Good People & People of Faith,

Getting ready for the first of two planned events prior to Mother's & Father's day. In New York we are fortunate to have both a Mom & Dad as US Senators who are concerned about Civil Rights (Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand).  Please review a draft letter we plan on sending them Tuesday, let me know what you think.

It's our job to convince them to take action.  Syracuse is only about 5 hours from New York City or Boston, please make the trip and join us.
Facebook Event  We hope to have local media there, especially with Capt. America attending!  We are not annoying 'protesters!'  We are loving parents carrying pictures of our kids.  Each of  you will be able to stop by the offices of the two Senators, give them your story and also a copy of the "Declaration of Family Rights."  Let them know it's important.


Moms & Dads - Face arrest for writing "I Love You" ?
Mother's Day is a little over two weeks away, May 11th.  Father's day will follow.  It's amazing how many parents go through torture EVERY YEAR not seeing their young children, or not hearing from older children alienated by "Family Law."

On May 9th, Friday before Mother's Day, I plan to leave a message for my child (and for all our kids).  I'll use Kid's Play Chalk and write "I LOVE YOU" on the plaza outside the Syracuse Federal Building.

We'll contact the local media and give them a great story to cover before Mother's day!  Loving parents trying to convince United States Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, that Family Rights are important.


We're fortunate to have both a Mom and Dad as US Senators. A joint statement would carry a lot of weight in the US Congress.

And YES, even if you're not from NY, you can still join me. Senators hear from people (and lobbyists), from any state.


#1: The old saying on Civil Disobedience is, "One person is a potential crazy -- three people are a movement!"

We need at least one mother and father to join me.  Had a Mother join me in January 2005 - got TV coverage. No arrests that day!

I was featured in a documentary:

#2: If you can't risk an arrest, just come and be a silent witness to what happens.

#3: Can't make it to Syracuse, we can use your help in ideas, organizing, and publicity.


Looking forward to hearing from you:  jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

WHY ME: My son Dom and I were the lucky ones.  We escaped alienation and have a loving relationship.  A junior in college now, he appreciates how fortunate we are and my 'vacation' plans.  It is the least I can do for others.

Being a Hero to your kids and yourself.

I've been to so many Rallies & Protests in the past.   I've heard a lot of angry speeches and seen a lot of angry signs (I think the most common is a Family Court Judge looking like Dracula).  I have to admit, it sometimes feels good to "kick something" when you're angry -- but it usually doesn't fix anything?

It's funny, rarely do I hear people say how much they love & miss their kids.  For some it's gotten to be just about the money (Child Support).  Their children are so alienated they have lost hope or even accepted being shut out and moved on.

Let's remember, probably the most popular Hollywood story line is the the parent struggling and risking all to find or rescue their child.  We talk about the "power of love", but sometimes we get practical and don't believe it.

On May 9th/June 13th -- we'll be talking about love (no yelling required).  We'll carry picture of our kids.  We'll show the pictures to the Senate staff members.  If you really want to go put an 'exclamation point' on your feelings -- just take some chalk and happily write I LOVE YOU to your kids.

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