Senators Schumer & Gillibrand - We Love our Kids!

Got our first significant break through with local news media.  The ABC affiliate in Syracuse, WIXT (Channel 9), sent a news crew to the Federal Building.  They interviewed John and took some film.  It appeared on their 6 PM news on July 10th.  It was a short clip and they didn't post it on their website.   We got a local copy of the broadcast and uploaded to YouTube.  Also added some of our own photos/video.

We need more parents to make a bigger impact!  We'll be there every Friday in July, 1 PM - 2:30 PM.  Hope to see you there tomorrow!   Friday the 13th could be our lucky day!

See the two minute video -->

Your help and participation are welcome -> Check the site for details or just call our main # 315-944-0999, email jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org.
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