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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2008 - 15:19:16 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

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1. Murtari update - need a little help for us all.
2. Group identity - who are 'we'? Car burning?
3. Letters to the Editor - Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, MD
4. Let's have a laugh at ourselves - DESPAIR.COM

1. Murtari update - need a little help for us all
I'm happy to be 'free' this weekend.  My thanks to those who called my
office and left a message and who called the offices of Sen. Clinton
for our cause.  For some factual details on what my status is I've
included an excerpt from the web site farther below.

If any of you have reached the point where you're ready to participate
in a NonViolent Action and you agree with the goals & methods of our
group, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm -- I sincerely welcome
you to contact me.  I am 'tentatively' planning to return to the
Federal Building next Thursday, Jan 24th.  While I am ready to proceed
alone, it would be more productive if more parents were involved.

I truly believe that when a Federal Magistrate (and the public) sees a
group of Mothers & Fathers arraigned in hand-cuffs, there 'alleged'
offense being writing "I LOVE YOU" and "SEN CLINTON HELP US" on the
ground in chalk -- we will have reached a significant milestone in our
Civil Rights movement.  Two reasons:

1) Talk is cheap. Actions show what we really believe.  We will have
convinced ourselves that the right to be presumed FIT & EQUAL parents
to our children is worth the sacrifice (especially when our efforts
may not help us, but other parents).

2) Our actions will convince ANY politician, especially Sen. Clinton,
and the members of the public (who haven't been through CPS or a
divorce themselves), that 'ours' is an important issue for 'them'.

We had a big chance last Tuesday, our Press Releases were sent out, -- I was contacted by
a reporter for WTVH (the local CBS affiliate) and they were ready to
send a crew to cover the event, to interview parent's dropping off
their letters with Sen. Clinton's local staff and willing to write
with chalk.  They asked many how many other parents would be there?  I
had to tell them, "none."

It's so tiring to hear the criticisms of others, especially Sen.
Clinton, that I see in many email messages.  The problem is not
'them'.  Do I (or you) expect a US Senator to drop what they're doing
in response to a ONE person effort? No....  We as parents need to make
the big effort first.

Lastly, why continue as just ONE?  Because, irregardless of what
others may do I have a moral obligation to act to correct a great
injustice in our society, even if it causes me some 'discomfort'.  It
doesn't anger me when I'm alone.  I understand the many pressures we
all face -- but I also have a deep Faith that in time, more parents
will join in and we will succeed -- because our cause is just.

Contact me, leave me a message and your phone number (clearly),
toll free, 877-635-1968, x-211, email: jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

Hope to see you soon!
John Murtari

--------- http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton (for more details)

Jan 17, 2008 - After two nights in jail, John was returned to Court
for a 'detention hearing' in front of US Magistrate David Peebles.
Initially it appeared that John would be returned to jail for
violating the conditions of his release from Judge Peebles on
Sep. 27th.  The Judge was fair minded and took the time to adjourn and
listen to the audio transcript of the Sep 27th proceeding.  He
determined that John had not violated his release conditions.  After
some discussion it was felt that the current stay-away order was too
broad and the US Attorney decided to dismiss the charges from the Jan
15th arrest.  John also plans to submit a motion to have the stay away
order retroactively vacated, and so possible get the remaining two
charges dismissed.

John was allowed to proceed as his own counsel and the Judge granted
his request for the help of an assigned 'attorney advisor.'  It was
decided that the remaining two charges of Criminal Contempt would be
treated as a Class B Misdemeanor, a maximum sentence of six months for
each offense and no right to a jury trial -- the trial should be in
early March. Judge Peebles revised his conditions of release so that
John could stand in front of the building, but he was not allowed to
'deface' government property (which was targeted at his chalk writing
in the past)....

2. Group identity - who are 'we'?  Car burning?
To all the mothers and fathers out there who are concerned with Family
Rights, who share the goals of our AKidsRight.Org group: Below you
will see a message that was posted during a "Men's leadership/rights"
discussion.  Nobody bothered to disagree?  I posted a reply and the
original author posted a follow up (below). Hopefully, it will
encourage some thought. Let's begin to figure out where we belong?
What is your group's goal, what are their & your methods?

