Reality rears it's ugly head.  The mailbox is empty.  Sorry alienated Dad (and Moms too!) -- when you gonna get a card from your child?  NOT IN THIS WORLD. Too many years, too many bridges burned.  If you're not there yet -- get to Stage Seven in handling grief -- quit crying, accept it, and move on!!!  Or is there still a chance?

Security has been nice at the Federal Building, but as I keep writing more and more each Friday, I soon expect to hear this, "you're under arrest, turn around and put your hands behind your back (click)".   Crazy? Why do that?  I'm a smart guy, USAF Academy Grad, former pilot, Master's degree....

NOT IN THIS WORLD? -  Well, then it needs to change.  First thanks to Mr. David  Shackleton for these words "the world changes when we do."  I don't usually follow Movie Actors, but I saw this short video by Will Smith and said wow -- you are responsible for change!  We all aren't in positions to take strong action -- but some of us are.

START ACTING LIKE LOVING SACRIFICE IS POWERFUL & ALWAYS HAS MEANING -  What we talk about at the web site -- the essence of NonViolent Action.   I don't think I'm the only one who saw some irony in recent headlines about the "Cruel Govt separating Children from Parents at the border."   That's funny, it probably happens about a thousand times a day in different "Family Courts" across our nation to one or both parents.  But that's OKAY -- because you deserved it, move to the back of the bus in your kid's lives (or maybe we kick you right off).  

THIS IS ABOUT CIVIL RIGHTS -  Why am I doing it?  My son is 25 now.  We got through 18 divorce years and managed to stay close -- but it was a lot of luck (so many of you didn't have that luck).  Honestly, guilt at all our good luck is motivating me.  The current system is disgusting in the way it treats families (not so different from segregation).

You see the message I write, “Senators Help Us!   We ♥ R Kids” -- You wanna cuff me for writing that in chalk? -- go right ahead.  I'll be smiling when you do it.  Family Court orders stopped us all from reflecting a lot of the love we had -- but you can't stop me this time.   

Is it even possible this will have "bad consequences" for me (or YOU?).  Yes, being cuffed and maybe facing a little jail time isn't pleasant (wasn't pleasant for Blacks fighting segregation).   The GOOD - you've made an unambiguous statement about Faith, Injustice, Love and Self Respect.  You've changed and the worlds changed -- and yes, click here for a plan.

HAVE A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - we can make the world better!

(P.S. THOUGHTS WORTH REPEATING BELOW) Like many of you, I'm saturated with Social Media.  So many postings on Facebook, so many websites ... so little time ... what do we click on -- something that sounds different, or dramatic, or useful!
The Internet makes it easy to talk, but we need to act.  Many believe if we explain the injustice and have documentation and are backed up by scientific facts -- that we'll get our kids back, reform will happen, and all will be well!

Please understand this is a Civil Rights struggle.  For over a hundred years in the segregated South, if you were Black: you sat in the back of the bus, you couldn't eat next to a White person, and you had to use a different bathroom.   How much scientific research and logic did it take to understand that was WRONG?

Also understand there were plenty of good people, model citizens, church going, loving & caring -- that thought that was fine!  What did it take to finally change attitudes?  You can read more details here,  but briefly:  A small minority of Blacks (supported by others) were willing to peacefully and without anger face arrest by violating all those taboos.  They suffered for what they believed in, people saw it in the News, and attitudes changed from within...

WHAT ABOUT US, WHAT CAN WE DO?  They took our kids, but we can't respond by kidnapping or by withholding child support (those actions just confirm the stereotype).   

But walk around peacefully carrying a picture of your kids where they don't want you.   Chalk a message of love  on pavement where they don't like it.  If we can get enough parents  -- it would make different & dramatic  News story.   We need reporters to ask Senators Schumer & Gillibrand why they are not responding -- then it's also useful!
Some people have told me they are worried to even be a spectator as others walk or leave messages with chalk.  Many of you have never participated in any type of public demonstration.  Your knowledge is based on what you see in the news:  rabid crowds, a lot of anger, and the cops arresting everyone in site....  

I've been involved in over 40 of these incidents -- I tell anyone with me to just be silent, don't bother anyone, be well dressed, and be polite (that reduces the anxiety in others).  I never argue with Police or cry about my rights be violated. 

HONESTLY, in almost EVERY case, the Police have gone out of their way to avoid an arrest by issuing warnings or just asking me to stop what I'm doing.  They've never bothered anyone else just watching -- they don't want media attention.

So feel free to show up, especially next Friday.   I can use the Teflon you provide!


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