Good People & People of Faith,

             The Family Rights movie "Romeo Makes a Payment" ,,  premiered in London, New York City, and Los Angeles yesterday and will continue showing this weekend and into next week (see the link for show times).  Some early reviews are in (not all favorable).   We'd welcome YOUR reviews, if you get a chance to see the movie, send in your thoughts.   Again, one of the best things this film can do is help your relatives, friends, & coworkers (anyone who hasn't been through it) -- understand how you were treated by the system!
             Also, we failed to mention showtimes in Los Angeles.  It is playing at the Regent Theatre, 1045 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, at 9:15 today (Saturday), and 5:30 & 9:15 PM Sunday (see link above for complete showtimes next week).
Angelo Lobo,  Producer
Aginelo Productions
John Murtari, Group Coordinator, &
Kelly, friend from NYC.

In the background, Magic Johnson Mural, the famous NBA player invested millions to help the neighborhood.

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