Happy Mother's Day!  Your letters delivered to two US Senators (and we need more for May 18th).  Message left on the pavement outside:
“Senators Help Us!   We  R Kids”

 "My parents, Jeff and Susan, caddied for me in Wednesday's Par 3 Contest. Hearing my mom tell that it was the happiest day of her life made me feel pretty happy that I was able to do that for her.  Of course, my dad caddied for me during the tournament and it was incredible getting to walk the fairways with him this week"  -- Doug Ghim (Amateur playing at his first Masters, Golfweek)
OUCH!!!  I've talked to many Moms & Dads for whom this story is a shattered dream.  A single Judge decided it's not in the BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD to have you as a parent - imagine that!   Please send in your story (see examples below) and it will be delivered next Friday, submission details here

You can read what happened last Friday below.  I was happy to be able to come home, but it was a bit depressing as the only person there.  Nobody came to help deliver the letters, watch or take a picture (I'm not very good at selfies!). I understand our different circumstances and limits (heck, I dropped out for six years myself because of no money) -- but I just want to encourage those of you who are able to participate. 

What we do there probably won't help your situation, but you can make things better for others, and give meaning to what happened to your family.  We have a real plan for a grass roots reform effort.  I'll also share a little SECRET which may be hard to believe -- when I started working for reform it reduced the pain of all the injustice I had experienced.  Not gone, but a lot less!


Got to the Syracuse Federal Bldg at about 12:30, just walked around outside carrying a small placard with pics of parents and children. At about 1:15 I quit waiting for anyone to show up, and brought the letters/photos you had submitted to the local offices of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand.

Went back outside, pulled out some “Passionate Pink” Kid’s chalk and wrote the message you see below:
“Senators Help Us!   We  R Kids”

Well within view of the entrance, not to mention extensive surveillance cameras.   It appears nobody noticed. Stayed around for another 15 minutes and then left.

I’m very happy to be home again! Plan on going back again next Friday, same time.  Hope to see some of you there to help deliver letters and to just watch what happens.  — John

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