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I guess the subject says it all.  This is one of the most brutal times of the year when you're a parent who has a Court order, social worker, or non-cooperative former spouse stopping you from spending time with your children.

Sometimes it's easy to forget, get buried in everyday life -- but not now! It hurts and it should hurt.  A lot of pain and a question -- when will it change?

THE PAIN:  I hope you will take 4 minutes and 42 seconds and watch this video. A parent telling how it is when you have to fight to see your kids.  I've seen a lot and this is one of the best ->

WHEN WILL IT CHANGE: When we stop waiting for movie stars, politicians, and reporters to pick us up while we cry in the middle of the room.  Things will change when it becomes the most important thing to us, the people affected.  That is how its always been.

I still can't find another Mom, willing to join me and another Dad outside the Syracuse Federal Building.  We're trying to convince Senator Chuck Schumer that Family Rights are very important and we'd like his help.  More info here ->
Oh -- the tricky part!  We're going to take kid's chalk and write "I LOVE YOU" to our kids on the ground.  You could be arrested?

FAMILY RIGHTS:  If you have a real problem with organized religion, skip this part.  But it's nice to see Pope Francis speak out and say, “children have a right to grow up in a family with a father and a mother.”    Where have we heard that before?

When Family Rights become the most important thing to us as parents, it will become important to 'them' -- and things will change!

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