Senators Schumer & Gillibrand - We Love our Kids! More video was captured at the Hanley Federal Bldg in Syracuse last Friday.  We'll have that available soon.  Not bad for a days work - but not a lot of publicity yet and that's what we need.  Your help and participation are welcome -> Check the site for details
“Senators Help Us!   We ♥ R Kids”

Mom on the Statue of Liberty -- This made national news.  It makes you wonder the publicity a group of Moms and Dads could get in a peaceful/public action in support of Family Rights?  Not sure I agree with her goals, but I do admire their willingness to take peaceful action for what they believe in. Only they will suffer the potential consequences.  The essence of NonViolent Action.

Many may not remember, but in 2007, two British Gentleman climbed the Lincoln Memorial and sat in his lap with a message about Family Rights. I talked with Mike Downes.  He was very quiet about his efforts and unassuming.

One of the Park Police had told him they were ‘desecrating’ the memorial. With his British accent he said, “I told the officer that far from desecration, we were honoring your President’s noble commitment to human freedom as he fought against slavery. If Mr. Lincoln could see the tragedy of how children are taken from parents in America — he would be very happy with our actions and would probably join us.” I asked him what the police said in reply, “nothing.”

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