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We'd like 2018 to be a break out year for the National recognition and protection of Family Rights. Should State Legislatures have the power to control your relationship with your children?  Make your ability to keep equal contact with your kids different in Kansas vs. Alabama?  It wasn't needed 200 years ago, but now it would be in the "Bill of Rights".   Like those great rights, Government is not free to interfere without crossing a substantial barrier... 
Lets focus on Congress and passage of a Family Rights Act.


This is an ad we're testing in the Syracuse New Times (a free distribution paper in the city).  We're trying to establish a group of parents who'll visit the local office of our two US Senators (Minority Leader Chuck Schumer & potential 2020 Presidential Candidate Kirstin Gillibrand).

We'll also be running a two week radio campaign on WSYR, a large local talk-radio station.   Each of the ads will have slightly different links so we can track response.  Of course, there will be Google and Facebook Ads also -- we'll share the results so we can all learn what's more effective.

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A brief video that summarizes the need for fundamental reform and presents a roadmap for action.  Designed to make the issues real even to parents who haven't been through the system. 

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AKidsRight, Inc.

An idea whose time has come.  We're now a Not-for-Profit Corporation in New York and will soon be operating as a 501(c)(4).  Contributions to us will not be tax deductible, but we'll have more flexibility for political involvement (some others:  The Sierra Club, ACLU,  NRA, and AARP).  

We can use your help. If you'd like to get involved, just reply to this message or call our main #: 315-944-0999


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