Equal Protection & Father's Day

       We're Moms and Dads working for the National recognition & protection of Family Rights.  Most Domestic Relations laws are written gender neutral, but one Federal Law, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) was written with intentional bias.  In effect since 1994 it now faces a serious court challenge.

       Through the years I've seen 'pro se' attempts in Civil Rights lawsuits, most fail.  This year may be different.  Especially if you've been a victim of a false domestic violence allegation -- please review the below carefully.  I've talked with Steve on several occasions and he is sincerely dedicated to this effort.  He deserves our help & support.

        In 2014 Steve Chang and Gordon Smith met to discuss the abusive and discriminatory power of the Violence against Women Act (“VAWA”). Since then they have been working hard in conjunction with other parents and attorneys to file a comprehensive Federal lawsuit.  At last, their Class Action claiming Civil Rights and Due Process violations was filed on April 29th, 2019, in the United State District Court for the District of Columbia. The case #:1:19-cv-01241-TSC is assigned to US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan.

         On June 11th, 2019, they retained a Washington D.C. law firm to handle this litigation. On this Father's Day 2019, Chang and Smith urge fellow fathers and men to remain civil, peaceful, and resolved in their grass root effort to seek equal protection under law and to seek equal family rights on behalf of themselves and their children.

          For more information please check out Gordon Smith’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/SAVEdeDVLP or contact Steve Chang at 302.930.0998.

       If you've been victimized, click here for a one page document which allows you to join the Class.  Just print it out, sign, and mail to the address supplied. Contact Steve if you have ?'s.

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