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Father's Day Activity / State Reform Efforts / Murtari Update

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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 10:52:38 EDT

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Good People,

This message contains info on:
1. Father's Day Activity
2. State Reform Efforts
3. Murtari Update - needs HELP!
4. Site Translation

1. Father's Day Activity
We have had some more signups of people willing to contact their
Congressional Representative regarding Civil Rights for Families.

It appears there could be a pretty good crowd down in Washington,
D.C. for the weekend. Again, if you are there try to be at the
Lincoln Memorial at about 3pm and let's just say hello to each
other. John Murtari, a coordinator will be there, he will be up
there most of the day -- also participating at some of the events
sponsored by the http://www.FathersDay2000.Org/ folks. He'll be
wearing a white shirt, tie, and bright orange baseball cap
(hopefully you can't miss him!).

2. State Reform Efforts
Jeff Golden,, from FACE in New Jersey passed on a
link to a new bill being introduced there. It is probably one of
the strongest "presumption of joint custody" bills that we have
seen actually introduced. The Bill is S-1095. Its URL is:

Kevin Bertel,, is working on getting a bill
passed in Washington State. It's called I-233 (sorry we don't have
an on-line link yet, he should be able to give you more info).

Our parent's movement is maturing -- but what are our real
goals. Consider the following questions.

Compare the N.J. Bill with the Family Rights Act.
( Is an issue of basic Civil
Rights really to be left up to local government? Probably the
biggest difference is who decides equal time won't work -- just a
Judge, or a Jury? Most of us have been through the "system" --
would the N.J. bill have changed your specific results?

Remember, the great majority of the Judges honestly think they
treated us fairly and gave us a presumption of equality. They felt
your child should be taken from you -- whether the standard of
proof was "51% of the evidence" or "clear & convincing", do you
think they would have changed their decision in your case?

These are the very reasons the founding Father's put Juries into
the Constitution.

The N.J. bill says kids ought to have an input, should they? Do
you get to pick your parents at 6, 12, 16, . . . 40?

3. Murtari Updates + HELP
John Murtari will be facing a packed legal schedule in the next two
weeks. He has curtailed his "walk" activities to clear the way for
6 weeks with this son this summer starting July 13th. But before

* Although all local charges were dismissed regarding his "walk" in
the Syracuse Federal Building. The federal government moves a bit
more slowly. On June 21st, he will appear before a Federal
Magistrate on the same charges of trespass...... He is not quite
sure what to expect. See details at:

* On June 28th he was to begin a trial regarding allegations
of support order violations. He was assigned Counsel, and the
attorney "dropped the ball" on the whole matter. It is now a mess
and John has asked for new Counsel. Details at:

HELP - He has been crushed by "imputed income" that is twice his
actual amount. He has chosen a job which gives him the flexiblity
to see his child (nothing to do with escaping support), but the
system wants him making more money (even though that would mean
less time with his son). Please pass on any case law in this area,
so he can pass it on to his "NEW" attorney:
You can find links to his petitions at the page above.

4. Site Translation
We have a couple of volunteers to help with the Internationalization
of our site and our effort:

* Rachel ( is a resident of Israel and is
working on Hebrew.

* Christian ( is a resident of France,
a leader of a national group, and is working on French.

Please contact them if you can help (or if you just want to pass
on your thanks). If you can help with a National Site for your
language/country -- please contact:

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