Photo Collage from July 20th - a lot of messages written.

It was a beautiful day in Syracuse, but we need more people.  If you haven't made time to attend, please try this Friday.   We've got folks coming from the Albany area and also Ohio.  Should be our biggest crowd so far. Come to Syracuse, the Hanley Federal Building, this Friday at around 1 PM.
Senators Schumer & Gillibrand - “Senators Help Us!   We ♥ R Kids”

We'd like to get at least a dozen parents, family, & friends committed to be there.      You have several choices on how to participate (yes, you can do them all!):
  • CAN'T BE THERE? - call the local Senate offices and let them know you care about Family Rights and want a response (Schumer - 315-423-5471, Gillibrand - 315-448-0470).   If no one picks up, leave a message.  Let us know you called and we'll add your name to a list we're preparing of callers.
  • Be a spectator.
  • Visit the local offices of US Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.  Leave a personal letter letting them know you care about Family Rights.
  • Walk quietly carrying a picture of your/other kids unjustly separated.
  • Bring some Kid's Chalk and leave your message.
Organizing in Illinois (Your state?) -  Patrick McQueen, a US Army vet who served in the Middle East came back to the U.S. years ago and has been in a struggle to get an equal relationship with his young son.  He lives in Chicago and wants to get Moms and Dads organized to join the call for the National recognition of Family Rights.

If you're interested, you can contact him by email or his phone: 312-203-5281
We have Legislative Contacts by State, but some of the info is old and we need new people.

Real change will require new laws.  Fundamental Family Rights should be a standard across our country and that means a Family Rights Act passed by Congress.  What influences Members of Congress is you making a personal effort to call them, visit a local office, or organize a peaceful demonstration outside local offices.   Not sure what to say -- we have a Contact Kit with all the info.

The "OTHER" option --> if you're interested in change, but just don't have time.


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