--- Bruce Eden <>    

> And, if they try and crush us under their heels, who's willing to
> stand up and fight back, with counterinsurgency if necessary?  It
> may come down to spray painting cars, slashing tires, burning cars,
> etc.  Is this what they define as domestic terrorism or a revolt?
> Weren't the patriots in 1775 considered terrorists by the Crown when
> they revolted?  Didn't the British leaders, the judges and the Crown
> send troops to quell the protesters and terrorists?  I read that's
> what King George and his Generals called Washington and his army.
> Remember what happened?  Remember Paul Revere?  Does anybody read
> history and see how it is repeating itself here?  What's the
> difference if fathers go forward and strike down feminist seminars
> with protests and threats?

> We need to find where the lawyers and feminist groups hold their
> public conferences, meetings, seminars and start attending,
> infiltrating and breaking them up.  The CIA and FBI were good at
> doing this in the 50s and 60s with the communists.  There is no
> difference between feminists and communists....  Child support laws
> come from Soviet Family Law, Article 81.  Domestic violence laws are
> from communist doctrine.  No-fault divorce was in the works by
> communist-feminists in the 1940s.  No wonder we had the McCarthy
> hearings then.  We need them again.

... The message above was sent on the 14th, looks like a lot of 'men'
read it and nobody disagreed?  Or perhaps were afraid to publicly?  I
reject every proposed 'action' Bruce promotes -- do any of you?  Do I
even have to explain why?

Bruce, since you said it, whose car do you plan on burning first?
What if mine is parked on that street, or the car of one of our son's
or daughter's?  Just a little collateral damage?  Just the price of
freedom?  Fill me in, but I don't remember an incident where George
Washington went yelling down a street and set someones carriage on
fire and then ran and hid?  Give me some history on that...

Well, who is suppose to pay the price for what you "men" perceive as
"your" rights.  Me and my family?  Explain to me again what separates
you from a terrorist?...

I know Rich Doyle, I know Bruce, and many more of you ... I know they
care deeply about what is happening to 'men' and in many ways I would
also agree, it is a tragedy.  In Rich's message he asked why 'we' are
not united.  I think he missed one answer -- 'we' don't share the same
goals, nor the same approach to achieve those goals. I believe the
answers to those questions help bring people together as a
'movement'. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm

We need to begin to separate ourselves as we think about those
questions.  That natural separation takes time to happen in any
Civil Rights movement, and some of those 'clusters' will fail...

... Whose car do you plan on burning first to achieve your goal?  I'd
like to share those answers with members of the movement I am a member
of -- mothers & fathers united as 'parents' peacefully seeking to
preserve their right to be presumed EQUAL and FIT parents.  By our
voluntary self-sacrifice, we are willing to pay the price for what we
believe in.

--- Bruce replies

> Hmmm.  John Murtari makes a cogent point!  However, we have seen him
> protest his way (by hunger strike).  Where did it get him?  Nowhere,
> but maybe shortening his life.  Yes, he may leave a legacy for his
> children.  But, so what.  That's an individual viewpoint.  John does
> what John does. I don't see him getting 100 men to protest at a
> courthouse or tie themselves by chains to the governors' office.  I
> don't see him protesting bad judges at reappointment hearings (in NJ
> we had over 200 show up to stop a judge in one instance, and 150
> showed up to testify against a judge from reappointed in another).
> That is real protest and real actions.  How about demonstrating at
> multiple courthouses on the same day John?  Have you got enough
> followers to do that?  And, John is probably on the terrorist watch
> list at this point because he's protested by himself at Clinton's
> office, causing her to be "threatened" by this father....

