Good People & People of Faith,

A revision of last weeks message with some new information. :

1) Moms & Dads - Face arrest for writing "I Love You" (May 9th, June 13th).  Updates at the web site with a lot more details.
2) John Hicks - 62 and we have a letter from jail, on paper towels!

John Hicks - 62 and sitting in jail, TODAY.

 John contacted me weeks ago. A story I'd both heard &
lived  too many times.  Behind in "child support payments" and facing  jail. 
Here is a recent letter from jail, on paper towels!

John loves his teenage daughter very much, but of course the system promotes alienation and "winner take all".  It appears money isn't a real motivator here.

His former spouse told him that if he just forgets about every seeing his daughter, "child support payments" will be forgotten and he won't face more jail in the future.

He turned that down.  He's now in the Dutchess County jail.

Even jails have nice websites!

He's 62 years old and has decided to go on a hunger strike, fasting to call attention to the injustice.

I encourage you, nicely, to call the Jail/Sheriff, and ask how John is doing.  Are they taking care of him?  It appears they may be keeping him isolated/segregated -- ask about that. Sheriff Anderson: (845) 486-3800(845) 486-3800

Take a moment, please write him a letter, let him know you care:

Mr. John Hicks
Dutchess County Jail
P.O. Box 1389
Poughkeepsie, New York 12602

Oh! And if you are in the area and can visit him in jail, that's huge!  One of the great acts of mercy:

          "I was a prisoner and you visited me."

Moms & Dads - Face arrest for writing "I Love You"
Mother's Day is a little over a month away, May 11th.  Father's day will follow.  It's amazing how many parents go through torture EVERY YEAR not seeing their young children, or not hearing from older children alienated by "Family Law."

I'm taking a little 'vacation' from a good paying corporate job.

On May 9th, Friday before Mother's Day, I plan to leave a
message for my child (and for all our kids).  I'll use Kid's
Play Chalk and write "I LOVE YOU" on the plaza outside the Syracuse Federal Building.

We'll contact the local media and give them a great story to cover before Mother's day!  Loving parents trying to convince United States Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, that Family Rights are important.


We're fortunate to have both a Mom and Dad as US Senators. A joint statement would carry a lot of weight in the US Congress.

And YES, even if you're not from NY, you can still join
me. Senators hear from people (and lobbyists), from any state.


#1: The old saying on Civil Disobedience is, "One person is a potential crazy -- three people are a movement!"

We need at least one mother and father to join me.  Had a Mother join me in January 2005 - got TV coverage. No arrests that day!

I was featured in a documentary:

#2: If you can't risk an arrest, just come and be a silent witness to what happens.

#3: Can't make it to Syracuse, we can use your help in ideas, organizing, and publicity.


Looking forward to hearing from you:  jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

WHY ME: My son Dom and I were the lucky ones.  We escaped alienation and have a loving relationship.  A junior in college now, he appreciates how fortunate we are and my 'vacation' plans.  It is the least I can do for others.

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