Good People & People of Faith,

I went to Court last week (see documents) for my arraignment on trespass.  I stood in front of the Federal Building (local offices of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand) after writing "I LOVE YOU" to my son on the ground.  I wondered?  Is this worth doing?  I hope some of will join me as I stand outside again next Friday,  June 20th

The salutation in these messages talks about being 'good' and having 'faith'.  I took a hard look in the mirror myself and things looked a little cloudy....

I've been arrested over 45 times, and spent more than 200 days in jail -- voluntarily -- for Family Rights.  The actions weren't very different than what happened a few weeks ago. As Katherine Golden (the mother that was there with me) witnessed, the authorities really don't want to jail a peaceful person.  They try to talk you out of it and write a ticket for the simplest thing.

What caused my jail time in the past was telling the officer I would go right back to where I was.  They would then arrest me and hold me for a Judge.   The Judges would let me go, but then I'd be right back in a few days and that caused them some frustration....

What's needed!  Clearly, to get serious attention, more parents are required.  With more people it doesn't have to be repetitive.  Such peaceful actions for our kids is more convincing to the public than any amount of talk.  Even in my small scale I've seen people converted in their thoughts...

What's a 'good' parent called to do not only for their kids, but to help others? How much 'faith' do we have in the high-sounding words we use?  The many fundamental rights we enjoy now are a product of the sacrifices made by people just like us in the past.  As individuals they realized it was worth it...

Honestly, I was very close to just walking away a few weeks ago. It just didn't feel the same.  Jail gives you time to think and in all those prior events I never had a doubt it was worth it -- now I did.  Even as I write this, I'm not sure...

What's it take? It can't be just one anymore.  I hope Moms and Dads will join me next week.  Stand in front of the building, go up to the offices of Senators Schumer & Gillibrand, let them know this is an important issue.  Will anyone write "I LOVE YOU" to their kids in chalk? 

I'm sure of one thing -- if you are willing to write it, I WILL JOIN YOU.
Best Regards!  -- John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)

Wisconsin Rally Results

We had announced this in an earlier message. They got a newspaper story before the event, and as you will see below, TV coverage after.  Having 50 parents there sounds great to me -- it was 48 more than we had a few weeks ago....  My hat's off to the folks in Wisconsin!

Submitted by Steve Blake (
"... We barely had 50 people show up. Still we had good speakers including a state rep and made the evening news on the ABC station in Madison."
TV Coverage -->   'Let us be Dads' the message at Capitol rally Sunday

Fatherless Day in DC, Today
For people who do attend, please send in a description of what happened & pictures.


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