Good People & People of Faith,

A letter was sent to the Syracuse Offices  of US Senator Charles Schumer.  Followed up with a phone call last week and we have a tentative meeting date with the local staff of either December 12 or 13th (it is Friday the 13th -- hopefully good luck!).    We are still looking for parents who would like to be at the meeting, check this prior message for details.

Sign our Petition

Please take a moment, and sign our Petition supporting Family Rights.   We'd like to see the "Declaration of Family Rights" become a simple expression of the reform we are looking for.  It may be too late to help many of us, but it should help families in the future and prevent a lot of unneeded human suffering.

Yes, the Senator's staff will see your signatures and email us your comments.  We'll be printing them out and will bring them to our meeting.

Your Help Welcome

I'm the group coordinator, John Murtari, and can really use your help in:  managing the web site, answering emails, planning our efforts with Senator Schumer, and most importantly, getting your advice.   If you've had a chance to review the web site and support our goals, I'd love to hear from you.

Parents allow FAMILY DOG to sleep with newborn!!!

What a headline!  This is a big story on the Huffingaton Post web site -- but it's not what you think.  When you think of a DOG SLEEPING NEXT TO A BABY -- WHAT ABOUT HYGIENE! Many parents on this list have seen family relationship destroyed by "Child Protective" services.   You can follow the link here.

Seriously,  I don't have a problem and I hope you agree after you follow the link.   Just a few pictures -- but it should make us all think.  If you support the "Declaration of Family Rights" -- the standard is clear "a serious and intentional threat to your child's safety and that you acted with mal-intent towards your children."

I know a lot parents, sometimes we do stupid things, something bad "might" happen -- but in 99.9 % of the cases, nothing bad does happen.

By definition, when CPS separates parents & children -- it is 100% destructive to the family relationship at that moment.  Maybe things get better, maybe they get a lot worse for both the children and parents.  

We need to keep that in mind in our "rush to help."

Visit our website -> www.AKidsRight.Org