Keep your stories coming! Five more tragedies delivered to the offices of  Senators Schumer & Gillibrand.  This is the second week of our effort, but I really need your Teflon. Can you be there?

It's easy to think you're just ONE person, you won't make a difference --- but let me say, "It will make a huge impact on me when I go back again next Friday!"  It's good not to be alone.

Each spectator protects me like a layer of Teflon so I won't get scorched!  They don't like to arrest someone who has people watching and a sympathetic public following...

“Senators Help Us!   We  R Kids”

Please send in more stories (see examples below) and they'll be delivered next Friday, submission details here.   We have a Grass Roots Plan for Reform, but we need to get started.  Not only more parents as spectators, but we must have at least one other mother & father willing to take some chalk, risk a chance of arrest, and leave the same message with me.

Thirteen years ago, Jan 2005, we were very close. A Mom, Cathy Hughes, wanted to make a strong statement about how much she loved her son and daughter.  We sent out a News Release in advance.  She joined me outside the Federal Building, we wrote on the ground, and local NBC reported the story.  Perfect!

Security watched us, but didn't to anything.  Unfortunately, it was a one time event.  We'd hoped to see more people get involved, but it didn't happen.  Hopefully, we do better this year!

More details on what happened last Friday:


Arrived at the Syracuse Federal Bldg at about 12:30. Walked around outside carrying a small placard with pics of parents and children. At about 1:30 I  brought the letters/photos you had submitted (click here for PDF of package)  to the local offices of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand.

Went back outside, pulled out some  Kid’s chalk and wrote the message you see below:
“Senators Help Us!   We  R Kids”

Well within view of the entrance, not to mention extensive surveillance cameras.   It appears nobody noticed. Stayed around for another 15 minutes and then left.

Back again next Friday and hope to see some of you there.  Plan on visiting, please let me know.

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