” you can expect to see your child’s smiling, mind-controlled face show up in government propaganda, glowing in the joys of the “young pioneers,” just as in the soviet and in Hitler’s Nazi youth. Public (read government) schools have already been converted to a subversive agenda, pushing relentlessly for exactly that result for the New World Order.

What other intent could one possibly discover in the never ending psychological hyperbole promoting “values clarification” “attitudes modification” “sensitivity training,” “take care of number one,” “do your own thing,” “I’m okay, you’re okay,” ad nausium? What, after all, is the real reason for doping up the bored, most capable students–and therefore the most disgusted with the none teaching curriculum–with Ritalin, Prozac and companion mind altering drugs? Public school graduates may not be able to write their own names but they have the “correct” emotional response to every issue of interest to the mind distorting change agents in charge. (“Change agents” is their term, not mine.) Many parents wonder why their children rebel against all right order, all traditional reason, but never question the role of the school or the smiling teacher.

Even that smiling teacher may not have a clue what he or she is actually instilling into America’s young minds, having been the victim of change agent recruiting in the teachers’ colleges. It is amazing that the various “school shootings” have been blamed on anything and everything except the one common denominator, the school. Parents must retake ownership of their children from the government, but in the name of the family, not the child. Children’s rights are not vested in the children or in the government, but in the parents as the majority members of the family. When the government implements “children’s rights” it does so at the sacrifice of the family by way of trampling normal, natural parental rights. Americans must discard the false cult of the individual, that masonic error on which our nation was to a large extent created, and accept the basic unit of civilization as the family. This is the correct and only premise which can turn the tide of the war for children’s souls which are the future of mankind. Demands for children’s rights plays directly into the hands of the conspiracy to destroy Western culture, western civilization and right order.