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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@thebook.com)
Date: Sun Jun 20 2010 - 17:49:50 EDT

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1. Happy Fathers Day!
2. Jack Frost - Effective public action for his child.
3. The Wood's Custody battle - both are still FIT & EQUAL parents?
4. Dr. Stephen Baskerville - changing attitudes at Arkansas Bar meeting.

1. Happy Fathers Day!
We extend our Best Wishes to all you Dads -- especially those of you
who won't be seeing your children this weekend.  And MOST especially
to those of you who have "grown" children who do not even want to see
you ... as a result of our present "system" of Family Law.  What a

Especially for those of you who have "orders" which don't even allow
you to have contact with your children. Maybe your spouse forgot the
human decency to help the children do a special Father's Day card for
you. (The keyword there is "forgot" -- not "doesn't have") ...... We
are all sorry. You can be sure the other people in this group, moms
and dads included, understand the feelings of pain and loss days like
this can bring -- and also the joy!

We all join in prayer for a happy resolution to the pain we have all
experienced, and most of all for our children.  And perhaps, one
special item to keep in mind, is that we always anticipate a "change
of heart" with our former partner that will allow us both to
participate in the lives of our children.

To get rid of crutch, "they'll never change."
To remove the excuse, "it was ALL there fault."
To stop nursing on, "I was the victim."

No, we don't expect you to both fall madly in love again, but:

To remember, "they are a good person."
To acknowledge, "they are my child's ONLY other parent."
To hope, "they will forgive me for what I did."
To forgive.

Yes, it sounds like pretty crazy, pie-in-the-sky stuff, but we also
know, "nothing is impossible with God."

2. Jack Frost - Effective public action for his child.
From:  Jack Frost <fr33j6ck@yahoo.com>

Glens Falls, NY (June 12th) -- Rain did not stop Jack Frost and his
friends from holding a brief protest on Saturday in front of the
office of Glens Falls Pediatric Consultants.

Frost has spent months trying to get the attention of politicians,
school officials, state officials and the media concerning an issue he
believes is very important to all parents--the issuing of DNR (Do Not
Resuscitate) orders on disabled children without the consent of both

A DNR order was issued on Frost's 8 year old disabled child, without
his input or permission. Frost has been fighting to have the DNR


UPDATE:  June 17th - Jack reports SUCCESS!

Today I received a registered letter from my son's pediatrician
stating something to the effect of "...[based] on advice of legal
counsel, we have suspended the DNR..."

The protest along with the associated news article finally was able to
do what 6 months of begging and pleading everyone and anyone I could
think of could not.

3. The Wood's Custody battle - both are still FIT & EQUAL parents?
You have probably heard of the infidelity of Golf Pro Tiger Woods --
taking infidelity to new levels!  A less commented on part of the
story is that his wife Elin seems to have "clubbed" him several times
in a rage of anger.


Now there is the classic "custody" battle.  For purposes of discussion
assume let's accept we have two spouses, one guilty of "bounteous"
infidelity, and the other of rage and domestic violence.  Neither has
ever been accused of trying to harm their two children and we can also
assume they both love their kids.

Still both FIT & EQUAL parents? What is your standard?  Our group uses
the Declaration of Family Rights,

They are still FIT & EQUAL parents -- your thoughts?

4. Dr. Stephen Baskerville - changing attitudes at Arkansas Bar meeting.
From: Dr. Stephen Baskerville <sbaskerville@cox.net>

Concerning my presentation at the Arkansas Bar Association annual
meeting: I received the expected challenges: "Are you saying that
people should not be allowed to divorce?"  "I have women clients who
are so afraid that they will not call the police...  Etc.  I replied
that this is a criminal justice matter and asked, in effect, Are you
suggesting that the criminal justice system of Arkansas cannot protect
its citizens?  If so, that is a problem of criminal justice, not of
child custody.  At one point a woman seemed to suggest that women had
to have sole custody to keep battering men from gaining "control" over
them.  I asked if she was suggesting that children must be used as
instruments of law enforcement.

What was perhaps must striking was the group-think.  These attorneys
began with the absolute certainty that they had to help masses of
terrified women to procure sole custody of their children to (somehow)
prevent them from being beaten up.  Yet as this house of cards began
to crumble, the objections and the hostility also seemed to melt away.
A number of people in the audience did speak up in support of me, more
than I expected.  So for those of you trying to change things within
the bar associations, this is not a futile effort and moderate and
sympathetic elements do exist in such places.

Attached are my remarks.  Please feel free to circulate them on your
lists and websites.  The points raised here are treated more
extensively (with source citations) in my book.


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