Facebook rejected a paid promotion of our last message - fascinating.

We wanted to promote a posting to reach local people. View the posting by clicking here (you may see the event first, but scroll down to the posting dated May 26 (Published by Mailchimp).  We've made paid "Boosts" before without any problems -- but this one was rejected for "Political Influence." FB said we had to go thru a formal process for such items (including sending them a picture of your drivers license).

We've all seen the stuff about 'fake news' and the Russians corrupting the results of the last election.  You may have heard how Facebook was going to get positive ID on anyone trying to influence voters.  Never thought it would happen to us?   We're just trying to contact our Members of Congress.   I did submit an 'appeal' on the 27th, you can read it below.

We paid with a credit card.  The PATRIOT act forces a positive ID.  I guess if the FBI is suspect and wants to check, OK.  But the idea of "tech support" people making free speech decisions is a little disturbing?

This message will be posted to our Facebook page -- feel free to comment!  (ALSO - haven't heard from anyone yet about attending with me in Syracuse tomorrow).

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