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Many of you have been members of the group for years and there has not been a lot of activity!  We hope to change that in the future.  As you can see, we are using some new mailing list software to help with getting the message out.  If you just aren't interested, you can stop getting the messages by just following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.   As always, your ideas and participation are welcome!

The message below was sent out a few days to folks on the AKidsRight.Org mailing list -- hope you will be interested!

Several weeks ago we sent out a message announcing an effort to get New York's Senator Charles Schumer to endorse Family Rights.  Got some good contacts and are now trying to schedule our first meeting this year with his staff in Syracuse, New York.  Tentative planning dates are the afternoon of either November 7th or 8th, around 2 PM.  That should make it easier for folks who have to drive several hours to get to Syracuse (it's only about 4 hours from New York City, 5 hours from Boston) and will allow us to meet for lunch and get to know each other.

Haven't contacted his staff yet to set a definite date.  If you think you can make it on either day and have a preference, please let me know in the next few days!

One common question was from people who don't live in NY - YES! You are welcome to join us in person or to mail us your personal petition (see below).  He does represent the people of the United States.

Need your public Petition.

I will be collecting Petition's that we will personally deliver on the day of the meeting.  You can also deliver it in person with us.  If you can't make the trip I encourage you to mail it to me before the meeting date.  What it should be:
  • A photo of you and/or your kids - a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • A ONE page letter - talk about the heart break of being separated and that our Nation needs to recognize  fundamental Family Rights.  Please DO NOT waste words talking about bad lawyers, judges, or the other parent.
My mailing address:

John Murtari
34 Franklin Street
Lyons, NY 14489

Looking forward to meeting you!

John Murtari, jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

Will it make a difference?

Yes!  Starting with you.  It's amazing how many parent's are in agony after having a Court interfere with their Family -- but just accept it.  So few ever bother to contact a legislator at the State or Federal level, never go to a meeting or take any public action.  You may surprise yourself with how good it feels to take the initiative, and do it in a positive way .We like to blame the politicians, but one tough question I'm asked by staff, "John, if this is such an important issue -- where is everybody?"

Will they listen?

Many of us have been ignored before in the past.  You plead your case to staff, but nothing every happens, it is forgotten.

I think we can be hopeful in Syracuse.  Many of you know I've been active in the past, gotten some good publicity I think they will take it seriously; especially if follow up meetings occur in every city where Senator Schumer has an office -- and definitely with a good turnout of mothers & fathers who support the goal of Family Rights and being recognized as FIT & EQUAL parents!
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