Rally in Chicago & Join a Lawsuit

We need Legislative, Court, and Public Action to make a National Family Rights Act a reality.  You have an opportunity to help in the next few weeks!

  • Downtown Chicago for Father's Day - Join a Family Rights Demonstration outside the local ABC TV Station (WLS Channel 7 News).  We'll have a Black Panther Super Hero there to support us!
  • Victim of a False Order of Protection - A terrible weapon in a custody dispute.  A Class Action lawsuit has been filed and you can join.
Father's Day Chicago Rally Details

Channel 7 (ABC) has a ground floor studio with a window to the street -- and we plan on being right outside!  A good group of Moms and Dads, along with the Black Panther Superhero, should get their attention!   What you need to know:

Date/Time:  Sunday, June 16th, 2 PM - 4 PM (Central Time)

Location: Outside WLS-TV 7, 190 North State Street, Chicago.  Click here for directions.

Contact/More Info:   Patrick McQueen, email: pmcqueen@AKidsRight.Org, cell: (312) 203-5281

What to bring/What to do:  The message we want to deliver -> "We're loving parents who found out we have NO rights in Family Court." 

This will be a quiet demonstration.  Try to be well dressed and bring something you can carry: a picture of you and the kids (it can still be in a frame), and/or a small placard with "Family Rights" or "Kids Need Both Parents."

A reporter will probably come out to interview people.  Think of what you can say in less than 30 seconds in response to "Why are you here?"
VAWA & False Allegations - join a lawsuit.

We're Moms and Dads and while there may be a lot of bias in Family Courts, the laws are usually written gender neutral.   One big exception is VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) passed by Congress for the entire Country (too bad we don't have a Family Rights Act to protect families).

It's easy to use VAWA as a weapon in a custody dispute and get that Order of Protection that labels you as some type of threat...

Mr. Steve Chang, trolleysquareman@gmail.com, (302) 930-0998, works in health care and lives in Delaware. He's been working hard in conjunction with other parents (Gordon Smith) and attorneys to file a comprehensive Federal lawsuit.  It's a Class Action claiming Civil Rights & Due Process violations.  It was filed on April 19th in the United State District Court for the District of Columbia, it's case #:1:19-cv-01241-TSC and assigned to US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan.   Click here to read the Brief.

If you've been victimized, click here for a one page document which allows you to join the Class.  Just print it out, sign, and mail to the address supplied. Contact Steve if you have ?'s.

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