You know what they say -- if you don't see it on camera, it's not real!   We're working on making our efforts to engage two powerful US Senators on Family Rights real.   We've an experienced TV Producer (Mr. Michael Seeber from Minnesota -- in his spare time creates content for distribution on the Internet and also local News channels) and a  local videographer.

We captured some rough video last week. Here are two brief excerpts in case your wondering what actually goes on at the Hanley Federal Building.  In one clip you'll hear John Murtari explaining why he got involved in reform.

WE WANT TO GET YOUR ANSWER ON VIDEO JULY 6th!   Willing to share your pain with the general public?  We'd like to record your answer to the same question.   His took less than 60 seconds -- we'll give you up to two minutes!  YOU MUST CONTACT JOHN IN ADVANCE.   We plan on starting at 1 PM, July 6th, outside the Federal Building.

SYRACUSE - YOUR HELP PLANNING A LUNCH TIME EVENT FOR PARENTS.   So many families have been hurt by the system.  It's hard to reach them.  We really need a local presence to get a crowd outside the Federal Building and visiting the offices of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.  We do have funding and Alex Haas, one of our Board Members, came up with a great idea -- FREE FOOD always gets people to show up!!! 

We could provide a Friday Free Lunch to parents unjustly separated from their kids because of divorce, separation, or CPS.  Clinton Square is a large public space near the Federal Building and downtown offices.  Food vendors are often there for events.  The Dinosaur BBQ is also well known -- they have event rooms that can seat 150.  We need your help -- one person can make a big difference in making this happen.   We have the money, but there are two tough issues:
  • How do we advertise?
  • How do we get/screen for real parents and not just folks looking for free food?
Please contact John if you can help or want to know more info.

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