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(DRAFT) The "I LOVE YOU" National Campaign for Family Law Reform

Started January 15th, 2007

What is it -
The start of a National grassroots campaign by loving mothers & fathers who have been unjustly separated from their children.  The "I LOVE YOU" campaign is parents demonstrating by personal sacrifice of their freedom -- how much they love their children, and how much they value recognition and protection of their right to be presumed FIT & EQUAL parents.

Why is it needed - Our Nation has failed to recognize the need to protect one of our most precious Civil Rights -- the ability to raise and nurture our own children.   Sometimes we forget that the great injustice which was called 'segregation' went on for many, many years and was considered a way of life by many!  It was broken, not by hatred towards whites, but by blacks willing to sacrifice to demonstrate their own dignity.

What is the goal - Congressional hearings into the need for National reform and the passage of a Family Rights ActDuring this election year we will put a focus on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, perhaps the best candidate associated with family issues -- we would like to her to meet with parents.

What is a parent suppose to do - Perform a NonViolent Action by either writing with kid's chalk, or carrying a picture of you & your children with the message - "I LOVE YOU" and also "SEN CLINTON HELP US".    Carry the picture in  a Court House or Federal Building, or write outside on the ground.  Our society has so many rules now, it is 'easy' to get arrested for even a peaceful action to petition government. 

Before you do this, try to get friends/supporters to be there and watch.  Contact the local media ahead of time.   Send a message to webmaster@AKidsRight.Org and let us know what you have planned, send us your contact info. We will try to get people to join you.   When you are done, send us a description of what happened, photos/video/newspaper links, and we will post them at our site where we track the campaign.

Why Sen. Clinton, she won't help! - Many people say she is for more gov't interference.  I happened to read 'It Takes a Village' before I went through a divorce -- it sounded good to me!  It was only the experience of a divorce first-hand (or for some of you CPS) that showed me how wrong unchecked government interference can be.  Let's face it, most of us didn't care about Family Law reform until it happened to us!    Sen. Clinton is a good politician and wants to be President, she is VERY sensitive to public opinion.  The Civil Rights movements of the past all enjoyed strong support (once their members convinced the public it was a valid cause).

By all of us calling on such a national figure we can hopefully focus our efforts and get reporters and news analysts to start asking her questions about the issue... it would start everyone talking & thinking.

Why jail - All the other actions many other groups are taking in this effort are valuable:  letter writing, phone calls, visiting legislators, court challenges, legal parades and rallies.  Those efforts need to continue; however, in any great Civil Rights action of the past -- personal sacrifice is also required.  Almost by definition, a great Civil Right becomes defined by the sacrifice of those who believed in it.  This effort allows us to sacrifice in a positive way.

This is not a war, we are not trying to kill an attacker.  These people are members of our community, our former spouses -- we need to change the public perception of family law and help people see the injustice. Remember, many good church going whites thought segregation was fine, force Blacks to the back of the bus, make them use a different bathroom -- they needed a change of heart generated by watching the Blacks peacefully sacrifice for what they believed in.

How should I act -  Do NOT be angry or resist in any way.  We are loving parents, not rabid protesters or terrorists.  We are willing to temporarily sacrifice our freedom to show how much we believe in our cause. Don't be angry, no shouting, and cooperate with police if arrested.