> My comments were directed to one who mentioned that the government
> was "trying to crush us under their heels".  The Nazi jackboots
> attempted that for 10 long years in 1933-1943 before they were
> systematically destroyed by the allies.  Many fought back the only
> way they could against a standing army.  Many wound up in gas
> chambers, ovens or were machine-gunned into open pits.  My point
> was, "how much longer are we going to allow a standing army in this
> country to continue crushing fathers until someone stands up and
> fights back?"  At this point in time, the only thing that may be
> left is violence.  You look at the Mid-East.  Why are they sending
> out women and children to blow up soldiers?  Because they tried
> every other way and doesn't work.  When you have a standing army, as
> we do in this country (i.e., child support enforcement and domestic
> violence enforcement officers), and no one listens to your
> complaints of "violations of your civil rights" what is the
> alternative?

> It seems that John Murtari has tried and accomplished nothing with
> his hunger strikes and single-man protests?  Did he get Hillary
> Clinton to come out and answer his questions?  No.  He couldn't even
> get any of her aides to show up.  Who did show up though were
> jackbooted thugs to accost, TERRORIZE and assault Murtari.

> If what I say is terrorism, what are they doing to use every day.
> Each person will have to decide what they want to do and then
> organize to the extent of what they want to do.... start showing up
> at courthouses with protest signs and getting the press involved to
> the point saying that if the courts don't listen, we will be at the
> judge's house on the weekends letting the neighbors know who these
> child molesters and tyrants are...

> Revolutions NEVER start peacefully.  They didn't here in 1775.  They
> didn't at the Bastille.  They didn't when the Confederacy wanted to
> secede from the Union.  They didn't in India (the British were
> mowing the locals down by the hundreds).  There were a lot of
> burnings, property destruction and unfortunately killings during the
> Civil Rights movement in the 1960s (see, Selma, Alabama and Newark,
> NJ; more recently Watts and later, Rodney King in L.A.).  And, it
> may just come to that again here when fathers have finally have
> said, "Enough is Enough".

> So, John, your voluntary self-sacrifice was an exercise in futility
> and human waste.  Before you presuppose you know what you are
> talking about or know what you're doing, there are those of us out
> there that were doing this long before you got involved.  And, yes,
> there are those of us out there that were already slashing tires,
> spraying swastikas on cars and buildings and burning cars against
> DFS and other anti-family agenciesb ... before you chastise me or
> anyone else with regard to these ideas, it has already been done and
> there's a history of it being extremely effective.

> You can still spray-paint swastikas on cars and buildings, throw cow
> manure filled balloons against lawyers and judges front doors and in
> swimming pools on hot summer days, let the air out of tires on these
> peoples' cars, smash windshields, and hand their kids letters to
> give to their lawyer-or judge-fathers and mothers when they are
> coming home from school.  You need to let them know that they are
> not liked for what they do, and let them know who you are....

> These are all things that can be done to make impacts.  However, it
> requires numbers of people to be demonstrating at courthouses and
> politicians offices.  This is more effective and press-worthy and
> creates an environment for new members.

3. Letters to the Editor - Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, MD
Dr. Hatfield has been a long time member of the group and active in
Wisconsin.  You can read his story at our Hall of Shame,

He has written a couple of excellent Letters to the Editor and their
are links below.  The second letter encourages folks to pay attention
to a new Bill under discussion in Wisconsin, hearings scheduled for
Jan 24th.


4. Let's have a laugh at ourselves - DESPAIR.COM
Folks, if I've learned anything about this effort, you have to keep a
sense of humor about yourself and our efforts.  Here are some of my
favorites from DESPAIR.COM 

WARNING - do not visit the site and STOP READING NOW if you are being
treated for over-seriousness or depression.  First consult with your
doctor if you have liver problems or are being treated with statins or
MAOI inhibitors ...  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....

"When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by
doubling your efforts.....  There's no end to what you can't do."

"Your role may be thankless, but if you're willing to give it your
all... You just might bring success to those who outlast you."

"It could be that the purpose of your life is...  Only to serve as a
warning to others."

"For every winner, there are dozens of losers..... Odds are you're one
of them."


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